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Friday - October 9, 2015 - Today in History:

1776 - A group of Spanish missionaries settled in what is now San Francisco, CA.
1781 - The last major battle of the American Revolutionary War took place in Yorktown, VA. The American forces, led by George Washington, defeated the British troops under Lord Cornwallis.
1812 - During the War of 1812 American forces captured two British brigs, the Detroit and the Caledonia.
1858 - Mail service via stagecoach between San Francisco, CA, and St. Louis, MO, began.
1872 - Aaron Montgomery started his mail order business with the delivery of the first mail order catalog. The firm later became Montgomery Wards.
1876 - Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson made their longest telephone call to date. It was a distance of two miles.
1888 - The public was admitted to the Washington Monument for the first time.
1914 - During World War I, German forces captured Antwerp, Belgium.
1930 - Aviator Laura Ingalls landed in Glendale, CA, to complete the first solo transcontinental flight across the U.S. by a woman.
1936 - The first generator at Boulder Dam began transmitting electricity to Los Angeles, CA. The name of the dam was later changed to Hoover Dam.
1940 - St. Paul's Cathedral in London was bombed by the Nazis. The dome was unharmed in the bombing.
1946 - The first electric blanket went on sale in Petersburg, VA.
1986 - U.S. District Judge Harry E. Claiborne became the fifth federal official to be removed from office through impeachment. The U.S. Senate convicted Claiborne of "high crimes and misdemeanors."
1994 - The U.S. sent troops and warships to the Persian Gulf in response to Saddam Hussein sending thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks toward the Kuwaiti border.
1995 - Saboteurs tinkered with a stretch of railroad track in Arizona. An Amtrak train derailed killing one and injuring a hundred.
2009 - NASA launched the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS). On November 13, it was announced that water had been discovered in the planned impact plume on the moon.

World News

NATO Threatens To Send In Troops After Russia Stations Ground "Battalion" In Syria
Zero Hedge - "The force that they have deployed down there is actually quite impressive for a rapid deployment of a week or so. It is all arms, combined arms, attack aircraft, it is the attack helicopters and artillery, rocket artillery. NATO is ready and able to defend all allies, including Turkey against any threats."

U.S. Spent Nearly $100 Billion On Foreigners To Fight Terrorists
Zero Hedge - To combat Islamic militants the White House says threaten national interests, the U.S. has spent nearly $100 billion to arm and train foreign militaries across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, an analysis by Vocativ shows. And nearly all of them are reeling from setbacks that threaten to undermine what’s become a core component of American foreign policy in these regions. As a former military commander and United States ambassador in Afghanistan recently noted, "our track record at building security forces over the past 15 years is miserable."

Wikileaks Offers $50K Bounty for Footage of Kunduz Hospital Bombing
Mikael Thalen - “According to military procedure, this footage should have been retained along with the cockpit audio.” A crowdfunding campaign initiated by Wikileaks Thursday is attempting to raise $50,000 for anyone with footage of last week’s U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.... As noted by Wikileaks, the AC-310 aircraft responsible for the strike use high-resolution cameras to both record and store video footage of military engagements. “The AC-130 records its attacks with high resolution gun cameras,” Wikileaks stated. “According to military procedure, this footage should have been retained along with the cockpit audio.”

Will China join forces against TPP?
RT - The newly-signed controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership sounds like a big win for the US and its allies, but leaving out China. This snub may leave Beijing with no other option but to form its own bloc with other countries left out. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is headed by the US and includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. It's unlikely that China was not invited to join TPP by mistake. “When more than 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we can’t let countries like China write the rules of the global economy,” said US President Barack Obama in a statement.

Day After Deutsche Bank Admits Not All Is Well, Swiss Giant Credit Suisse Also Admits It Needs More Cash
Zero Hedge - The official narrative is well-known: the bank does not need the funds, it is simply a precaution ahead of new, more stringent capital requirements: The capital is likely to be used to absorb losses triggered by a faster restructuring of the Swiss group, the people said. But Credit Suisse will also need higher capital ratios to comply with toughening demands from regulators. The real reason, of course, has nothing to do with this, and everything to do with the collapse of manipulation cartels involving Liebor, FX, commodities, bonds, equities, gold, and so on, because when banks can no longer collude with each other to push markets in any given direction, that's when they start losing money. That and, of course, the fact that central bank intervention in capital markets has made it virtually impossible to trade any more. Or as they call it, "miss capital ratios." Expect many more such announcements in the coming weeks.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Pentagon funding bill on Obama’s desk: $600 mln to Syrian rebels, $300 mln to Kiev
RT - The defense funding bill for 2016 includes some lavish support to rebels in Syria and lethal aid to the current Ukrainian government. Although President Barack Obama is at loggerheads with lawmakers over some of the provisions, they are likely to remain. Obama has threatened to veto the $612 billion National Defense Authorization Act – also known as House Resolution 1735, or the NDAA – because it contains provisions blocking the plans to shut down the detention camp at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, and because it avoids a cap on defense spending by padding a special account reserved for bankrolling wars. The Senate passed the NDAA on Wednesday with a veto-proof majority. While the White House and the lawmakers are in dispute over the details, they appear to be in agreement on continuing to send military aid to the regime in Ukraine and the elusive “moderate rebels” in Syria.

Spencer Stone: France train terror hero stabbed in US
CBS News - Stone, 23, was stabbed repeatedly in the upper body while out with a group of friends and was taken to UC Davis Medical Center, authorities said. In a statement, the hospital said he was in serious condition. Sources told CBS News that Stone was stabbed four times. Sacramento Police Deputy Chief Ken Bernard told reporters that Stone was stabbed more than once and suffered "significant injuries." Police said the two assailants, who Bernard described as male Asian adults, fled in a car. No immediate arrests were made.
* Related: Videos show moment French train hero Spencer Stone stabbed during melee

Alek Skarlatos: France train hero was supposed to be at Oregon college
USA Today - One of three Americans who tackled a terror suspect on a train from Amsterdam to Paris in August was planning to attend an Oregon community college this fall and would have been on campus Thursday during a shooting that left 10 dead. Instead, he was in Los Angeles on Dancing with the Stars, he said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Skarlatos said he was supposed to be in the building where Thursday's shooting took place. "I had classes in Snyder Hall," said Skarlatos...."

Number of sanctuary cities grows to 340; thousands of illegals released to commit new crimes
Washington Times - The list of sanctuary cities has grown to more than 340, and they shielded an average of 1,000 immigrants a month from deportation last year — and more than 2,000 of those released have already been arrested for yet more crimes, according to a report being released Thursday by the Center for Immigration Studies. Among those released are illegal immigrants accused of murders and brutal assaults, said Jessica Vaughan, the author of the report, which comes just as the Senate is poised to begin debating legislation to try to crack down on sanctuary jurisdictions. Santa Clara County Jail in California alone released some 1,349 immigrants that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents had asked be held for pickup, the new report says. Los Angeles released 572.

Cubans Have FLOCKED To The US Since Obama Renewed Relations
Daily Caller - The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 makes Cuban citizens subject to more relaxed immigration laws compared to other nationalities. As long as they pass a background check at the point of entry, Cubans are free to stay in the U.S. and may pursue legal permanent residence after just one year.... Pew reports that the number of Cubans caught at sea and returned to Cuba have surged as well. This way of entering the country is still illegal and the U.S. Coast Guard has apprehended almost 3,000 Cubans thus far in 2015.

Election News

Breaking: John Boehner has agreed to stay on as Speaker
Fox News - Having Talked to several senior aides on Capitol Hill (along with Chris Stirewalt and his sources on the Hill tied to the leadership) here is the picture that is beginning to form. Speaker John Boehner has agreed to stay on as Speaker--not just until the Caucus nominates someone --but, until that person can confirm 218 votes on the House floor (needed to take the Speaker’s gavel). Short of that – Boehner will stay on for the rest of this Congress and steer legislation that is pending. What does this mean? Moderates and leadership types are cheering and saying Boehner is the only one they will support. Conservatives will go ballistic since they know this signals that Boehner will make ALL kinds of deals to get big ticket legislation through the House even if it means using Democrats votes to do it.

McCarthy withdraws from speaker race, vote postponed
Fox News - House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the front-runner to replace John Boehner, stunned his Republican colleagues on Thursday by withdrawing from the race -- a decision that will postpone the vote for speaker. Fox News is told McCarthy simply said it was not his time. McCarthy faced opposition from some conservative members and groups, but was thought to have more than enough support to win the party's nomination in the vote initially set for Thursday. It's unclear what specifically made McCarthy change his mind and drop out.

Rand Paul: Let Armed Schools Flaunt Their Second Amendment Rights
Steve Watson - Senator Rand Paul weighed in on the Oregon shooting Wednesday, saying that schools should be armed and should place signs warning potential attackers that they will be shot on sight. Speaking with Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson, Paul said that it’s “sad” how President Obama has attempted to politicize the Oregon shooting. The president “doesn’t understand,” Paul said, that “the problem is mental illness and not necessarily gun registration or gun ownership.” Paul added that “people are going to places where guns are prohibited.” “When you have a gun-free zone at a school, it’s like an invitation, if you are crazy and want to shoot people, that’s where you go.” Paul stated. “I would do the opposite,” the Senator urged. “I would have and encourage every school in America to put stickers on every window going into the school saying, ‘We are armed. Come in at your own peril. We have concealed carry for teachers who have it and we also have armed security and you will be shot.’”

Economy & Business

Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?
Economic Collapse - The warnings are getting louder. Is anybody listening? For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing. For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF“. And actually what we are heading for would more accurately be described as a “credit freeze” or a “credit panic”, but a “credit crunch” will definitely work for now. The IMF is warning that the “dangerous over-leveraging” that we have been witnessing “threatens to unleash a wave of defaults” all across the globe…

Science & Technology

When You Spot What Makes This Picture So Awesome, You’ll Applaud
Natural Blaze - Have you been around people lately? Whether on the subway or in a coffee shop, it’s rare true connection is made with another human being, for most people use their cellphones as a means to escape reality and those around them. Sadly, though technology has only advanced to this level in the past couple of decades, it’s nearly everyone who is guilty of living through their phones rather than being present. And the picture captured by John Blanding at the Black Mass movie premiere in Brookline, Massachusetts perfectly shows this. A crowd of fans is seen greeting movie stars with their smartphones held high, but only one woman is truly present and appreciating the experience. Can you spot her?

Is Google rotting your BRAIN?
Daily Mail - There are fears impatience is triggering ‘digital amnesia,’ which means we rely on the internet for answers but easily forget the information we quickly look up online. A new study suggests that when faced with a question, over a third of people automatically Google the answer quickly, without trying to come up with the answer themselves. It also warns that a quarter of people immediately forget the information they have googled – a process which can mean the dissolution of memories and useful information.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

JetBlue To Test Farm-To-Tray-Table Concept At JFK Airport
Natural Blaze - The first airline to do something so epic, JetBlue seeks to improve the food offered to travelers by opening its own “farm” at JFK. As ABC News reports, a 24,000 square-foot (less than half the size of a football field) plot of land will be farmed outside of JFK’s Terminal 5. Most of the food grown will be utilized in restaurants in the airport, and the rest will be donated to food banks in the city. The aim of the farm is two-fold: to help people become more educated on farming, and to improve the exterior appearance of the terminal. Win-win!

How To Grow Pineapple (Even In Cold-Weather Climates)
Off the Grid News - Pineapple is attractive and tasty, as well as easy to grow in pots. Thank goodness, as it’s hard to grow pineapples in temperatures in the low 20s. Pineapple plants will be damaged at -28 Fahrenheit (or -2 Celsius). You can grow pineapples from the ones you get in stores if you aren’t able to get your own plant. The tops can still be planted, even in pots. Pineapples take a while to grow, so you will need some patience. Once established, though, you can harvest at any time.


Is Your Unborn Baby Part of a Vaccine Experiment?
Health Impact News - According to CDC paperwork, both the Tdap and the Dtap are vaccinations offered to pregnant women during pregnancy, supposedly to protect their newborn infant from contracting pertussis (whooping cough) in the first few weeks of life. However, despite recommending these vaccinations to all pregnant women, the CDC readily admits in their own documentation that neither vaccine has ever been tested during pregnancy for vaccine safety and that they have no idea whether the vaccines could harm a growing fetus. In other words, by recommending these vaccinations to pregnant women, the CDC is fully prepared to use unborn babies as part of a massive vaccine experiment.

Rare Diseases like Chagas and Leprosy are Becoming more Commonplace in the U.S.
Natural Society - They might be called kissing bugs, but you don’t want a kiss from the triatomine bug. The ugly, winged creatures carry Chagas disease, and it’s spreading so quickly through the southern U.S. that researchers are calling it the new AIDS in the Americas.... In the U.S., as many as 300,000 people are thought to carry Chagas, according to CDC estimates. Only 28 cases have been acquired here, with the rest believed to have been imported from Latin America.... Leprosy has also made an appearance in Florida this year, where 9 people were diagnosed with the skin disease. One carrier of the illness is the armadillo, which have become commonplace in the south, though scientists aren’t certain how the 9 Floridians became infected.

Why The Apple Is One Of The World's Most Healing Superfoods
Green Med Info - This commonly overlooked superfood protects the body from nuclear fallout, kills a wide range of cancers, and keeps the arteries unclogged -- to name but a few, experimentally confirmed ways in which the apple awakens your inner physician. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.... While some might take this opening aphorism as mere folk medicine fantasy, the reality is that the medicinal properties of apple are well-documented within the biomedical literature. or instance, apple consumption has been the subject of quite a few studies on colorectal cancer risk reduction. Other cancers that apple constituents have been studied to kill in pre-clinical research include...

Pet News

Your Older Pet's Special Needs and How to Meet Them
Dr. Becker - As a proactive wellness practitioner, I'm all about preventing disease whenever possible, and helping people help their beloved furry family members live long, active, and healthy lives. Ideally, I like to see my healthy patients twice a year, and those with chronic conditions more often. Other patients I want to see 2 or even 3 times a year are senior and geriatric pets. After the age of 8 (younger for some large and all giant breed dogs), your dog's or cat's wellness and nutritional needs can require fine-tuning every 4 to 6 months. In older pets especially, it's important to review weight, muscle tone, joint range of motion, diet, supplement protocol, and exercise habits at least semi-annually.

Thursday - October 8, 2015 - Today in History:

1869 - Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States, died in Concord, N.H., at age 64.
1915 - During World War I, the Battle of Loos concluded.
1918 - U.S. Corporal Alvin C. York almost single-handedly killed 25 German soldiers and captured 132 in the Argonne Forest in France. York had originally tried to avoid being drafted as a conscientious objector. After this event his was promoted to sergeant and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
1938 - The cover of "The Saturday Evening Post" portrayed Norman Rockwell.
1945 - U.S. President Truman announced that only Britain and Canada would be given the secret to the atomic bomb.
1950 - U.N. forces crossed into North Korea from South Korea.
1952 - "The Complete Book of Etiquette" was published for the first time.
1966 - The U.S. Government declared that LSD was dangerous and an illegal substance.
1991 - A slave burial site was found by construction workers in lower Manhattan. The "Negro Burial Ground" had been closed in 1790. Over a dozen skeletons were found.
1993 - The U.S. government issued a report absolving the FBI of any wrongdoing in its final assault in Waco, TX, on the Branch Davidian compound. The fire that ended the siege killed as many as 85 people.
1998 - Taliban forces attacked Iranian border posts. Iran said that three border posts were destroyed before the Taliban forces were forced to retreat. The Taliban of Afghanistan denied the event occurred.
2001 - Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania, was sworn in as director of the new U.S. department of Homeland Security.
2001 - Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was totally deaf in his left ear and had only partial hearing in his right ear.
2001 - Two Russian cosmonauts made the first spacewalk to be conducted outside of the international space station without a shuttle present.
2003 - Vietnam and the United States reached a tentative agreement that would allow the first commercial flights between the two countries since the end of the Vietnam War.
2004 - The first-ever direct presidential elections were held in Afghanistan.
2004 - Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart reported to prison to begin serving a sentence for lying about a stock sale.

World News

Russian gangs trying to sell radioactive material to Isil terrorists in Moldova
The Telegraph - Moldovan police working with the FBI have disrupted a string of attempts by gangs in the former Soviet Republic to sell radioactive materials to Islamic extremists, including a putative deal to supply Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) terrorists with enough caesium to contaminate several city blocks. No less than four such attempts by groups with suspected Russian connections have been interrupted in the past few years, the sellers repeatedly seeking out buyers who would use the radioactive products to target the United States. The alarming findings, made in an Associated Press (AP) investigation based on documents provided by Moldovan police, raises fresh concerns about unaccounted for materials taken from vast stockpiles of radioactive substances when the Soviet Union collapsed 24 years ago.

Syria Launches a Large-Scale Operation Against the Islamic State
Sputnik News - Syrian Armed Forces launched a large-scale operation agains the Islamic State (ISIL) to retake occupied areas from the terrorists, Syrian General Staff Lt.-Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub said Thursday. “Today, the Syrian Armed Forces began a large-scale defensive with the goal of destroying terrorist groups and freeing regions and populated areas that have suffered from terror and crimes,” Ayyoub told journalists in the Mediterranean coast city of Jableh.

ISIL Instructors Training Russia-Born Militants in Afghanistan
Sputnik News - The Islamic State is training Russia-born militants in Afghanistan, some of its instructors possessing US and UK passports, a top Russian diplomat said Thursday at a security conference in Moscow. He went on to say that the instructors include Arabs, Pakistanis, as well as UK and US nationals. According to the Russian General Staff, the number of ISIL militants in Afghanistan has been growing and is now around two or three thousand. Over the past nine months, terrorists have killed more than 3,500 people, which is 25% more than during the same period a year ago.

Taliban Islamic Movement Controls Up to 70% of Afghanistan
Sputnik News - The Taliban Islamic movement currently controls most of Afghanistan, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s General Staff’s intelligence department said Thursday.... He stressed that there are “more than 10,000 militants and other extremist and criminal groups” in Afghanistan. The Islamic State is gradually increasing its numbers in Afghanistan, especially in the country’s east and north, Col.-Gen. Igor Sergun added.

4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea
RT - Four Russian Navy warships have fired a total of 26 missiles at the position of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced. The missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea. “Four missile ships launched 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to objective control data, all the targets were destroyed. No civilian objects sustained damage,” Shoigu said. The missile attacks came from Russia’s fleet in the Caspian Sea, which borders Russia, Iran and three other littoral countries. The precision weapons hit all intended targets. The attacks required cooperation from Iran and Iraq, as the missiles had to travel through their airspace to reach Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry said it had worked with its partners to plan the flight path so that the missiles traveled only over desolate areas and didn’t pose any danger to civilians.

Russian jets 'intercept' US predator drones over Syria, officials say
Fox News - Russian fighter jets shadowed U.S. predator drones on at least three separate occasions high above Syria since the start of Russia’s air campaign last week, according to two U.S. officials briefed on this latest intelligence from the region. Meanwhile, U.S. Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters a U.S. aircraft flying over Syria had to be rerouted to avoid a Russian fighter jet at least once. “We have taken action to maintain safe separation,” Davis said, adding that the U.S. aircraft "changed path a little bit." He did not disclose which type of U.S. aircraft was involved. U.S. officials tell Fox News the drone encounters took place over ISIS-controlled Syria, including its de facto headquarters in Raqqa, as well as along the Turkish-Syrian border near Korbani. Another occurred in the northwest, near the highly contested city of Aleppo.

France’s Hollande: Muslim Rift Threatens “Total War”
Kurt Nimmo - French president Francois Hollande, appearing before the European Parliament in Strasbourg with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, said Europe faces “total war.” “If we let the recent religious confrontations between Shiites and Sunnites get worse then don’t think that we won’t be affected. It will be a total war, a war that will also affect our territories and we must act,” he warned. Hollande also said the political solution for Syria and Europe’s illegal immigration crisis is the overthrow of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. “What’s happening in Syria concerns Europe because what is going on there will determine the balances of power in the region for a long time,” he said. Middle East experts agree the situation has the potential to develop into a full-scale war.

The First Crack: Deutsche Bank Preannounces Massive Loss, May Cut Dividend
Zero Hedge - Deutsche Bank warned it expects to record a third-quarter loss of $7 billion, tied to a huge write-down in its corporate-banking-and-securities segment. The bank said the charges are driven by the impact of expected higher regulatory capital requirements and its disposal of Postbank. It also said it will consider reducing or eliminating its common dividend for fiscal 2015.

As A Shocking $100 Billion In Glencore Debt Emerges, The Next Lehman Has Arrived
Zero Hedge - And now the real shocker: there is over US$100bn in gross financial exposure to Glencore. From BofA: "We estimate the financial system's exposure to Glencore at over US$100bn, and believe a significant majority is unsecured. The group's strong reputation meant that the buildup of these exposures went largely without comment. However, the recent widening in GLEN debt spreads indicates the exposure is now coming into investor focus."

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Republicans Defeat Efforts by Democrats to Dismantle Benghazi Committee
New American - On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled House blocked a Democratic effort to abolish the Select Committee on Benghazi, which has been conducting an investigation into the 2012 attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya, during Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State. While the Democrats fully expected the resolution to fail, it served as a procedural effort to force House Republicans to publicly support maintaining the Benghazi Committee.... Representative Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) moved forward on Wednesday with a “privileged resolution” to disband the Benghazi panel just one day after another effort to dismantle the panel failed in the House Rules Committee. Slaughter’s resolution specifically referenced comments made by Representative Kevin McCarthy regarding the committee’s effect on Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. Last week, Representative McCarthy committed a major blunder during an appearance on Fox News by implying that the Benghazi committee was politically motivated.

Emails show Qaddafi son offered talks – but Clinton ordered top general to 'not take the call,' source says
Fox News - New emails obtained by Fox News show that in March 2011, at the height of the Arab Spring revolution inside Libya, dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif was willing to talk peace from the ground in Libya – but a source told Fox News the offer was rejected by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... One key email describing the offer of talks was dated March 18, 2011 and sent at 7:27 a.m. EST to three members of The Joint Staff. It states, "Our contact will arrange a face-to-face meeting with Saif [Qaddafi], or a Skype/video-telecon [teleconference] to open communications if time does not permit ... A peaceful resolution is still possible that keeps Saif on our side without bloodshed in Benghazi."

“Not Welcome”: Large Turnout Set to Protest Obama’s Roseburg Visit on Friday
Paul Joseph Watson - Over four and a half thousand people have indicated they will attend the protest, although the majority of those are likely just expressing support for the cause rather than their intention to physically be there. Still, with media coverage of the demonstration accelerating, the sight of potentially hundreds if not thousands of Americans – many of them Oregonians – vocally opposing Obama’s gun control agenda threatens to present a PR nightmare for the White House. The fact that some of those protesters will be exercising their open carry rights is also likely to cause a security headache for the Secret Service. Some protesters have vowed to turn their backs on the President.

September Sees Record Gun Sales
Free Beacon - Some see Democrats’ calls for executive action to restrict guns as cause. The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed a record number of background checks in the month of September, indicating that gun sales were at an all time high for the month. The FBI’s National Instant Background Check System processed 1,795,102 applications to buy a firearm in September. That represents a new record: 335,739 more checks than the previous September high set in 2012, or a 23 percent increase.

FBI Examining Online ‘Cloud’ Backups of Hillary Clinton’s Email
Breitbart - Hillary Clinton’s lawyers have agreed to hand over online backups of her emails made through an Internet “cloud” storage system to the FBI, and the Senate Homeland Security committee has also asked to see these files.

Matt Drudge Blisters Corporate Media, Hillary Clinton, and ‘Sick’ Americans in Rare Interview
Breitbart - Matt Drudge, the pioneering editor of the Drudge Report, warned Tuesday that the American public is “sick” and easily exploited by homogeneous corporate media–which could allow Hillary Clinton to win the White House, no matter her age or health. In a rare and wide-ranging interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars, Drudge kept away from Jones’ cameras but got behind a live microphone to share his thoughts on the state of the Internet, the political world, and the culture at large. The following is a partial transcript of Drudge’s appearance....

Election News

Biden supports trade deal despite opposition from unions
CBS News - Labor groups have a warning for Vice President Joe Biden as he lobbies for a major trade pact with Asia: We won't forget this if you run for president. A longtime darling of unions, Biden has been skeptical of previous sweeping free trade deals, warning of risks to U.S. jobs. Yet he's firmly supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), putting him at odds with most Democratic presidential candidates and jeopardizing his support from unions if he enters the race.... The vice president "supports the TPP agreement and will help pass it on the Hill," his office said. Biden also serves as the Senate's president, and could be called upon to cast a tie-breaking vote. Biden, who is considering running for president, would be the only major Democratic candidate backing TPP.

Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops, Will Oppose Obamatrade
Breitbart - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is flip-flopping on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal. Clinton came out Wednesday against the “Obamatrade” agreement, despite previously supporting the measure 45 times. Clinton’s campaign has had a rough few months with labor unions, who are strongly opposing the deal on protectionist grounds. Outsourcing of jobs became a significant issue in the Midwest during the Republican-dominated 2014 midterm elections. AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka threatened to sit out the election if Clinton did not end up opposing Obama’s trade deal. Vice President Joe Biden – who is courting Big Labor support in his potential run – would now have to publicly repudiate his own White House if he decides to oppose the deal.

Trump, Bernie And Big Labor All HATE Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal
Daily Caller - Republican president hopeful Donald Trump found common policy ground Monday with Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and labor unions – opposition to President Barack Obama’s trade deal.... His opposition to the trade deal is not new for Trump. Back in May he argued the trade deal would be used by other countries to take advantage of the U.S. Unions and Sanders have noted concern that the deal will end up benefiting corporations as the expense of workers and the environment.... Besides Trump, the only other major Republican candidate to oppose the trade deal is Mike Huckabee. Republicans Rick Santorum, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, have expressed support for it. Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina have said they are open to supporting TPP but would like to see the fine print. John Kasich has not opposed or supported the bill arguing he is open to trade but it must include protections for Americans. Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal have opposed fast-track but not explicitly the trade deal.

Veteran News

Researchers: We Can ID Which US Soldiers Are Likely to Commit Violent Crime
Sputnik News - Researchers pulled from the military records of nearly one million US soldiers to develop an algorithm they hope can help prevent violent crimes by identifying those most likely to commit the offenses. The ones most likely to perpetrate the crime would be given counseling or other interventions aimed at heading off violence, the LA Times reports. Of the 975,057 soldiers who served between 2004 and 2009, 5,771 soldiers committed murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery or other violent felonies. (Domestic violence and sex crimes were excluded because they follow risk patterns distinct from other offenses.)... For men – who accounted for the vast majority of both soldiers and offenders – those most at risk were young, poor minorities with low ranks, disciplinary trouble, a suicide attempt and a recent demotion, according to a report published Tuesday in the journal Psychological Medicine.

Economy & Business

Monsanto Slashes Jobs as Confidence in Future of Company is Shaken
Sustainable Pulse - Monsanto, the world’s largest producer of genetically-modified (GM) crops and their associated pesticides, including the probable carcinogen Roundup, has announced that it will shed 2600 jobs worldwide in an attempt to save the collapsing company. In a full portfolio report on Wednesday Monsanto released figures that shook its share price, leading to a 4% fall in morning trading.... Monsanto said its loss widened to $1.06 a share for the fourth quarter ended on August 31 from a loss of 31 cents a year earlier. Sales of corn seeds and traits, Monsanto’s key products, fell to $598 million from $630 million. And sales at the company’s agricultural productivity unit, which includes Roundup herbicide, dropped to $1.1 billion from $1.25 billion in the quarter.

Toys ‘R’ Us Forces U.S. College Grads To Train Their H-1B Foreign Replacements
Breitbart - Toys “R” Us is the latest in a string of U.S. companies that has been caught forcing their American employees to train foreign college-grads to take the Americans’ jobs, via a process known as “knowledge transfer.” An expose by the New York Times revealed in detail how the renowned children’s toy-chain brought in eight workers from the global outsourcing company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Indians shadowed employees, mainly in accounting, and produced intricate manuals for TCS workers in India to take over these jobs. By late June, the jobs had been transferred overseas and 67 employees had been laid off from Toys “R” Us, many of whom had reportedly been at the company for over a decade.

Best Buy Introduces Robot Sales Force
Tech Swarm - A new report from Fox5NY recounts how a recent trip to Best Buy on West 23rd St. and Avenue of the Americas resulted in a full service experience by Chloe the robot, from search to sale of a desired CD.... This is the first location to test Chloe's skills and judge customers' reactions according to a company spokesperson. In addition to providing accurate service, Chloe - unlike your typical human employee - is available 24 hour per day, presumably never sick, and probably not prone to distraction. It is just the type of scenario that has some experts concerned that humans could eventually be completely outsourced to robots.

Energy & Environment

DuPont Found Guilty in Teflon Chemical Cancer Trial
Newsmax - A U.S. jury on Wednesday awarded a cancer patient $1.6 million after finding DuPont was liable for leaking a toxic chemical used to make Teflon into drinking water near one of its plants. Following a three-week trial, jurors in Columbus, Ohio, found in favor of plaintiff Carla Marie Bartlett, who is the first to go to trial among approximately 3,500 plaintiffs who say they contracted one of six diseases linked to perfluorooctanoic acid, known as PFOA or C-8. Jurors declined to award punitive damages, finding DuPont had not acted maliciously.... The lawsuits center on DuPont's Washington Works plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where the company used C-8 as a processing aid to make products including Teflon nonstick cookware. Plaintiffs said DuPont used C-8 at the plant since the 1950s and continued even after learning it was potentially toxic and had been found in nearby drinking water.

Most of $20.8 Billion BP Penalty Is Tax Deductible as a Cost of Doing Business
AllGov - The Obama administration made a big deal Monday about the settlement with BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that calls for the company to pay $20.8 billion in penalties and mitigation. But what officials at the Department of Justice didn’t draw attention to is how much of the settlement BP can write off come tax time. Of the $20.8 billion, about $15 billion is tax deductible. Of the total, $5.5 billion can’t be deducted because it is categorized as a civil penalty. That portion of the deal was said to be the largest such penalty in the history of environmental law. But the remainder includes $7.1 billion in payments of natural resources damages claims under the Oil Pollution Act, and $5.9 billion on economic damages claims payable to the five Gulf of Mexico states and to local governments. Advocacy group US PIRG said not only can BP deduct more than $15 billion from its income, it can expect a tax windfall of $5.35 billion from it.

Fracking Pollutes Air Hundreds of Miles Away from Drilling Sites
Natural News Blogs - A 2014 study in Pennsylvania found that methane water pollution in residential wells located one mile from fracking sites was six times higher than in wells located further away from fracking sites. Groundwater contamination from fracking has been found in several states, and at least one study has linked proximity to fracking wells with a number of health complaints, including upper respiratory problems, skin rashes, and birth defects. Fracking wells in Pennsylvania are releasing huge amounts of methane and ethane, greenhouse gases that contaminate both the air and water around fracking sites. But air pollution from fracking doesn’t just affect those who live near fracking wells. New evidence suggests that pollution travels hundreds of miles on the wind, to wreak havoc on the health of city dwellers going about their business in other states.

Science & Technology

U.S. Gov't Spends Half Million Dollars on Robots That Read to Children
Tech Swarm - The National Science Foundation is spending $440,885 on a new project that will put storytelling robots in the classroom.... According to the study’s grant, Early language ability, including vocabulary skills and oral language knowledge during preschool, is an important predictor of children’s academic success in subsequent school years. Social robots that can engage children as personalized learning companions hold great promise in augmenting the learning experience of children with parents and teachers.... It is not yet clear what motivated the government to spend such a large amount of money on something that can easily be done by a human. Could teachers be entirely replaced with robots someday? How would you feel about your children being taught by a robot in public schools?


2,000 Reasons It Is Unethical That Turmeric Is Not FDA Approved
Green Med Info - There are over 2,000 studies on the GreenMedInfo database demonstrating the power of turmeric to heal, but this time-tested, safe, and affordable healing substance still has not received FDA approval to "prevent, treat, or cure" disease despite the fact that it is capable of doing exactly that.... Our regular followers know we report extensively on the evidence indicating that turmeric, and particularly the golden-hued polyphenol known as curcumin it contains, is superior to a wide range of pharmaceuticals both in safety and effectiveness.... Sadly, the FDA requires prohibitively expensive clinical trials to be conducted in order to grant the legal right for the populace to be treated by medicinal substances of any kind. In fact, the average FDA-approved drug on the market today required between four to eleven billion dollars in capital to be invested on the front-end.

Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth
NY Daily News - Researchers in the United States made the "completely unexpected" finding while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab.... The scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B which boosts cancer cell survival. "The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected," study co-author Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle told AFP. The protein was taken up by tumor cells neighboring the damaged cells. "WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumor cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy," said Nelson. In cancer treatment, tumors often respond well initially, followed by rapid re-growth and then resistance to further chemotherapy. Rates of tumor cell reproduction have been shown to accelerate between treatments.

Wednesday - October 7, 2015 - Today in History:

1765 - Nine American colonies sent a total of 28 delegates to New York City for the Stamp Act Congress. The delegates adopted the "Declaration of Rights and Grievances."
1777 - During the American Revolution the second Battle of Saratoga began.
1949 - The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) was formed.
1950 - The U.S.-led U.N. forces crossed the 38th parallel and entered North Korea. China in November proved their threat to enter the war by sending several hundred thousand troops over the border into North Korea.
1956 - A U.S. House subcommittee began investigations of allegedly rigged TV quiz shows.
1963 - U.S. President Kennedy signed a nuclear test ban treaty with Britain and the Soviet Union.
1993 - U.S. President Clinton sent more troops, heavy armor, and naval firepower to Somalia.
1994 - U.S. President Clinton dispatched an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf when Iraqi troops were spotted moving toward Kuwait. The U.S. Army was also put on alert.
1998 - The U.S. government filed an antitrust suit that alleged Visa and MasterCard inhibit competition by preventing banks from offering other cards.
1999 - American Home Products Corp. paid up to $4.83 billion to settle claims that the fen-phen diet drug caused dangerous problems with heart valves.
2001 - The U.S. and Great Britain began air strikes in Afghanistan in response to that state's support of terrorism and Osama bin Laden. The act was the first military action taken in response to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001.
2003 - In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor in the recall election of Governor Gray Davis.
2006 - Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist who had chronicled Russian military abuses against civilians in Chechnya, was found shot to death in Moscow.
2008 - The Federal Reserve announced a radical plan to buy massive amounts of short-term debt, known as commercial paper, to get credit markets moving again.

World News

Iraq may soon request Russian airstrikes against ISIS on its soil – defense committee chairman
RT - Baghdad, Russia’s ally in its fight against ISIS, wants Russia to have a bigger role in the anti-terrorism campaign in Iraq itself and may soon officially request Russian airstrikes on its soil, the chairman of Iraq’s parliamentary defense committee said. "We might be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes in Iraq soon. I think in the upcoming few days or weeks Iraq will be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes and that depends on their success in Syria," said Hakim al-Zamili, Reuters reported. "We are seeking to see Russia having a bigger role in Iraq... Yes, definitely a bigger role than the Americans," Zamili said.

Russia Deploys Mi-24 Helicopter Gunships Near Afghan Border
Sputnik News - Russia's Defense Ministry will strengthen its grouping in Tajikistan with attack and military transport helicopters, the official representative of Russia's Central Military District Yaroslav Roschupkin told journalists on Wednesday. The unit now includes Mi-24P attack and Mi-8MTV transport and combat helicopters. The helicopters will be stationed at the 201st military base, in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan. Violence on the Afghan side of the border escalated in recent weeks after Taliban militants seized the city of Kunduz, prompting a response from US and Afghan forces.

US Media Laments Turkey's Feathers Not Ruffled by Russia
Sputnik News - In an attempt to analyze who could lend the US a helping hand in its efforts to topple the legitimate president of Syria, The New York Times had to admit that one more of Damascus's neighbors had to be struck from the list: Turkey, it says, will “do its utmost to avoid any type of confrontation with the Russians.”

Israel Discovers Enormous Oil Deposit in Occupied Golan Heights
Sputnik News - Israeli oil prospectors discovered a large oil deposit which could make the country self-sufficient in energy, Israeli business daily Globes reported. The oil deposit lies in the Golan Heights, which is internationally recognized as Syrian territory but has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 war between Israel and Arab states. Israel is unable to import oil from nearby Arab oil-exporting countries, which do not recognize Israel and have no diplomatic relations with the country. "We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities," geologist Yuval Bartov of Afek Oil and Gas told Israeli television.
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Chinese Yuan Overtakes Japanese Yen as Number 4 World Payment Currency
Sputnik News - Chinese currency yuan has entered the top four of most-used world payment currencies for cross-border payments in August 2015, overtaking the Japanese Yen by value, a report by SWIFT, a network for financial information exchange, revealed. Overall, global yuan payments increased in value by 9.13 percent in August 2015, accounting for 2.79 percent of global payments in terms of value, while the growth for payments across all currencies decreased in value by 8.3 percent, according to the report published Tuesday. The top three countries using yuan in August 2015 were China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

New Saudi Rules Could Mean Execution for Internet 'Rumor-Mongers'
Sputnik News - In a shocking decision, Saudi Arabia has reportedly warned social media users that spreading rumors about the government could face an Internet ban – or execution. Already heavily criticized for its human rights record, Saudi Arabia is now taking things even further. With a law aimed at “rumor-mongers” who “cause confusion in societies,” the Kingdom could begin punishing people for comments made on Facebook and Twitter.

Russian jets hit 12 ISIS targets in Syria, cause panic among extremists – Defense Ministry
RT - Russian jets hit 12 Islamic State targets in the course of nearly 20 combat flights carried out in Syria on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said. Command centers and training camps were destroyed in the attacks which threw the extremists into panic.... The Russian jets destroyed an Islamic State army munitions plant outside Damascus as well as two command centers in Deir ez-Zor, according to the ministry’s statement. In the Idlib Governorate, a training camp for IS militants was eliminated, while several IS strongholds came under attack where ammunition depots were blown up.

ISIS in Syria using mosques as shelters, civilians as shields – Russian Defense Ministry
RT - Islamic State militants are hiding in mosques and using locals as human shields because they know that Russian jets would never target civilian areas, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed at two briefings on Tuesday. Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces are sheltering in mosques and trying to hide their vehicles around them, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told reporters Tuesday, citing video evidence. “Knowing our careful, respectful attitude to mosques they understand that we would never - under any circumstances – carry out airstrikes against civilian facilities,” he said, following a meeting with Defense press attachés from several countries, with a US representative among them. Later in the day, Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, also warned that terrorists may be preparing provocations such as bombing mosques to accuse the Russian Air Force of committing war crimes.
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Doctors Without Borders airstrike: US alters story for fourth time in four days
The Guardian - Shifting the US account of the Saturday morning airstrike for the fourth time in as many days, [General John Campbell] reiterated that Afghan forces had requested US air cover after being engaged in a “tenacious fight” to retake the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban. But, modifying the account he gave at a press conference on Monday, Campbell said those Afghan forces had not directly communicated with the US pilots of an AC-130 gunship overhead.... On Tuesday, MSF denounced Campbell’s press conference as an attempt to shift blame to the Afghans.

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan suggests fight will take longer
Military Times - Lingering problems with local security forces and the resurgence of Taliban fighters may force U.S. troops to stay longer in Afghanistan than previously planned, the top American military commander in the region suggested on Tuesday. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Army Gen. John Campbell -- head of U.S. Forces Afghanistan -- said that local security forces "cannot handle the fight alone" without assistance from foreign allies and gaining that capability will take "well beyond this year." As a result, Campbell said he has already offered adjustments to public plans to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2017, with the exception of an embassy security contingent.

Hamburg to seize commercial property to house migrants
BBC - Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the seizure of empty commercial properties in order to house migrants.... Hamburg's new law is described as a temporary, emergency measure. Owners of empty commercial properties will be compensated. The law does not include residential properties. But the conservative opposition in the city, in the north of Germany, condemned the move. The authorities in Bremen, a city just west of Hamburg, are considering passing a similar law. Germany expects to host at least 800,000 asylum seekers this year - about four times the number it had last year.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Permanently Locking In The Obama Agenda For 40% Of The Global Economy
Zero Hedge - We have just witnessed one of the most significant steps toward a one world economic system that we have ever seen. Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership have been completed, and if approved it will create the largest trading bloc on the planet. In this treaty, Barack Obama has thrown in all sorts of things that he never would have been able to get through Congress otherwise. And once this treaty is approved, it will be exceedingly difficult to ever make changes to it. So essentially what is happening is that the Obama agenda is being permanently locked in for 40 percent of the global economy. The United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam all intend to sign on to this insidious plan. Collectively, these nations have a total population of about 800 million people and a combined GDP of approximately 28 trillion dollars. Of course Barack Obama is assuring all of us that this treaty is going to be wonderful for everyone…

U.S. News, Politics & Government

McCain Claims to Be in Touch With Syrian Rebels
Sputnik News - US Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain told Sputnik that he stays in contact with members of Syria opposition allegedly targeted by Russian airstrikes. "I am personally in communication with them [the Syrian moderates], and they are being attacked," McCain stated on Tuesday. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all the airstrikes against the Islamic State terrorist group were launched with advance air surveillance and careful verification of data provided by the Syrian military. McCain asserted, however, that "the majority of the Russian attacks are against the Free Syrian Army, the moderates." Asked what sources he bases his conclusions on, McCain stated, "There is open source information, of course. It has been reported widely in every major newspaper in America."

F-35 deathtrap: Pentagon jet’s ejection seat could snap pilot’s neck
RT - Tests on the Pentagon’s troubled F-35 fighter jet have exposed a potentially life-threatening blunder as its ejection seat could snap a slender pilot’s neck when attempting to save his life, Defense News reports, citing a source close to the program. Ejection tests performed in slow flying speed mode in August revealed that the pilot’s US16E seat constructed by contractor Martin-Baker has an excessive forward rotating momentum, which – combined with the force of the ejected seat shot out of the aircraft – snapped a lightweight dummy’s neck. The US Air Force has already barred pilots weighing less than 61 kilograms from flying 5G aircraft until the problem is fixed, Defense News reports.

“Lithium Love”: Was Oregon Gunman on Psychiatric Meds Linked to Violence?
Paul Joseph Watson - As the Oregonian reports, “There are a number of indications that Harper-Mercer had mental health or behavioral issues. His screen name on some social media sites was “lithium love.” Lithium is used as a psychiatric medication.” Lithium is used to enhance the effect of SSRI drugs, a number of which, “have also been linked to increase risk for violent, even homicidal behavior,” reports Time. On one of his Facebook posts, Mercer also made reference to a number of different prescription drugs he was taking. “I have a pill bottle with like five types of pills mixed in. I don’t know which ones are the sleep aids, so I just took four of each,” wrote Mercer. The gunman was also struggling with his inability to find a girlfriend, which was one of the factors that contributed to Mercer’s mental health issues, according to his mother. Ms. Harper also, “Expressed having expertise in autism, saying that both she and her son — whom she never identified by name — had Asperger’s syndrome,” reports the New York Times. She also revealed how Mercer was placed in a psychiatric hospital when he refused to take his medication.

Obama Arms ISIS-Linked Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day
Kit Daniels - Obama authorizes resupplying “Syrian opposition” on same day he demanded gun control. Even more shocking, Obama did the very same thing after the 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting. The president approved the re-arming of the Syrian opposition, which predominantly consists of ISIS and its affiliates, on Oct. 1, the same day Obama suggested the U.S. should start banning guns after the Umpqua Community College shooting. “The approval came at a National Security Council meeting on Thursday,” CNN reported. “…The President also emphasized to his team that the U.S. would continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters the war-torn country.”

This Has Become Routine — Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts - In his comment on the mass shootings at the Oregon community college, President Obama said: “This has become routine.” So have police shootings of unarmed and unresisting Americans. So have numerous other undesirable and deplorable happenings, such as the foreclosure on the homes of millions of Americans, while the “banks too big to fail” are bailed out with trillions of dollars, and such as foreign policy lies that have destroyed seven countries, bringing the US and Europe millions of refugees. Also routine is Washington’s obliteration of weddings, funerals, and medical centers with bombs and drones.... For Washington, these mass murders are only “collateral damage,” nothing warranting a presidential statement displaying despair, anger, and frustration.

Obama Paints Border Patrol with Rainbow Colors
Breitbart - Border Patrol agents and others operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must now consider not only the sex of the criminal they are detaining, but the “gender identity” of the individual and how they feel and identify. The terms “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant” do not appear at all in a new 31-page instruction document. The new rules were published by CBP and according to the agency, “includes language on gender identity, which was not previously included in the individual component policies.

U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates Under New Sentencing Guidelines
NY Times - The Justice Department is preparing to release roughly 6,000 inmates from federal prison as part of an effort to ease overcrowding and roll back the harsh penalties given to nonviolent drug dealers in the 1980s and ’90s, according to federal law enforcement officials. The release is scheduled to occur from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, and will be one of the largest one-time discharges of inmates from federal prisons in American history, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing matters that had not been publicly announced by the Justice Department. The Bureau of Prisons is arranging for many of the inmates to initially move into halfway houses, one official said.

Election News

Hillary Clinton Pledges Gun Control By Executive Action
Breitbart - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is making it clear she won’t wait for Congress to consider gun control measures. Instead, she’s pledging to pursue gun control by executive action if she’s elected president. Her proposals include extending the instant background checks indefinitely by changing the amount of time the FBI has on extended checks. She also wants to place new regulations on sales at gun shows and for guns sold online, and she wants to expand the definition of domestic violence to include dating relationships, then use that expanded definition to ban individuals from owning guns. Breitbart News previously reported that Clinton also wants to change our nation’s laws to allow shooting victims and their families to sue gun manufacturers after a criminal steals and misuses a gun–harming people in the process–or after a criminal brings a gun into a gun free zone in order to attack innocent victims who can’t fight back, the way Chris Harper Mercer did at Umpqua Community College.

Marco Rubio Wants US to Risk War with Russia Over Syria
Gateway Pundit - Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida gave an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood on Monday in which Rubio called for the United States to risk war with Russia to enforce a proposed no-fly zone over Syria. Rubio said going to war with Russia would be better than the current state of affairs in Syria, citing the migration crisis, the growth of terrorist groups including ISIS and ‘Jabhat al Nusra’ and having Russian President Vladimir Putin as the “most influential geopolitical broker in the region.”

Economy & Business

Silver Coin Premiums Soar Above 50%
Zero Hedge - Courtesy of Sharelynx' Nick Laird who tracks precious metal premium by vendor, we continue our recent series showing the discrepancy between paper and physical metals, in this case silver. As Nick notes, APMEX price premiums are a lot higher than the Monex. And as can be seen in the charts below, premiums rose above 50% for 1-19 coins & above 40% for 500 plus coins.

Science & Technology

TPP Will Restrict Internet, Punish Whistleblowers
Kurt Nimmo - In addition to consolidating corporate power over 40% of the world’s economy, the recently agreed upon Trans-Pacific Partnership deal will target internet-based investigative journalism and make it a crime to expose corporate crime. The Independent reported on Monday: One particularly controversial part of the provisions make it a crime to reveal corporate wrongdoing “through a computer system”. Experts have pointed out that the wording is very vague, and could lead to whistleblowers being penalized for sharing important information, and lead to journalists stopping reporting on them.... Leaked drafts revealed it would police, censor and make the internet more expensive. In addition to intimidating journalists and limited access, the agreement contains provisions that require social media and online content providers such as Facebook and YouTube to remove content after one complaint.... The agreement also allows countries to seize computers of individuals allegedly involved in copyright infringement, which is broadly expanded under the deal.

DNA ‘vaccine’ Sterilizes Mice, Could Lead to One-shot Birth Control
Science Mag - “This looks incredibly promising,” says William Swanson, director of animal research at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in Ohio. “We’re all very excited about this approach; that it’s going to be the one that really works.” For decades, the go-to methods for controlling animal reproduction have been spay or neuter surgeries. But the surgeries, which require animals to be anesthetized, can be expensive—one reason so many dogs and cats remain unfixed and feral animal populations continue to grow. Nearly 2.7 million dogs and cats were euthanized in U.S. shelters last year. A cheaper, faster method of sterilization is considered a holy grail for animal population control.


Victory: County Backs Down, Won't Chase Off-Gridders From Land
Off the Grid News - Proposed changes to the county’s zoning regulations would have effectively prevented many residents from building homes on off-grid properties they purchased in Costilla County, Colorado Public Radio and Off The Grid News previously reported. Dozens of off-grid residents may have been forced out of the county, simply because they couldn’t meet the requirements. Some, for example, are using composting toilets. The proposed changes made national news last week when a story about a dispute between long-time county residents and off-the-grid residents was picked up by news outlets as far away as San Francisco. A shouting match outside a county commissioners’ meeting on the issue had led to the arrest of some protesters. But the county shelved the proposed land-use code changes on Oct. 1, Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reported. No reason was given, but the action followed a number of media stories.


Almost 70 patients tested for HIV and hepatitis after nurse is caught REUSING a syringe while giving flu shots at New Jersey clinic
Daily Mail - Dozens of co-workers are being screened for HIV and hepatitis after a nurse was found reusing a syringe to administer flu shots. Employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, who received the vaccination at their offices in Princeton, New Jersey on September 30, have been warned they may have been exposed to 'infected blood.' Healthcare [sic] provider TotalWellness confirmed that the nurse contracted to carry out the flu shots had 'failed to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards. Officials have not yet revealed whether disciplinary action will be taken against the nurse. The New Jersey Department of Health sent out letters to the 67 pharmaceutical co-workers two days after the vaccinations to warn them that the syringe 'was reused multiple times', NBC 10 reported.

Iodine-Rich Foods Fight Breast Cancer
Green Med Info - Real breast cancer prevention starts with attention to diet, exercise, stress reduction, and environmental toxins. And when it comes to diet, one of the best nutrients to help ward off breast cancer is iodine. If you think about it at all, you probably associate iodine with your thyroid.... But iodine also plays a crucial role in women's breast health. In fact, a woman stores more iodine in her breasts than in her thyroid.... When iodine levels are low, the ovaries produce more estrogen. Higher circulating levels of estrogen raise the risk of reproductive cancers like prostate, endometrial, ovarian, and breast cancers. In addition, low iodine increases the sensitivity of estrogen receptors in breast tissue. The breast starts taking up even more estrogen. That spikes breast cancer risk even more.... But your body can't make iodine. You have to get it from food or supplements. Good food sources of iodine are...

Supreme Court Says Mandatory Vaccinations Don’t Violate Children’s Constitutional Rights
Natural Blaze - The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case challenging the state of New York’s public school vaccination requirement, which requires all children to be vaccinated prior to attendance at public school. The SCOTUS’s failure to hear the case effectively states that mandatory vaccination of all public school children, doesn’t violate their constitutional rights. A lower court had ruled that the school vaccination requirement, which three parents had legally challenged after their unvaccinated children were prohibited from attending school, did not violate the constitutional rights of the children. The appeals court also upheld a decision that children exempted from vaccinations due to religious reasons could be prohibited from school attendance in the event of a disease outbreak that is vaccine preventable.

The New Beauty Trend Among Women: Microwaving Your Armpits
Natural Society - Women fed up with deodorant and shaving their armpits are going to the extreme measure of microwaving their armpits to get rid of the stink and hair. No, women aren’t literally sticking their arms in the microwave. Here’s how it actually works: the microwave energy is embedded into the underarms via a new treatment known as miraSmooth. The process supposedly eliminates sweating and armpit hair by targeting the interface between fat and skin where the sweat gland and hair follicles are located under the arm. The intense heat basically fries the glands and follicles entirely, so they never come back.... Following the treatment, there may be significant pain and swelling that could last from one week to a few weeks – anywhere from minor swelling to a grapefruit-size mass under the arm. The body could also try to compensate in other areas for the loss of sweating as it tries to regulate body temperature.

Tuesday - October 6, 2015 - Today in History:

1847 - "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte was first published in London.
1848 - The steamboat SS California left New York Harbor for San Francisco via Cape Horn. The steamboat service arrived on February 28, 1849. The trip took 4 months and 21 days.
1866 - The Reno Brothers pulled the first train robbery in America near Seymour, IN. The got away with $10,000.
1884 - The Naval War College was established in Newport, RI.
1890 - Polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon Church.
1928 - War-torn China was reunited under the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek.
1949 - President Harry Truman signed the Mutual Defense Assistance Act. The act provided $1.3 billion in the form of military aid to NATO countries.
1961 - President John F. Kennedy advised American families to build or buy bomb shelters to protect them in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
1973 - Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in an attempt to win back territory that had been lost in the third Arab-Israel war. Support for Israel led to a devastating oil embargo against many nations including the U.S. and Great Britain on October 17, 1973. The war lasted 2 weeks.
1979 - Pope John Paul II became the first pontiff to visit the White House.
1992 - Ross Perot appeared in his first paid broadcast on CBS-TV after entering the U.S. presidential race.
2004 - The top U.S. arms inspector in Iraq, Charles Duelfer, reported finding no evidence Saddam Hussein's regime had produced weapons of mass destruction after 1991.
2008 - The Dow Jones industrial average closed below 10,000 for the first time since 2004.

World News

Accidental Turkish airspace incursion 'used to involve NATO in info war against Russia over Syria'
RT - The incident with the Russian jet, which accidentally violated Turkey's airspace, has been used to include NATO in the media war against Moscow's anti-terror op in Syria, said Aleksandr Grushko, Russia’s envoy to the Western military alliance.... According to Grushko, NATO has ignored clarifications from Russia about the plane incident. All attempts to explain the reasons behind the incident fell on deaf ears, however, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg describing the situation as "unacceptable violations of Turkish airspace."... On Monday, Russia admitted making a mistake after its warplane violated Turkey’s airspace. The Russian Defense Ministry has explained that bad weather caused the incident. Ankara has accepted the explanation, saying there is no ill feeling between the two countries. NATO has slammed Moscow for what it deemed “irresponsible behavior,” however.

3,000 terrorists leave Syria following Russian airstrikes – military source
RT - An estimated 3,000 Islamic State fighters as well as militants from other extremist groups have fled Syria for Jordan fearing a renewed offensive by the Syrian army in addition to Russian airstrikes, a military official has told RIA news agency. At least 3,000 militants from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk have fled to Jordan. They are afraid of the Syrian army having stepped up activities on all fronts and of Russian airstrikes,” the RIA source said.

Russia Escalates Syria Proxy War: Threatens Full Naval Blockade Of Syria
Zero Hedge - Russia's Black Sea Fleet may be used in Syria to blockade the Syrian coastline and deliver armaments, as well as possibly deliver artillery strikes, the head of Russian State Duma's defense committee and former Black Sea Fleet commander Vladimir Komoyedov said. "Regarding the large-scale use of the Black Sea Fleet in this operation, I don't think it will happen, but in terms of a coastal blockade, I think that it's quite [possible]… Komoyedov added that the size of the naval grouping used in the operation will depend on the intensity of the fighting. He noted that currently, the navy's Mediterranean flotilla is currently sufficient for actions in the given area. Komoyedov also said that auxiliary vessels will certainly be used in the operation against ISIL to deliver armaments as well as military and technical equipment.

Syria Ground War Imminent? U.S. Accuses Russia Of Launching Syrian Land Campaign
Zero Hedge - …according to the latest U.S. assessment of Moscow's activity in western Syria, "Russia has moved several ground combat weapons and troops into the area to potentially back up Syrian forces in the field planning to attack anti-regime forces, according to two U.S. defense officials." The U.S. views the move as Russia "stepping up its ground activity" in Syria to attack those forces, rather than ISIS elements, according to one of the officials. It's believed the Russians are positioning the weapons to be able to support a Syrian ground offensive, the officials said… The U.S. originally had thought that might be for defense of the port, but the latest move is an indication of potential ground attacks in the coming days, the official said.

US Government Accused Of "War Crime" By Doctors Without Borders In Bombing That Killed 22
Zero Hedge - … DwB [Doctors Without Borders] once again lashes out at the US government with the following statement: "Today the US government has admitted that it was their airstrike that hit our hospital in Kunduz and killed 22 patients and MSF staff. Their description of the attack keeps changing—from collateral damage, to a tragic incident, to now attempting to pass responsibility to the Afghanistan government. The reality is the US dropped those bombs. The US hit a huge hospital full of wounded patients and MSF staff. The US military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition. There can be no justification for this horrible attack. With such constant discrepancies in the US and Afghan accounts of what happened, the need for a full transparent independent investigation is ever more critical."

Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Struck As "Corporate Secrecy" Wins Again
Zero Hedge - As WSJ reports, the U.S., Japan and 10 countries around the Pacific reached a historic accord Monday to lower trade barriers to goods and services and set commercial rules of the road for two-fifths of the global economy, officials said… The deal announced on Monday by trade ministers from the 12 countries still must be signed formally by the countries’ leaders and ratified by their parliaments. In the US Mr Obama is likely to face a tough fight to get the deal through Congress next year, especially as presidential candidates like Republican frontrunner Donald Trump have argued against the TPP. Only a handful of Democrats support Mr. Obama’s trade policy, and Republican support is unpredictable in the 2016 election year, depending on the stance of presidential candidates and new leadership in the House. As it is, the deal can’t go to a vote before Congress until early next year.

Lesbian Swedish Bishop Wants Christian Crosses Removed From Church to Please Muslims
Paul Joseph Watson - With hundreds of thousands more migrants set to pour into Sweden, a Bishop in Stockholm has proposed removing crosses from a Christian church and replacing them with Islamic symbols in order to cater for Muslims.... It’s also ironic to consider that while Brunne is insistent on being so welcoming to Muslims, she would be executed for being a lesbian in some Islamic countries.... If you think this story sounds too bizarre to be true, then you haven’t acquainted yourself with the progressive “utopia” that is Sweden. This is a country in which some politicians have called for giving free housing, jobs and welfare to returning ISIS jihadists – all at taxpayer expense.... has politicians telling its citizens that they may need to give up their garages in order to house third world immigrants. Sweden is also a country that hires ISIS-sympathizers to run its immigration boards. The country’s taxpayer-funded “expert” on Islamophobia, Michael Nikolai Skråmo, also went on to join ISIS.

PC Police Want to Ban Ham Sandwiches Because Muslims Find Them ‘Offensive’
Kit Daniels - The guidelines published by CoExist House, a US and UK-based interfaith group, recommend an outright ban of pork products from office kitchens to avoid “offending” employees of the Muslim and Jewish faiths. “It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths,” said Andy Dinham, a University of London professor who wrote the guidelines for CoExist House. “We also say, ‘Don’t put kosher or halal and other… special foods next to another [food] or, God forbid, on the same plate.” The guidelines come as both the U.S. and the U.K. open their borders to a record number of Muslim migrants.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Liberal Media Attacks Pro-Second Amendment Sheriff, All But Blames Him for College Shooting
Adan Salazar - Numerous leftist media outlets and gun control groups are demonizing and not-so-indirectly blaming an Oregon sheriff for last week’s college shooting, all because of his refusal to push authoritarian anti-gun legislation and his alleged personal beliefs on Sandy Hook. Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin is overseeing the investigation into the Umpqua Community College shooting, in which a mentally disturbed lone gunman killed 10 people on a gun-free campus for religious reasons. But surprisingly the sheriff’s investigation isn’t the focus of progressive liberal news reports’ ire; his support of the Second Amendment and possible belief in so-called “conspiracy theories” are. Now the sheriff is also inexplicably being targeted by the Brady Campaign and gun control freaks for something even more trivial, a post he’s accused of making on Facebook.

New York Daily News: State Dept Must Designate the NRA a Terrorist Organization
Breitbart - On October 3–two days after a gunman killed 10 at the gun free facilities on the Umpqua Community College campus–the New York Daily News called for the U.S. State Department to designate the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “terrorist organization.” They based this request on their belief that national security faces a greater threat from armed citizens than from “foreign terrorists,” and they singled out the NRA as the bulwark preserving citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. They suggested, “The NRA should take its rightful place on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, because its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.”

Of 170 held after Waco biker shooting, all are now out of jail, with none charged in killings
Dallas Morning News - Only a few of the people arrested in the May biker shooting outside a Waco restaurant remain under ankle monitoring, and none are still in jail. Of the 135 people originally ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors, all but 22 have been allowed to remove them, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Sunday. Their lawyers have reached agreements with prosecutors to modify the conditions of their pre-trial release. After initially locking up more than 170 people in connection with the May 17 incident outside Twin Peaks restaurant, McLennan County prosecutors have not charged anyone with the shooting deaths of nine people. At least 20 others were hurt.

School Bans ‘Offensive’ America Day Celebration
Mikael Thalen - School administrators in Wyoming announced the cancellation of a 2015 “America Day” celebration last week after the event was deemed “offensive” and unsafe. According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, the homecoming tradition was banned after Jackson Hole High School Activities Director Mike Hansen alleged that multiple students “could have” felt targeted and singled out. “Many different students could have felt singled out,” Hansen said. “Maybe they moved here last week. Maybe they moved here last month.” Local news speculated that the decision may have been linked to the school’s large Latino population, although no specifics were given by administrators.

Election News

Carly Fiorina's first political campaign had a surprising problem: Money
Washington Post - Famed California pollster Joe Shumate was found dead in his home one month before Election Day 2010, surrounded by sheets of polling data he labored over for the flailing Senate bid of Carly Fiorina. Upon his death, Fiorina praised Shumate as "the heart and soul" of her team. She issued a news release praising him as a person who believed in "investing in those he worked with" and offering her "sincerest condolences" to his widow. But records show there was something that Fiorina did not offer his widow: Shumate's last paycheck, for at least $30,000. It was one of more than 30 invoices, totaling about $500,000, that the multimillionaire didn't settle -- even as Fiorina reimbursed herself nearly $1.3 million she lent the campaign. She finally cleared most of the balance in January, a few months before announcing her run for president.

Donald Trump: Middle East Would Be Better Off If Saddam, Gaddafi Were Still in Power
CNS News - GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that if the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and former Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi were still in power, the Middle East would be better off than it is today. “Of course it would be. You wouldn't have had your Benghazi situation, which is one thing which was just a terrible situation, but of course, it would. Libya is-- is not even-- nobody even knows what's goin' on over there. It's not even a country anymore,” Trump said...
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Economy & Business

Big U.S. firms hold $2.1 trillion overseas to avoid taxes: study
Reuters - The 500 largest American companies hold more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to avoid U.S. taxes and would collectively owe an estimated $620 billion in U.S. taxes if they repatriated the funds, according to a study released on Tuesday. The study, by two left-leaning non-profit groups, found that nearly three-quarters of the firms on the Fortune 500 list of biggest American companies by gross revenue operate tax haven subsidiaries in countries like Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.... Technology firm Apple was holding $181.1 billion offshore, more than any other U.S. company, and would owe an estimated $59.2 billion in U.S. taxes if it tried to bring the money back to the United States from its three overseas tax havens... The conglomerate General Electric has booked $119 billion offshore in 18 tax havens, software firm Microsoft is holding $108.3 billion in five tax haven subsidiaries and drug company Pfizer is holding $74 billion in 151 subsidiaries, the study said.

Stock Market Crash October 2015? 9 Of The 16 Largest Crashes In History Have Come This Month
Economic Collapse - The worst stock market crashes in U.S. history have come during the month of October. There is just something about this time of the year that seems to be conducive to financial panic. For example, on October 28th, 1929 the biggest stock market crash in U.S. history up until that time helped usher in the Great Depression of the 1930s. And the largest percentage crash in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average by a very wide margin happened on October 19th, 1987. Overall, 9 of the 16 largest single day percentage crashes that we have ever seen happened during the month of October. Of course that does not mean that something will happen this October, but after what we just witnessed in September we should all be on alert.

Punishing Cash: US ATM Withdrawal Fees Soar To All Time High
Economic Policy Journal - With the world's central planners (and their status quo hugging cronies) calling for cash bans, the soaring costs of getting one's own money appears to be a quiet form of capital control creeping up on the distracted American public, notes Tyler Durden. WSJ reports: The average cost for using an automated teller machine that isn’t tied to a customer’s bank rose to a record $4.52 per transaction over the past year, according to a survey from data provider Bankrate Inc. that will be released Monday. In Atlanta and New York, the average “out-of-network” cost tops $5 and can rise to as much as $8 in some places under certain circumstances, Bankrate said. The new average rate reflects an increase of 21% over the past five years.

CPSC: 129,000 Dishwashers Recalled Over Power Cords That May Burst Into Flames
The Consumerist - Because washing dishes shouldn’t result in a fiery inferno, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 129,000 dishwashers in the U.S., after reports that power cords used for multiple brands can overheat and burst into flame. The dishwashers were sold under the labels Bosch, Gaggenau, Kenmore Elite and Thermador according to the CPSC, at a variety of appliance and specialty retailers, department stores, authorized builder distributors, home improvement stores nationwide and online between January 2009 and May 2014 for between $850 and $2600. An additional 45,000 washers sold in Canada are also included in the recall. So far, 10 reports of fires have been linked to the dishwashers, causing property damage in five of those blazes — but no injuries have been reported.

Energy & Environment

Canadian City To Dump 8 Billion Liters Of Sewage Into River Shared With US
Natural Blaze - The city of Montreal plans to dump 8 billion liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River on October 18 so they can begin a construction project on the sewer that is currently holding the waste.... Environmental experts in the area have suggested that there must be another solution, like perhaps pumping the sewage into another container or pipeline while the construction project is being completed.... “US lawmakers in New York have raised concerns that the dumping project could actually contaminate US waterways. New York senator Patty Ritchie recently published a letter on her website, calling for an investigation of the planned waste dump.

Hundreds of angry customers pull ‘smart’ meters (video)
Take Back Your Power - We commend Dominicans for such unified, inspiring action, and we commend their military and police for doing the right thing and supporting the people. Video Translation: “Hundreds of meters were removed and put in front of the electricity company offices of the north (in the city of Peidro Blanca, Provinice of Monseñor Nouel).” “The reason was high rates combined with frequent electrical outages in the region. The outages became prolonged and the electricity bills arrived at nearly double that of the month before.

Science & Technology

Reawakened Ancient Retrovirus in DNA may be Behind ALS Cases
Natural Blaze - Researchers say the HERV-K virus became a permanent part of the human genome some 2-5 million years ago. HERV-K is a human endogenous retrovirus that injects its own genetic material into cells, where they sometimes stay forever. These retroviruses get passed on from generation to generation, just like the genetic traits that determine our eye or hair color. According to scientists, about 8% of the human genome is made up of viruses. Sometimes the viruses cause cancer or other diseases, but they normally just sit there, undetected. (Though a new test claims to detect virtually any virus.) HERV-K is believed to be one cause of breast cancer. Scientists believe HERV-K could be “reawakening” in patients, causing ALS, a disease that robs patients of the ability to walk, talk, eat, and eventually breathe. There is no accepted cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Flashback: 23 Seniors Died After Receiving Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies
Health Impact News Sept.15, 2013 - The high-dose Fluzone vaccine being marketed this flu season to seniors, which has four times the amount of antigens that the regular flu shot has, as well as the non-high dose version, had 23 seniors die during drug trials. The package insert for the high-dose Fluzone flu vaccine is found here.

United States Tracks Children to Push Gardasil Vaccine – Rest of the World Becoming Skeptical
Health Impact News - The United States continues to carelessly move forward with the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Meanwhile, due to its endless damage, the shot is the center of criminal lawsuits in Spain, India, France, Japan and many other countries. In the UK, the HPV vaccination push has 8,228 official reports of side-effects, almost more than all other vaccine reports combined. Dr. Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer Merck gave a 2014 interview stating that: “Gardasil is useless and costs a fortune” as well as predicting “Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times…” Ignoring data and worldwide protest, Departments of Health within the U.S. are now sending letters to parents advising them to submit their children to HPV vaccinations. With no prior announcement, parental consent given, or notice, the states of New York and Indiana have tracked HPV vaccine non-compliers and are now hassling them with physical letters.

Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca's BCAM
Green Med Info - Did you know that AstraZeneca, manufacturer of two blockbuster breast cancer drugs (one of which is classified as a known human carcinogen), is behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month?... Truth be told, BCAM should be renamed Breast Cancer Un-Awareness Month, as it has nothing to do with generating awareness about the true causes and solutions for the breast cancer epidemic and everything to do with making the public focus on a presumably not-yet-existent "cure" to be produced through the pharmaceutical pipeline somewhere off in the future only after enough money is raised.

Goldenrod: The Roadside Fall Medicinal ‘Weed’ You (Wrongly) Thought Was An Allergen
Off the Grid News - You may think goldenrod is good for nothing more than causing allergy flare-ups and looking pretty. But what is simply an annoying weed to many actually has a long history of being a healthy, medicinal plant. In fact, goldenrod tea was popular in colonial times and replaced the tea from England after the Boston Tea Party. They called it “Liberty Tea.”... Goldenrod smells a lot like licorice when it is ground up or crushed. There are many types of goldenrod, but if you use it for teas, use the type that smells like anise. You can gather the leaves at any time, but if you want the flowers, pick them in late summer or autumn.

Pet News

VIDEO: This Amazing Dog Detected Cancer When Doctors & Imaging Could Not
Dogington Post - Max, a Collie-mix, began acting strangely toward his owner. Concerned that her dog, almost 10-years old at the time, was nearing the end of his life, Maureen Burns began preparing herself to say goodbye to her beloved best friend. “He just wasn’t happy. Wouldn’t come with me, wouldn’t sit by me, wouldn’t sit on my lap. He would come up and touch my breast with his nose and back off, so desperately unhappy.” Although Maureen had a lump in her breast, mammograms had come back clear, indicating that the lump was nothing to worry about. But, because of Max’s odd behavior, Maureen insisted doctor’s perform a biopsy to evaluate the lump after additional scans and testing revealed nothing. Because of Max, and Maureen’s trust in his instincts, doctor’s were finally able to discover and remove the cancer growing within Maureen’s breast. The change in Max’s behavior after the lump was removed was instant.

Monday - October 5, 2015 - Today in History:

1813 - Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Indians was killed at the Battle of Thames when American forced defeated the British and the allied Indian warriors.
1877 - Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians surrendered to the U.S. Army after a 1,000-mile retreat towards the Canadian border.
1930 - Laura Ingalls became the first woman to make a transcontinental airplane flight.
1937 - U.S. President Roosevelt called for a "quarantine" of aggressor nations.
1947 - President Harry Truman held the first televised presidential address from the White House. The subject was the current international food crisis.
1969 - A Cuban defector landed a Soviet-made MiG-17 at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. The plane entered U.S. air space and landed without being detected.
1970 - Anwar Sadat took office as President of Egypt replacing Gamal Abdel Nassar. Sadat was assassinated in 1981.
1988 - In a debate between candidates for vice president of the U.S., Democratic Lloyd Bentsen told Republican Dan Quayle, "You're no Jack Kennedy."
1991 - Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev announced that his country would cut its nuclear arsenal in response to the arms reduction that was initiated by U.S. President George Bush.
1993 - China set off an underground nuclear explosion.
1995 - A 60-day cease-fire was agreed upon by Bonsian combatants. The civil war had lasted 3 1/2.
1998 - The U.S. paid $60 million for Russia's research time on the international space station to keep the cash-strapped Russian space agency afloat.
2006 - Walmart rolled out its $4 generic drug program to the entire state of Florida after a successful test in the Tampa area.

World News

Pentagon Weighs Military Options to Protect US-Trained Rebels in Syria - Russia's launch of airstrikes in Syria is prompting discussions within the Pentagon about whether the U.S. should use military force to protect U.S.-trained and equipped Syrian rebels if they come under fire by the Russians. U.S. officials said Thursday that senior military leaders and defense officials are working through the thorny legal and foreign policy issues and are weighing the risks of using force in response to a Russian attack. Defense Secretary Ash Carter declined to discuss the problem when asked about it this week. But U.S. officials acknowledged that this is one of the questions being asked as they debate the broader dilemma of how the administration should respond to what White House press secretary Josh Earnest described as Russia's "indiscriminate military operations against the Syrian opposition."

Israeli jets strike Gaza after rocket fire pinned on Hamas
RT - Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on targets in Gaza overnight in retaliation to rocket fire directed at Israeli territory earlier in the day. Although an ISIS-affiliated group claimed responsibility for the attack, Israel holds Hamas responsible. Witnesses reported at least four airstrikes in the Gaza strip early Monday, conducted by Israeli F-16 jets while drones were seen circling the airspace.

Germany fears up to 1.5mn refugees to arrive in 2015, calls for limits on influx to EU
RT - The number of refugees and migrants expected to arrive in Germany by the end of 2015 has soared to 1.5mn, according to Bild newspaper, citing a government report. Meanwhile German politicians say that the EU must take immediate measures to limit numbers. Germany’s abilities to accept and handle refugees and migrants are not infinite and the country’s capacity is now strained to the limit, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said in interview with ZDF on Sunday.

Japanese worried about privacy as My Number ID program becomes law
RT - A controversial new Japanese personal identification system came into effect on Monday. My Number IDs will unite personal tax information, social security and disaster relief benefits, but critics worry about possible leaks and invasions of privacy. The new legislation will see every Japanese citizen and foreign residents given a 12 digit number, which is expected to reach an estimated 55 million households. The aim is to make administration more efficient for services such as taxation and social welfare benefits, while also helping to cut down on tax evasion and benefit fraud. However, the government eventually intends to extend the system to bank accounts in order to keep track of the assets people have for taxation purposes. This will at first be voluntary from 2018, although the government could make it mandatory by 2021.

Russian Air Force hit 10 ISIS targets in Syria in last 24 hours – Defense Ministry (VIDEOS)
RT - Russian fighter jets have attacked 10 Islamic State targets in Syria in their latest airstrikes, destroying arms depots, training centers and infrastructure, Defense Ministry says. In the last 24 hours, Russian military aircraft have performed 20 sorties.... According to the estimates of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces, the airstrikes inflicted on Islamic State installations in Syria have disrupted the command system, inventory and logistics of the terrorist organization. The infrastructure used to stage terror attacks in Syria and Iraq has also been severely damaged.
* Related: Nobody can clearly define what 'moderate opposition' in Syria is - Kremlin spokesman

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan
The Intercept - Yesterday afternoon, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power marched to Twitter to proclaim: “we call on Russia to immediately cease attacks on Syrian oppo[sition and] civilians.” Along with that decree, she posted a statement from the U.S. and several of its closest authoritarian allies – including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UK – warning Russia that civilian casualties “will only fuel more extremism and radicalization.” Early this morning, in the Afghan city of Kunduz, the U.S. dropped bombs on a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)). The airstrike killed at least 9 of the hospital’s medical staff, and seriously injured dozens of patients. “Among the dead was the Afghan head of the hospital, Abdul Sattar,” reported The New York Times… He [Jason Cone, MSF’s Executive Director] added that “all parties [to the] conflict, including in Kabul & Washington, were clearly informed of precise GPS Coordinates of MSF facilities in Kunduz,” and that the “precise location of MSF Kunduz hospital [was] communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over past months, including on 9/29.”

Death toll rises in suspected US airstrike on Afghan hospital (Video)
The Guardian - A US airstrike appears to have hit a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières in the Afghan city of Kunduz, killing nine staff members and injuring up to 37 people. The charity claimed it had circulated the coordinates of the site to all sides engaged in fighting in the country, adding that the bombing continued for 30 minutes after it had raised the alarm with Afghan and US authorities. At the time of the bombing, 105 patients and its carers, and more than 80 MSF international and national staff were in the hospital, the charity said. Some members of staff were still unaccounted for on Saturday, and there are fears the death toll will rise considerably. Up to 10 international aid workers who were based in the hospital are believed to have survived the attack.
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MSF demands independent probe into hospital airstrike in Afghanistan
RT - Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has demanded an independent international body investigate the suspected US airstrike that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The charity’s official said MSF cannot trust the US military probe. Under the clear presumption that a war crime has been committed, MSF demands that a full and transparent investigation into the event be conducted by an independent international body," MSF General Director Christopher Stokes said in a statement on Sunday. Relying only on an internal investigation by a party to the conflict would be wholly insufficient," he added. The US military launched a probe into the incident on Saturday.

World's Largest Shipowners To Abandon Greece Ahead Of Major Tax Hike
Zero Hedge - With Greece controlling 20% of the world's shipping fleet, the 'quadriga' of Greek creditors' demands to raise taxes (because debt restructuring is out of the question) on such an 'easy target' as the world's largest shipping industry appears likely to backfire as an entire industry's revenues move out of reach of government taxers… Many in the Greek shipping world say any increase in taxes on shipping operations would prompt a mass exodus of the country’s shipowners. Relatively low-tax global shipping centers such as Cyprus, London, Singapore and Vancouver, Canada, are positioning themselves to benefit.

Fukushima police send nuclear contamination case against TEPCO execs to prosecutors
RT - Fukushima police have finally reacted to a criminal complaint filed against TEPCO and 32 of its top officials two years ago over the contamination caused by the 2011 nuclear disaster. They have referred the case to prosecutors. The Fukushima District Prosecutors’ Office will now determine whether to pursue criminal charges against the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and its top management over the leaks of highly radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea. The criminal complaint alleges that the company and its executives failed to manage storage tanks of contaminated water or build underground walls to block the flow of radioactive material into the sea at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Notable people on the list include TEPCO’s President Naomi Hirose, former Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata and former President Masataka Shimizu.

Bulgaria Slams GM Crops Again with Strong Total Ban
Sustainable Pulse - The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has confirmed that Bulgaria will keep its clean and green image through extending its ban on GM crops under new EU regulations, the press office of the Ministry reported on Thursday. Bulgaria is one of the strongest opponents of GM crops and this is shown with the latest GM crops ban, which includes more GM varieties than any other country in the EU: eight GM maize varieties, one GM soy variety, and one GM carnation variety.... Recent Bulgarian opinion polls show that the Bulgarian population is strongly against GMOs in food and the cultivation of GM crops with 97% of the population stating that they are opposed to the harmful nature of GMOs.
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U.S. News, Politics & Government

4 Students Arrested in Northern California, Suspected of Plotting Killings in High School
NY Times - California high school students have been arrested in connection with what law enforcement officials called a highly detailed plan to shoot and kill fellow students and teachers, just days after a mass shooting on a community college campus in rural Oregon. The four, all students at Summerville High School in Tuolumne, Calif., "were going to come on campus and shoot and kill as many people as possible at the campus," Sheriff James W. Mele of Tuolumne County said at a news conference on Saturday. Investigators have found no clear motive for the planned attack, Sheriff Mele said, but he said that "the suspects' plans were very detailed in nature and included names of would-be victims, locations and methods in which the plan was to be carried out."

Oregon Shooting: 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag
Activist Post - When you practice something all the time you eventually get very good at it. The one thing many awakened and vigilant Americans have become good at over the past few years is sniffing out government false flags because they have so much practice at it. You may find that the events surrounding the recent Umpqua Community College shooting in southern Oregon may ring a few familiar false flag bells after you consider what the mainstream media is saying about the shooting. It is at least extremely reasonable to suspect that this is yet another gun control shooting false flag event since it has many of the characteristics of it.

Oregon Shooter’s Father Absolves Son: Guns, Not His Parenting to Blame
Breitbart - The father of the Oregon shooter who ruthlessly murdered 9 people at a community college in Umpqua, Oregon, insists that his son isn’t to blame for shooting innocent victims, but rather, ‘guns’ are to blame. The man absolving his son of responsibility is Ian Mercer and he made the statements during a CNN interview. A report in the Daily Beast claims that Mr. Mercer abandoned his son at birth–a factor that the father did not mention during his anti-gun rant on television.

CNN Alters Photo of Umpqua Killer Chris Harper-Mercer to Make Him Look White
Gateway Pundit - CNN photoshops the photo of Oregon killer Chris Harper-Mercer to make him look white. Chris was the son of Ian Mercer from Great Britain and Laurel Margaret Harper. Chris lived with his mother Laurel. He posted this selfie online. But, according to Conservative Treehouse, CNN altered the image to make Harper-Mercer look white. Via Conservative Treehouse: On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him. Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast? Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper. His online profiles have been erased since the shooting.

Obama Not Welcome In Roseburg, Says Local Newspaper Publisher
Breitbart - David Jaques, the publisher of the conservative newspaper the Roseburg Beacon, says he believes that President Obama would not be welcome to the town after making remarks politicizing the shooting that left nine dead and nine injured at Umpqua Community College on October 1. Jaques told Breitbart News that he believes officials of Douglas County would also not welcome the President using the tragedy to score political points for a gun control agenda. Any visit by President would be “a campaign stop for agenda to take away American citizen’s right to own firearms” said Jaques in an exclusive interview. Jaques said the region is proud of Sheriff John Hanlin, who he said “put the administration on notice that if you pass any laws, edicts or executive actions that are either unconstitutional or extra-constitutional, they will not be enforced in Douglas County.” Hanlin been savaged by the liberal national press after his letter to Vice President Joe Biden opposing gun control came to light.

Army vet lunged at UCC shooter, survived 5 shots on son's 6th birthday
RT - Umpqua Community College student and Army veteran Chris Mintz is receiving praise a day after lunging at a gunman on the school's campus amid a rampage that left nine dead. Mintz was shot several times, but is listed in stable condition. On his fourth day of classes this semester at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon, Mintz reportedly attempted to halt the shooting rampage. The shooting took place on Mintz's son's sixth birthday. Mintz, 30, was shot five times, according to a Facebook post by his cousin and fellow Army vet Derek Bourgeois. Mintz received bullet wounds to his upper back, left hand, abdomen, and both legs, his family told the Winston-Salem Journal. None of his vital organs were hit, though both legs were broken. He is expected to survive, but will have to relearn to walk, his family said.
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Congress fails to renew 9/11 responders’ medical care
RT - The healthcare program for 9/11 first responders expired at midnight on Wednesday after Congress failed to act. More than 72,000 people were registered under the program for yearly check-ups on 9/11-related illnesses and 33,000 were receiving treatment. With the expiration, the program will cover first responders until the end of the year but they will start facing challenges by February 2016. If it is not renewed, the program will have to start shutting down by next summer. First responders and advocates want to make the law permanent before it runs out of money early next year.

Pouring Drain Cleaner in Your Eyes: The Next Trendy Social Justice Movement?
Paul Joseph Watson - When Jewel Shuping had a psychologist pour drain cleaner in her eyes to blind her, the reason she gave was precisely the same justification given by transgender people who have their genitals surgically removed. “I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” the 30-year-old says. Shuping, a sufferer of Body Integrity Disorder, remembers that she fantasized about being blind from the age of 6, acquired a white cane in her teens and had learned Braile by the time she was 20. In 2006, Shuping finally found someone to help her realize her dream, which is when the psychologist poured drain cleaner in her eyes.

Election News

Hillary Clinton to Propose Tighter Gun Regulations on Monday
Sputnik News - US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to announce on Monday her plans to enact tighter regulations on sales at gun shows if she is elected the US president, local media reported. According to The Wall Street Journal, Clinton is expected to vow to reduce the number of arms dealers at gun shows. Clinton has announced her willingness to launch a "national movement" against the US National Rifle Association (NRA), which protects the right of citizens to keep and carry firearms, after a shootout at a college in the state of Oregon last week, which left at least 9 people dead and several other injured.

Donald Trump Storms Tennessee to Push Second Amendment Protection Plan After Oregon Shooting
Breitbart - GOP frontrunner Donald Trump offered a ringing defense of gun rights and the Second Amendment to an enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd of 3,000 Tennesseans on Saturday. An overflowing audience of an additional 1,000 stood outside The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee in the drizzling rain as they listened to the rally on speakers. It was a huge turnout for Trump, whose campaign team announced the event less than 72 hours earlier.... “Protecting our Second Amendment rights will make America great again,” Trump began, reading the title of his policy paper to the receptive crowd. “The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear.” Then, in true Trump style, he ad-libbed. “Now this is in light of what happened in Oregon. Now every time something happens like this… They don’t blame mental illness, that our mental health care is out of whack, and all the other problems,” he said. “And by the way,” he continued, “it was a gun-free zone.”...
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Hillary Clinton Has Dropped 30 Points in Iowa Since Spring
Breitbart - In just 8 months, Hillary Clinton has given up more than 30 points of support to Sanders and Biden. This collapse has come while she was the prohibitive favorite for the nomination and amassed a large campaign war chest and an enormous campaign organization.

Economy & Business

Yes, This Is A Financial Crisis – 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter
Economic Collapse - Over the past three months, the stock markets of all major global economies have been crashing simultaneously, and 11 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has now completely vanished. The following comes from Fortune… Global equity markets suffered a bruising third quarter, shedding $11 trillion worth of global shares over three months, according to Bloomberg. It was the market’s worst quarter since 2011. The prolonged slump was due to low prices for commodities such as oil, instability in China’s markets, and the anticipation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will soon raise interest rates.

Right Now There Are 102.6 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs
Economic Collapse - The federal government uses very carefully manipulated numbers to cover up the crushing economic depression that is going on in this nation. For the month of September, the federal government told us that 142,000 jobs were added to the economy. If that was actually true, that would barely be enough to keep up with population growth. Sadly, the truth is that the real numbers were actually far worse than that. The unadjusted numbers show that the U.S. economy actually lost 248,000 jobs in September and the government added more than a million Americans to the “not in the labor force” category.

Nebraskans 'feeling betrayed' by ConAgra, to which it fed millions in subsidies
Nebraska Watchdog - The company responsible for spurring Nebraska into giving out business incentives, ConAgra Foods, is now moving its headquarters to Chicago, where it will also receive tax freebies. ConAgra announced Thursday plans to move to Chicago to increase profits and consolidate operations, resulting in some 1,000 lost jobs in Omaha. State tax incentives in Illinois helped convince the company to uproot part of its Omaha operation and head east… In 1986, ConAgra CEO Charles “Mike” Harper played hardball, threatening to move to Tennessee if Nebraska didn’t give the company tax breaks. State lawmakers, backs to the wall, agreed to enact sweeping incentives in 1987, and since then, about $2.5 billion in subsidies have been doled out to all kinds of companies. According to the nonprofit research center Good Jobs First, Nebraska has given ConAgra $160 million in incentives and tax concessions since then.

Energy & Environment

There are laws making it illegal to collect data on open land
Ars Technica - The two-part legislative package, signed by Gov. Matt Mead earlier this year, is the subject of a constitutional legal challenge from environmentalists, animal rights advocates, and the media. The legislation is so onerous that it disallows regulators from even acting upon evidence of wrongdoing if the data was gathered without a landowners' permission, even if the data was gathered on public land…They impose up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine, and civil trespassing liability for people who enter open lands without permission (PDF) to collect "resource data." The suit (PDF) describes "resource data" as "pictures of noxious weeds, samples of polluted water, videos of injured animals, or even notes on the landscape—and then communicate that data to a federal or state government agency."

'We were paying to poison our kids': lead in Michigan city's water hits children
The Guardian - A spate of kids are experiencing elevated blood-lead levels in Flint, and some drinking water lead levels are so high they are defined as hazardous waste, according to several local studies… After months of resisting complaints about the water, and even a press conference by local doctors warning of potential effects, officials relented this week, declaring a public health emergency… Conducted by a pediatrician with Hurley Medical Center, the newest study examined the lead levels of hundreds of children, comparing blood tests taken before and after April 2014, when Flint stopped using Detroit water and started drawing water from the Flint River as a temporary cost-saving measure. Ever since the switch, according to the Hurley study, the number of children in the city with elevated blood levels increased from 2.1% to 4%. In some areas, the number increased as high as 6.3%.

Science & Technology

Small town mayor relinquishes electronics and passwords to agents at SFO
Ars Technica - At the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) this week, agents with the Department of Homeland Security detained [Mayor] Silva and confiscated his personal cell phone among other electronics. According to comments from the mayor, that may not even be the most alarming part. “Unfortunately, they were not willing or able to produce a search warrant or any court documents suggesting they had a legal right to take my property," Silva told SFGate… The mayor's attorney, Mark Reichel, told SFGate that Silva was not allowed to leave the airport without forfeiting his passwords… The mayor was told he had “no right for a lawyer to be present” and that being a US citizen did not “entitle me to rights that I probably thought,” according to the paper.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Organics Board to Review GMO Vaccines for Animals, Pesticides Allowed in Food
Alliance for Natural Health - The semi-annual meeting of the NOSB will take place October 26–29 in Vermont. Because NOSB makes decisions that, in large part, determine the future of organic foods... After reviewing the agenda, we noted two items of concern. The NOSB continues to avoid directly addressing the issue of keeping genetically engineered vaccines away from organic livestock.... In our coverage of last year’s Fall NOSB meeting, participants identified a need for methods to distinguish between GMO vaccine and non-GMO vaccines—but they did not take any concrete action. Under current regulation, GMO vaccines are not allowed in organic production unless specifically approved by NOP. The core of the difficulty in keeping GMO vaccines out of organic food, however, seems to be vague definitions contained in NOSB regulations.


"Camping" on Your Own Land is Now Illegal - Gov't Waging War on Off-Grid Living
Activist Post - Tensions boiled over during a county commissioners’ meeting in San Louis, Colorado, devolving into a shouting match between homesteaders and police. One of the major points of contention is the county’s attempt to ban camping on your own property, in an effort to force the off-grid homesteaders back onto the grid… The county, which requires residents to have a camping permit to live in an RV, “small house” or other camp style home, has started to simply refuse the renewal of these permits. This is obviously a major problem for homesteaders, who often live in such accommodations while building their permanent residents… County land use administrator Matt Valdez disputes the claims that the county is trying to regulate people’s lifestyles out of existence. He says that his office has discretion to deny camping permits under existing code and claims that too many new residents were habitually renewing permits meant to be temporary.


New Evidence that Antidepressants Are Causing an Epidemic of Violence
Alliance for Natural Health - An article in the current British Medical Journal explains why the link is stronger than previously thought.... Many antidepressants carry a black box warning of an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior. Dr. Robert Whitaker notes that there is also a shocking risk of increased violence to others, which is not highlighted in the black box. Important research has shown major drugs like Paxil and Prozac to be linked with violence at a substantially higher rate than other drugs—users of Paxil are 10.3 times more likely to do violence to themselves or others, while users of Prozac are 10.9 times more likely to commit acts of violence. Other evidence shows that people who have exhibited no propensity for violence or aggression can develop violent behavior soon after beginning antidepressants. ... About 10% of Americans—30 million people—are on antidepressants, which includes 25% of women in their 40s and 50s. Antidepressant use has increased an astounding 400% in recent years.

CDC Spends $1 Million to Increase Adult Flu Vaccination Rates – Flu Shot to be Mandatory?
Health Impact News - The American College of Physicians (ACP) has recently been awarded with a $1,002,884 Cooperative Agreement by the CDC to focus on increasing vaccination rates in adults. According to the press release: The [ACP’s] initiate will aim to reach the federal government’s 2020 immunization goals, which includes reaching an 80% to 90% rate of seasonal influenza vaccination among adults (the current rate is 42%).... According to Wayne J. Riley, ACP president: ACP supports eliminating existing exemptions, except for medical reasons, from immunization laws. This funding comes a year after the ACP publicly announced in 2014 they were collaborating with Pfizer and CECity to again, increase adult immunization rates. Pfizer and ACP’s stated agenda at that time was to: call on all health care providers to assess vaccine status at each visit, strongly recommend vaccinations to patients, administer or refer for immunization, and document vaccination. CECity was brought on board to implement the cloud-based Adult Immunization Registry called for in the federal government’s 2020 immunization goals.

Study: Red Wines in U.S. Found to Contain ‘High Levels of Arsenic’
Natural Society - Arsenic has been found in a lot of the foods we eat. Apple juice, rice, seafood, and cereal bars all contain high levels of the poison. Now, researchers are warning that many red wines also contain arsenic, and that aficionados should limit their intake. Researchers tested 65 U.S. wines made in California, Washington, New York, and Oregon. They found that the alcoholic beverage contained 24 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic, with some containing as much as 76 ppb. Wines containing the lowest levels of arsenic were produced in Oregon, with 13 ppb. In all, 98% of the wines investigators tested contained high levels of arsenic. Wine from Washington contained the most arsenic – 28 ppb. All samples contained inorganic arsenic. The Environmental Protection Agency permits tap water to contain no more arsenic than 10 ppb. But having a few glasses of wine won’t kill you; you need only be concerned if you drink a lot of wine, and a lot of other arsenic-containing foods.

Friday - October 2, 2015 - Today in History:

1780 - British army major John Andre was hanged as a spy. He was carrying information about the actions of Benedict Arnold.
1835 - The first battle of the Texas Revolution took place near the Guadalupe River when American settlers defeated a Mexican cavalry unit.
1836 - Charles Darwin returned to England after 5 years of acquiring knowledge around the world about fauna, flora, wildlife and geology. He used the information to develop his "theory of evolution" which he unveiled in his 1859 book entitled The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.
1876 - The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas opened. It was the state's first venture into public higher education. The school was formally dedicated 2 days later by Texas Gov. Richard Coke.
1889 - The first international Conference of American States began in Washington, DC.
1924 - The Geneva Protocol adopted the League of Nations.
1941 - Operation Typhoon was launched by Nazi Germany. The plan was an all-out offensive against Moscow.
1944 - The Nazis crushed the Warsaw Uprising.
1962 - U.S. ports were closed to nations that allowed their ships to carry arms to Cuba, ships that had docked in a socialist country were prohibited from docking in the United States during that voyage, and the transport of U.S. goods was banned on ships owned by companies that traded with Cuba.
1993 - Opponents of Russian President Boris Yeltsin fought police and set up burning barricades.
1998 - Hawaii sued petroleum companies, claiming state drivers were overcharged by about $73 million a year in price-fixing.
1998 - About 10,000 Turkish soldiers crossed into northern Iraq and attacked Kurdish rebels.
2001 - The U.S. Postmaster unveiled the "Tribute to America" stamp. The stamp was planned for release the next month.
2001 - NATO, for the first time, invoked a treaty clause that stated that an attack on one member is an attack on all members. The act was in response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States.

World News

Russia carries out new round of air strikes in Syria, hitting 12 targets
(Reuters) - Russia said on Friday it had carried out new rounds of air strikes in Syria, hitting 12 Islamic State targets. Sukhoi-34, Sukhoi-24M and Sukhoi-25 warplanes had flown 18 sorties, hitting a command post and a communications center in the province of Aleppo as well as a militant field camp in Idlib, a Defence Ministry statement said. A command post in the province of Hama was also completely destroyed, it said. A command post in the province of Hama was also completely destroyed, it said.

Russian Air Force Destroys ISIL Command Center, Training Camp in Syria
Sputnik News - The Russian Air Force’s Su-34 Fullback strike fighters have destroyed an Islamic State command center and training camp, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen.-Maj. Igor Konashenkov said Friday. “On October 1, Su-34s conducted strikes on an Islamic State training camp near the populated region of Mahdan-Jadid as well as against a covert command center near Qasert-Faraj to the southwest of Raqqa,” Konashenkov told journalists.

From Syria To Asia To Russia – Terror Network Organized By NATO and Turkey
Brandon Turbeville - Uyghur Terror Networks Span Continents, Have Root In Turkey and NATO. With the possible entrance of China into the Syrian crisis, a spate of recent articles has appeared in various media outlets discussing the importance of Uyghur terrorism in China and the effect those acts may have on its decision whether or not to truly commit troops or other means of assistance to the Syrian government. These discussions, however, have typically been superfluous and tangential, rarely attributing the importance of the connections between the Syrian crisis and the Xinjang Uyghur separatist movement. While many might suspect at first glance that the two crises are unrelated, the fact is that the same powers that control the savages raping and beheading their way across Syria also control the Uyghur “separatists” wreaking havoc in Xinjang China.

Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started
RT - Reports of alleged casualties among civilians caused by Russian airstrikes in Syria emerged even before Russian warplanes were launched for their first combat mission, President Vladimir Putin said, branding such reports 'information attacks.' “Other nations have been bombing Syrian territory for over a year,” Putin told the Russian human rights council on Thursday, stressing that the US-led coalition invades the Syrian airspace with no UN mandate or invitation from Damascus. “We have such an invitation and we intend to fight against terrorist organizations and them only,” Putin added.

Russian air strikes in Syria: Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson admits groups other than Isis being targeted
Independent - A second day of bombing on Thursday has reportedly hit areas held by other Islamist groups. Vladimir Putin’s official spokesperson said that “well known” militant groups were in its sights but did not name individual organisations. “These organisations (on the target list) are well-known and the targets are chosen in coordination with the armed forces of Syria,” Dmitry Peskov said.

ALL OUT WAR: Iranian Troops To Conduct Ground Attacks In Syria
Steve Watson - Iran has dispatched hundreds of ground troops to syria to fight alongside the forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. A full scale war is unfolding in Syria, with a ground offensive being planned to coincide with Russian air strikes, according to Lebanese sources. “The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by the Syrian army and its allies,” one of the sources told Reuters. “It is possible that the coming land operations will be focused in the Idlib and Hama countryside,” the source added. Lebanese Hezbollah troops will also join the Iranian forces, the sources note, as well as Iraqis.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Reports: UCC Shooter Asked Victims Their Religion, Then Killed The Christians
Truth Revolt - Douglas County’s News Review newspaper reports that the gunman in todays mass shooting in Oregon was asking people their religion before shooting them. According to at least one unconfirmed account, the shooter then targeted those who had answered Christian by shooting them in the head, shooting those who answered otherwise in the legs. From the News Review report: Kortney Moore, 18, from Rogue River, was in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when one shot came through a window. She saw her teacher get shot in the head. The shooter was inside at that point, and he told people to get on the ground. The shooter was asking people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing away, Moore said. Moore was lying there with people who had been shot. From Twitter, one person claims her grandmother was on scene and witnessed the same, adding the detail about the targeting of Christians.

ATF Officer Snaps at Son’s Football Game, Assaults Man Pulls Gun On Bystanders
The Free Thought Project - ATF Agent Marc Delpit is now facing an aggravated assault charge after he beat up a man at his son’s football game and pulled a gun on a crowd of bystanders during the struggle. Delpit claimed that the man and the crowd had threatened him and that he was defending himself, but obviously the crowd of parents saw things differently. According to Houston Police spokesman Kese Smith, a number of witnesses who saw the incident say that it was Delpit who started the fight, punching the other man and knocking him to the ground before the scuffle began. Both of the men are reportedly fathers of football players at St. Thomas High School and witnesses say they became belligerent with each other around halftime.

McCain: Arm Syrian Rebels to Shoot Down Russian Planes
Paul Joseph Watson - Senator John McCain reacted to Russia’s announcement that it had begun launching air strikes targeting ISIS militants in Syria by calling on the White House to arm Syrian rebels with weapons to shoot down Russian planes.McCain initially responded to Fox News host Neil Cavuto’s question about whether he would shoot down Russian planes by saying no, but then went on to assert that he would arm Syrian rebels to carry out that very same task.
“I might do what we did in Afghanistan many years ago, to give those guys the ability to shoot down those planes, that equipment is available,” said McCain, adding that the Free Syrian Army would shoot down the planes, “just like the Afghans shot down Russian planes after Russia invaded Afghanistan.”

Media Caught Distorting President Putin’s Speech (Video)
Infowars - Russia has proceeded to launch air strikes on ISIS in Syria. But at the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, the country’s leader, Vladimir Putin, highlighted how the US and western allies have knowingly perpetuated the existence of Islamic radicals, all while purporting to fight global terrorism. Infowars analyzes the translation of Putin’s speech as it aired live on networks to see if crucial information was left out which might have affected the narrative. Last year, on October 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin also flatly expressed before an assembly at the Valdai International Discussion Club, in Sochi, Russia, that the Obama administration was responsible for arming the Syrians fighting against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces and responsible for creating the political climate that facilitated the region’s destabilization...

13 Killed in Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College
NBC News - Thirteen people were dead and more than about 20 others were injured after a gunman opened fire Thursday morning on the campus of Umpqua Community College in southwest Oregon, authorities told NBC News. It wasn't immediately known whether the gunman was among the dead after the shooting near Roseburg, which was called in at 10:38 a.m. (1:38 p.m. ET), officials said. State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum told NBC News simply that he had been "neutralized." Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg said it was treating nine patients, with three more expected. Sacred Heart General Hospital in Eugene, a major trauma center, told NBC News it was expecting three patients by helicopter. Students and faculty were being bused to the Douglas County Fairgrounds.
* Related: Ten federal agents and a therapy dog are already en route to Oregon mass-shooting site; Sandy Hook invoked

As Many As 80 Conservatives To Meet With, Vet Candidates For Speaker Of The House
Breitbart - From 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. next Tuesday evening, the Conservative Opportunity Society, House Freedom Caucus, House Tea Party Caucus, and House Liberty Caucus will join forces to hold a members-only meeting after votes to vet the two different candidates for Speaker of the House. The two candidates for Speaker are current House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) , a reformer who served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and ran, nearly successfully, against outgoing House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) at the beginning of this Congress.

Valerie Jarrett Throws Hillary Under the Bus on Email Scandal
Breitbart - Obama White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett threw Hillary Clinton under the bus Wednesday at the Washington Ideas Forum, where she told interviewer Andrea Mitchell that the White House gave Clinton guidance forbidding her from using private email. “Yes, there were. Yeah, absolutely,” Jarrett said when asked if the White House sent guidance to Cabinet secretaries about not using private email. “Obviously we want to make sure that we preserve all government records, and so there was guidance given that government business should be done on government emails and that if you did use a private email that it should be turned over.”

House Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood
Steve Watson - The House of Representatives has voted to defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood for the second time in a month. Representatives voted 241 to 185 for legislation that would see the organization defunded, while the investigation into the purported sale of aborted tissue and organs continues. All in all, 238 Republicans and 3 Democrats voted for the bill, which states that Planned Parenthood will be defunded should it continue to carry out abortions.... The legislation also outlines that funds will be diverted to other women’s health clinics that do not carry out abortions.

Pelosi Stumped When Asked Whether Babies are Humans
Adan Salazar - Minority House leader Nancy Pelosi’s latest shill for Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry, in the face of illegal baby organ harvesting and trafficking allegations, came suddenly when asked by a reporter if she regards a baby with a liver and a heart as a “human being.” “In reference to funding for Planned Parenthood: Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?” a reporter for CNS News asked Pelosi at a press conference today. After squirming, the Democrat leader, who was apparently unfamiliar with the reporter, answers she would not be taking “ideological questions,” and states the fact that she has five children meant she somehow “know[s] more about this subject than you.” From CNS News...

Election News

Fiorina: US Should Secure No-Fly Zone Around US Backed Anti-Assad Rebels, ‘Be Prepared’ To Use Force (Video)
Breitbart - Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued the US should “secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that we’re supporting” and “be prepared” to use force against Russia if need be on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.... "...Here’s what we need to do immediately, I believe. First, not only can we not withdraw our air support, but I believe we must tell the Russians that we will conduct — we will secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that we’re supporting. This is a tricky maneuver, it’s a dangerous maneuver, but it’s a maneuver that we must undertake, because we must make it crystal clear to Russia that they do not get to move into the Middle East, and become the dominant outside power, which is clearly their intention.” When asked if these means the US might use force against Russian aircraft, Fiorina answered, “Well, hopefully not. hopefully, if we are signaling clearly to the Russians our intention, it will not come to that. But if it does come to that, I think we must be prepared.

Marco Rubio Fails To Support Single GOP Immigration Enforcement Bill
Breitbart - The United States is being deluged with illegal immigrants, spurred on by the hope of amnesty. In response, conservative lawmakers have introduced a wide array of legislative proposals to clamp down on illegal immigration. ...despite Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign rhetoric, the presidential hopeful hasn’t cosponsored a single one of these immigration enforcement proposals, nor introduced any of his own in the two years since he was the very public face of the Gang of Eight in the Senate.... Instead, while the Senator has left his conservative colleagues’ enforcement proposals out to dry — helping give space to Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell Rubio has introduced and sponsored measures designed to expand immigration into the United States.

Poll: Donald Trump Still Leads Presidential Field, Rubio Rises to Second
A new YouGov/Economist poll of Republican voters shows that Donald Trump is leading the presidential field, but that Sen. Marco Rubio has jumped up into second place, followed closely by Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.... Here is how each candidate fared in the recent poll...

CNN Alters Democratic Debate Criteria to Expand Stage, Allow Last-Minute Biden...
Truth in Media - CNN has finalized the criteria for its October 13 Democratic presidential debate, allowing all three announced low-polling candidates to face off against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The rules have also been adjusted in such a way that potential candidate Joe Biden would qualify for the debate even if he waited until the day of the event to announce his candidacy.

Economy & Business

"There Are Five Times More Claims On Dollars As Dollars In Existence" - Why This Matters
Zero Hedge - According to the Fed, there is about $60 trillion of US Dollar credit or claims for US dollars. Also according to the Fed, there are about $12 trillion US dollars. So, the data show plainly there are five times as many claims for US dollars as US dollars in existence.... Not only is there not enough money to repay outstanding debt; the widening gap between credit and money is making it more difficult to service the debt and more difficult for nominal US GDP to grow through further credit extension and debt assumption... Principal and interest payments cannot be made with widgets or labor, only dollars. This means that future demand and output growth generated through more credit issuance and debt assumption is self-defeating. In fact, it adds to the problem.

If You Work Here, Quit Before You Are Fired: The 20 Largest US Layoff Announcements Of 2015
Zero Hedge - For those eager to push aside the endless government propaganda and concerned about the rapidly deteriorating economy, here is a list of the Top 20 biggest private-sector job cut announcements of 2015. Our advice: for anyone who is still employed at any of the following corporations, if you can find a job elsewhere (because the "recovery" and all), do it before you too become a seasonally-adjusted pink-slip.

Energy & Environment

No fracking way: Judge blocks Obama admin’s new energy regulations
RT - The preliminary injunction was issued by Judge Scott Skavdahl of the US District Court of Wyoming, who ruled that the department responsible for the new fracking regulations, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), does not actually have the authority to implement them. Congress has not authorized or delegated to the BLM authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing and, under our constitutional structure, it is only through congressional action that the BLM can acquire this authority,” the judge wrote in a 54-page decision. The BLM rules were intended to govern fracking operations on federal land in order to ensure that the oil and gas exploration process does not contaminate water sources. They also required energy companies to inform the public about what kind of chemicals they used during their fracking operations.

Veteran News

Vets outraged: Hillary says it DISHONORS military to hold her accountable for Benghazi
BizPac Review - Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton took offense to remarks by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that the ongoing House select committee investigation into the Benghazi attacks is hurting her campaign, and used members of the U.S. military as political pawns in disparaging the probe. Clinton appeared Wednesday on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” and told host Al Sharpton that McCarthy’s comment “demonstrates unequivocally that this was always meant to be a partisan political exercise.” She then claimed the pursuit for answers to why four Americans died in the attack is somehow an affront not only to those who lost their lives, but to all members of the military. “I feel like it does a grave disservice and dishonors not just the memory of the four that we lost, but of everybody who has served our country,” Clinton said. But veterans weren’t buying the political spin that it’s disrespectful to expect Clinton to answer for her role in Benghazi.

Science & Technology

Google exec: With robots in our brains, we'll be godlike
CNET - Futurist and Google exec Ray Kurzweil thinks that once we have robotic implants, we'll be funnier, sexier and more loving. Because that's what artificial intelligence can do for you.... He's predicted that humans will be hybrid robots by 2030.... Kurzweil has a truly, madly, deeply optimistic view of who we will be when nanobots are implanted into our brains so we can expand our intelligence by directly tapping into the Internet.... Kurzweil insists, though, that this is the next natural phase of our existence. "Evolution creates structures and patterns that over time are more complicated, more knowledgeable, more intelligent, more creative, more capable of expressing higher sentiments like being loving," he said. "So it's moving in the direction that God has been described as having -- these qualities without limit."

Russian scientists make progress on secret of eternal life
The Siberian Times - Living bacteria found in permafrost - '3.5 million years old' - is 'scientific sensation' which allows 'mice grannies' to reproduce. Scientists have decoded the DNA of a bacteria found thriving in ancient permafrost, and are now seeking to understand the genes which provide its extraordinary longevity. Work is also underway to study a so far unexplained positive impact on living organisms, notably human blood cells, mice, fruit flies, and crops. Professor Sergey Petrov, chief researcher of Tyumen Scientific Centre, said: 'In all these experiments, Bacillus F stimulated the growth and also strengthened the immune system. ... 'Now we are focused on experiments with the crops. The bacteria stimulates the growth of crops, increases productivity.... 'In the laboratory we got very good results. The bacteria not only stimulates growth, but increases frost resistance. The seeds sprouted at a temperature 5C. It is very important in our Siberian harsh conditions, when a sudden frost can come in May and even June.'
* Related: Russian scientist admits injecting himself with 3.5 million year old 'eternal life' bacteria


Green Tea Purchased from China Blamed for Teen Girl’s Hepatitis
Natural Society - A new report in the BMJ details the case of a 16-year-old young woman who purchased green tea from a Chinese website in a bid to lose weight. Instead of just losing a few pounds, though, the teen also temporarily lost her health. ...the doctors diagnosed her with hepatitis, a swelling or inflammation of the liver. The disease can be caused by a virus, or exposure to harmful substances, such as alcohol. The girl, a native of Yemen, denied using alcohol, over-the-counter medications, or illegal drugs.... When the doctors questioned her again, she admitted she had purchased two boxes of green tea online, each containing about 100 tea bags. She had been drinking about 3 cups of the tea for a few months. Since most of the ingredients were listed in Chinese, she had no idea what she was drinking.... An ingredient in the tea, Camellia sinensis, was determined to be the cause of the girl’s hepatitis.

Top 10 Toxic Fake Food Items Produced In China
Natural Blaze - Some Chinese websites have come out with instructional videos on how to make $70 a day by producing and selling fake eggs. The chemicals that are required are “Alginic Acid, Potassium Alum, Gelatin, Calcium Chloride, water and artificial color.” The eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate. Eating these eggs may cause memory-loss and dementia....

The most overlooked cause of cancer in holistic medicine
(NaturalHealth365) Do you know that 80% of disease symptoms are triggered by problems in the mouth? The vast majority of the population has some form of gum disease, infected root canal-treated teeth or other (undiagnosed) dangerous pathogens inside the mouth – which cause chronic inflammation, heart attacks and even cancer.... Several scientific studies clearly suggest that gum disease increases the risk of heart disease and stroke because of the high levels of bacteria found in infected areas of the mouth. They actually find those same bacteria logged around the heart. In addition, gingivitis increases the risk of diabetes, kidney disease and premature births.... Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, has stated that “98% of all women (in his clinic) with breast cancer had a root canal on the meridian (or tooth) that was related to the same side of the offending tumor.”

Take This 2-Ingredient Sleep Recipe To Never Wake Up Groggy Again
Natural Blaze - We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but in recent years, the average amount of sleep we get has been steadily decreasing. In both men and women, the average amount of sleep has dropped from 7-8 hours a night to 6-7 hours. While this might not seem like a big difference to some, it makes a huge difference to your body. During the day, your body is working hard to keep up with your day and it requires the appropriate amount of time to rest, recover, and recharge to do it all over again.

Pet News

Chia Chunks Pet Treat Recipe : Craveable Superfood for Your Cat and Dog
Dr. Becker - Chia seeds are high in protein and contain an impressive amount of plant-based omega-3 fats, or alpha-linolenic acid (ALA; chia seeds are up to 40 percent oil, with 60 percent comprised of omega-3).... Chia seeds are also rich in valuable amino acids, antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids, along with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and niacin. Further, they're a rich source of the phytochemicals myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol, which are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.... So even the sprinkling of seeds found in these Chia Chunks treats will add meaningful nutrition to your pet's diet. One caveat to be aware of… chia seeds take on a gelatinous texture when they're mixed with water. This isn't an issue for this particular recipe, since the seeds are kept dry and baked. However, if you mix chia seeds with water or a wet pet food, be mindful when feeding it to your pet (an overabundance of the seeds could potentially lead to choking).

Thursday - October 1, 2015 - Today in History:

1800 - Spain ceded the territory of Louisiana back to France. Later the property would be purchased by the U.S. effectively doubling its size.
1885 - Special delivery mail service began in the United States. The first routes were in West Virginia.
1890 - The U.S. Congress passed the McKinley Tariff Act. The act raised tariffs to a record level.
1896 - Rural Free Delivery was established by the U.S. Post Office.
1908 - The Model T automobile was introduced by Henry Ford. The purchase price of the car was $850.
1940 - The Pennsylvania Turnpike opened as the first toll superhighway in the United States.
1943 - Naples was captured by the Allied forces during World War II.
1946 - The International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg sentenced 12 Nazi officials to death. 7 others were sentenced to prison terms and 3 were acquitted.
1964 - The Free Speech Movement was started at the University of California at Berkeley.
1972 - The Chinese government approved friendly relations with the United States.
1979 - The United States handed control of the Canal Zone over to Panama.
1988 - Mikhail Gorbachev assumed the Soviet presidency.
1989 - 7,000 East Germans were welcomed into West Germany after they were allowed to leave by the communist government.
1990 - U.S. President George H.W. Bush addressed the U.N. General Assembly and once again condemned Iraq's takeover of Kuwait.
1991 - U.S. President Bush condemned the military coup in Haiti that removed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power. U.S. economic and military aid was suspended.
1992 - The Strategic Arm Reduction Treaty was approved by the U.S. Senate.
1995 - Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine other defendants were convicted in New York of conspiring to attack the U.S. through bombings, kidnappings and assassinations.
1998 - The U.S. government posted a $2.2 million reward for the capture of Augustin Vasquez Mendoza. He is accused of killing an undercover U.S. agent during a drug purchase in 1994.
2001 - San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban Internet filters designed to keep pornography away from children at city libraries. The board left the decision up to the Library Commission to decide whether to install filtering software in children's areas. A federal law in the U.S. mandated the use of the filters.
2009 - In the United Arab Emirates, the exterior construction of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper was completed.

World News

Putin Says Russian Engagement in Syria ‘Temporary’
Sputnik News - Speaking at a meeting with cabinet members the Russian president said the only way to fight international terrorism in Syria was acting pre-emptively, destroying terrorists in the areas they have already occupied. Russia’s engagement in the Syrian military conflict is “temporary”, president Vladimir Putin said Wednesday during a meeting with cabinet members. “Russia is not planning to go headfirst into the Syrian conflict”, he said. The only way to battle terrorism is through pre-emption and by targeting occupied territories, he is quoted as saying.”The only true way to combat international terrorism — and those fighting in Syria and its neighboring countries are just that, international terrorists — is through pre-emption, and fighting and destroying insurgents in territories that are already occupied, instead of waiting for them to come to our house,” Putin said at a meeting with government officials. The president noted that Russia believes the fight against terrorism must be carried out in line with an international plan.

8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military
RT - Russia has struck eight Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said, adding that "civilian infrastructure" was avoided during the operations. “Today, Russian aerospace force jets delivered pinpoint strikes on eight ISIS terror group targets in Syria. In total, 20 flights were made,” spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said. “As a result, arms and fuel depots and military equipment were hit. ISIS coordination centers in the mountains were totally destroyed,” he added. Konashenkov said that all the flights took place after air surveillance and careful verification of the data provided by the Syrian military. He stressed that Russian jets did not target any civilian infrastructure and avoided these territories. “Russian jets did not use weapons on civilian infrastructure or in its vicinity,” he said.
* Related: Combat cam footage shows Russian planes hitting ISIS targets

Russian anti-terror op in Syria Live updates
RT - The Russian military has launched airstrikes against Islamic State militant targets in Syria. The move was approved after a request from President Bashar Assad to Vladimir Putin, who has also expressed concern about the number of Russian extremists in the country.

Propaganda War Begins: Russia's Syria Strikes Targeted US-Backed "Moderate" Rebels, West Says
Zero Hedge - With the US having officially lost control of the narrative in Syria now that The Kremlin has called Washington’s bluff on the battle to eradicate ISIS and eliminate the Sunni extremist elements that threaten to wrest control of Syria from President Bashar al-Assad, the only remaining question after Russian lawmakers officially cleared the way for airstrikes was how long it would be before the Western media began shouting about Russian warplanes bombing targets that aren’t affiliated with ISIS. As we reported earlier today, Moscow wasted no time in launching its first round of air raids. In turn, the West wasted no time in contending that Russia is targeting areas that aren’t known to be strategically significant for ISIS. Here’s a look at two headlines which do a nice job of summarizing all of the rhetoric which you’re about to hear emanating ceaselessly from every corner of the Western world in the coming days and weeks...

U.S. Bombs Somehow Keep Falling in the Places Where Obama "Ended Two Wars"
The Intercept - Whatever else one wants to say about Iraq and Afghanistan, one cannot honestly say that Obama ended the wars in those countries. The U.S. continues to drop bombs on both, deploys soldiers in both, kills civilians in both, and engages in a wide range of overt and covert force, all without a shred of Congressional approval.

‘Day of hope’: Abbas calls for full UN membership as Palestine flag flies at HQ for 1st time (VIDEO)
RT - The flag of Palestine has been raised at the UN headquarters, joining those of member states and marking a “proud day” for all Palestinian people, according to President Mahmoud Abbas, who addressed the General Assembly with a request for a full membership. The Palestinian flag was raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York in a symbolic gesture, which the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called an “important” one.... Hundreds of the world’s top politicians, diplomats and journalists attended the ceremony, agreed upon by the UN General Assembly earlier in September. However, the move was not welcomed by Israel and the US, who voted against the resolution.

China Bought Gold With Proceeds From Record Sale Of US Treasurys
Zero Hedge - Overnight we got a second confirmation of China's golden appetite, when the PBOC announced that China's official gold holdings had risen again in August, increasing by 520,000 troy ounces, or 16.2 tons (which is more than 3 times the entire registered gold inventory in the Comex vault system), and bringing the new total to 54.5 million ounces, or 1,694 tons of gold. In dollar terms, Chinese gold holdings rose from $59.2 billion at the end of July to $61.8 billion. The punchline: in a month in which China sold a record $107 billion notional in Treasurys, it had no qualms about rotating the sale proceeds into gold. ... even as China is "buying" gold, it is still doing so at half the pace of neighbor Russia, which as reported several days ago added 1,000,000 ounces or about 31 tons in the same month, bringing its total to 42.4 million ounces, or 78% of China's holdings.

Slovenia and Serbia Give Green Light to GM Crop Bans
Sustainable Pulse - The Slovenian Government Committee for Economic Affairs has allowed the country to send an official request to the European Commission for the banning of GM crops. The Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food will now send an official request to ban the cultivation of eight GM varieties to the European Commission before the deadline of 3 October 2015. Slovenian Agriculture Minister Dejan Zidan stated; “…the government adopted the decision for a request for the exclusion of the entire geographical territory of Slovenia for GM maize to the EU, including the already registered variety MON 810 and seven other varieties which are in the process of registration with the European Commission. This allows me to formally to send the request as the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the law for the exclusion of Slovenia with the regards to the cultivation of GM maize.”

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US Military Faces $38Bln Shortfall Covering Operational Costs
Sputnik News - The continuing financing of all US military operations by continuing resolution and not through a proper budget is generating a $38 billion deficit, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a press briefing on Wednesday. President Barack Obama has made clear he is prepared to veto the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, a course of action Carter said he supported, and that he had a recommended to the president. "Making these kinds of cuts is dangerous for our strategy and frankly its embarrassing in the eyes of the world. The world has not stood still. Russia and China have enhanced their capabilities." The US Department of Defense has had to function under seven years off financing by continuing resolutions, "eventually resulting in a $38 billion deficit," he warned.

Invincible Saudi Prince: Kidnapped, Beat, Raped 3 Women in Beverly Hills Compound, US Lets Him Go. Won't even release his picture
BlackListed News - On the 23rd of September, a servant employed at a Beverly Hills mansion compound saw a woman screaming for help while desperately trying to climb the tall wall surrounding the $37 million estate. She was bleeding and had just been raped by 28 year old Saudi prince; Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud, the Times reported. She was only the latest of his several victims, who have now come forward. The servant who came to the brutalized woman’s rescue lived and worked within the compound. The police were called and the prince, who had been renting the mansion, was arrested. The accused prince, a lower-ranking member of the House of Saud, does not have diplomatic immunity and can thus be legally tried for his crimes. He was set to appear in court on October 19th. Yet, despite his status as a non-national and being the very definition of a high flight risk, he was quickly released by the Beverly Hills, California police on a $300,000 bail; a paltry sum for a prince. He has apparently now fled and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Pentagon's Top Russian Military Official Resigns
Sputnik News - Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, is leaving her post after five years with the Defense Department, a senior defense official confirmed to Politico. "She has advised three secretaries of defense on Russia policy, providing steady counsel on how the US should respond to Russia's aggressive actions and has been deeply involved in securing $244 million in support for Ukraine," the senior official said.... Farkas' resignation comes at a time when President Barack Obama's national security team is divided over how to respond to Ukraine's requests for lethal aid in response to what Washington believes is Russian aggression.

Kerry to Explain Syria Strategy to US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Sputnik News - The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will conduct a series of hearings over the next several weeks on the US role and strategy in the Middle East, the statement noted. "The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has requested Secretary of State John Kerry testify next week to explain the administration’s Syria strategy to Congress and the American people," Corker, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, stated on Wednesday. Corker claimed the failure to respond effectively to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II caused by the conflict in Syria was blight on the United States and the European Union member states.

Obama authorizes $20mn in 'non-lethal' military aid and training for Ukraine regime
RT - One day after Ukraine announced that US instructors would start training the country's special forces, President Obama has authorized the provision of up to $20 million to Ukraine via the State Department to fund training and other similar activities. The announcement of additional funds allocated for the training of Ukrainian troops follows a statement by President [sic] Petro Poroshenko, who said that American instructors will start training Ukrainian special-operations troops [war criminals] this November. "We have agreed that the best US instructors will finally start training the Ukrainian special forces, our special-operations troops, starting from November," Poroshenko said in New York after meeting representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora living in the US.

New Patch for U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS… Looks Like ISIS Logo
Mac Slavo - Believe it or not, American soldiers fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will actually be wearing the emblem of ISIS – the infamous crossed-swords logo. Well, almost. Controversy has stirred because many think the patch looks too much like our boys are fighting for the enemy… just another sign of confusion about the counterproductive Obama-led war against the notorious and shamefully exploitative jihadist army. The Military Times noted that: “A combat patch worn by U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq on the mission against Islamic State is drawing flak from service members and veterans who say the patch — with its palm wreath, stars and crossed scimitars — looks like something the enemy would wear."

House Benghazi Committee Sets Record as Longest-Lasting Special Congressional Investigation
AllGov - “The [Benghazi] committee has squandered the last 16 months and more than 4.5 million taxpayer dollars dredging up political attacks to impact the 2016 presidential election—a severe misuse of taxpayer funds..." said the committee's top Democrat, Rep, Elijah Cummings. "The committee has turned into a political punchline. Sadly, that comes at the expense of being taken seriously and being able to take effective, bipartisan actions to improve the security of our diplomats abroad.”

Planned Parenthood Pres: ‘We Do Not Have Mammogram Machines At Our Health Centers’
Breitbart - Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards stated “we do not have mammogram machines at our health centers” and “if you need a mammogram, you’re referred to a radiological clinic, and that’s what we do at Planned Parenthood” during testimony before Congress on Tuesday.

Economy & Business

VIDEO: Congress Passes Spending Plan Hours Before Shutdown Deadline
Bloomberg - Congress passed a stopgap U.S. government spending bill hours before a shutdown deadline Wednesday, a temporary win that provides no road map for how deeply divided lawmakers will handle their next must-do priorities. The 277-151 House vote, after Senate passage earlier in the day, sends the measure to President Barack Obama before current funding was due to expire at midnight. Democrats helped House Republicans quash an effort by conservative Republicans to remove funding for Planned Parenthood from the bill... The spending measure provides only a temporary solution by funding the government through Dec. 11, when conservatives will another opportunity to try to defund Planned Parenthood, the women’s reproductive health-care service. Before then, Congress also must replenish federal highway funding and raise the debt limit.

Housing Market

80% Of All New Home Buyers In Irvine Are Chinese
Zero Hedge - "We are seeing more globalization as Southern California has become a destination for international buyers," said Mark Hughes, chief operating officer with First Team Real Estate, covering the Southern California market. "Eighty percent of new construction in Irvine last year was sold to Chinese buyers. International buyers are driving home prices up and sometimes out of reach for many local residents."

Energy & Environment

Obama’s EPA Warns Sunlight Dangerous to Plants
Mikael Thalen - The US Environmental Protection Agency warned against the danger posed to plant life by “sunny days” Tuesday in a highly criticized post on Twitter. As the Obama administration prepares to finalize strict new rules regarding ground-level ozone this week, the EPA has taken to social media to point out the scourge of sunlight on foliage and trees.
“Think sunny days are good for plants? Not always,” the agency tweeted. “Sunlight causes ozone to form, which harms foliage, weakens trees.” A link sent out with the tweet, likely aimed at explaining the harmful effects of sunlight on plant life, redirects users to a dead page on the EPA website. Twitter users, noticing the absurdity in the EPA highlighting the alleged danger of sunlight as the world faces numerous legitimate environmental issues, mercilessly mocked the agency in response.

Fairbanks, Alaska Sees Record September Daily Snow; Thousands Without Power, Trees Downed - For the second time in less than a week, Fairbanks, Alaska, was blanketed with heavy snow. This time, it was a record-breaker. Officially, 11.2 inches of snow blanketed Fairbanks International Airport Tuesday, setting an all-time September daily snow record, previously 7.8 inches on Sep. 13, 1992. This also topped the previous record for any 24-hour September snowfall of 9 inches in 1992, according to Rick Thoman from the National Weather Service in Fairbanks. Records in Fairbanks date to 1904. Golden Valley Electric Agency reported an estimated 7,000-9,000 customers without power as of early Wednesday morning in Fairbanks and in nearby areas. This was down from a peak of about 13,000 customers Tuesday evening, or roughly 30 percent of their total customers.... NWS-Fairbanks reported up to 17 inches of snow had accumulated in the Fairbanks area as of early Wednesday morning, with numerous reports of fallen trees.

Science & Technology

Man builds house, then finds out cable Internet will cost $117,000
Ars Technica - When Cole Marshall decided to buy an empty lot and build a house, one of his top priorities was getting fast and reliable Internet service. Marshall says he received assurances from Charter, the local cable company, that he could get Internet access to his home in Wisconsin. There was also a promise of relatively fast DSL, with telco Frontier Communications telling him it could provide 24Mbps download speeds, he told Ars. As it turned out, neither company could deliver. Once the house was built, Charter would only offer service if he paid $117,000 to cover the cost of extending its network to his new home. Frontier does provide DSL Internet, but only at slower speeds of up to 3Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream. Marshall, who works at home as a Web developer, subscribed to Frontier and struggles with his Internet connection daily.

Scientists to bypass brain damage by re-encoding memories
Science Daily - Researchers are testing a prosthesis that translates short-term memories into longer-term ones, with the potential to bypass damaged portions of the brain. Researchers at USC and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have developed a brain prosthesis that is designed to help individuals suffering from memory loss. The prosthesis, which includes a small array of electrodes implanted into the brain, has performed well in laboratory testing in animals and is currently being evaluated in human patients.


10 Smart Survival Strategies for the Woman Living Alone
Natural Blaze - Most preparedness information out there seems to assume that everyone is part of a family with a mom, a dad, three kids, and a dog. Or, if not that, an extended family that includes brothers, uncles, and a grand-pappy. Somehow, the picture presented always includes a man. The truth is, that is not always the case; there are a lot of women alone out there who are also preparing, and it often seems like they are left out of the equations.


Attorney Suggests Suing U.S. Federal Government and Big Pharma Regarding Vaccinations
Natural Blaze - James Robert Deal, JD, a Washington state attorney, has considered horrendous vaccine damages caused and suffered, the lack of informed consent, and that No entity under the sun has the right or lawful authority to arrogate [claim/appropriate/misappropriate] power unto itself to harm or injure, sicken or infect, paralyze or kill the people of this nation. Not only is such conduct by the state a serious breach of the social contract, it represents a profound violation of the public trust. Vaccination programs therefore break the inviolable bond between the citizenry and the government.... In Deal’s report he states: It is lazy language to say that vaccines are “safe and effective”, because that implies that all vaccines are safe and effective for all people. In fact, some vaccines have done great harm. If you doubt this, read the findings of the Vaccine Court, which has paid out around $3.0 billion to children for adverse reactions which admits were caused by vaccines.
* Related: Two-year-old Girl Is Found Dead 2 Days After Vaccinations

Cuba Developed a $1 Lung Cancer Vaccine but We Can’t Have It
Natural Blaze - The vaccine works by limiting a patient’s ability to produce a hormone called EGF. This hormone has been shown to play a pivotal role in cell division and the growth of malignant cells. As cancer is the result of cells dividing again and again to create tumors, the vaccine reduces this growth by halting EGF production, thereby stopping the tumor’s growth. CimaVax EGF has been proven to work in at least two clinical trials in Cuba, and the results have shown that the vaccine improves survival rates in those who are suffering from the later, usually terminal, stages of lung cancer.... Furthermore, reported side-effects of the vaccine are mild, but nothing like painful and debilitating conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, which can kill the patient. Incredibly, the vaccine only costs $1 to produce, and Cuba has made it available for free to patients since 2011, despite the fact that the island nation is a much poorer country than the U.S. and the affluent West.

Most Americans Will Be Misdiagnosed at Least Once
Dr. Mercola - In 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that up to 98,000 people die each year due to hospital mistakes. A health advisory committee with IOM has built on this knowledge in a new, yet equally concerning, report released in September 2015. Most people will suffer from at least one wrong or delayed medical diagnosis during their lifetime, according to the latest data. Americans experience about 12 million diagnostic errors a year, the IOM report revealed. Conservatively, the report found that 5 percent of US adults who seek outpatient care will experience a diagnostic error. Further, such errors are thought to contribute to 10 percent of patient deaths and 17 percent of adverse events in hospitals. They're also the leading type of paid medical malpractice claims and are nearly twice as likely to have resulted in the patient's death compared to other claims.... The National Patient Safety Foundation and the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine have a checklist you can use to help ensure you get the correct diagnosis. It includes recommendations such as...

31 Foods with Surprisingly More Sugar Than Doughnuts
Dr. Mercola - The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend limiting your daily added sugar intake to nine teaspoons (38 grams) for men and six teaspoons (25 grams) for women. I strongly recommend limiting your daily fructose intake to 25 grams or less from all sources, including natural sources such as fruit — regardless of whether you’re male or female. That equates to just over six teaspoons of total sugar a day. The average American, however, consumes around 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which is more than three times my recommended amount.


Wednesday - September 30, 2015 - Today in History:

1777 - The Congress of the United States moved to York, PA, due to advancing British forces.
1787 - The Columbia left Boston and began the trip that would make it the first American vessel to sail around the world.
1946 - An international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, found 22 top Nazi leaders guilty of war crimes.
1949 - The Berlin Airlift came to an end. The airlift had taken 2.3 million tons of food into the western sector despite the Soviet blockade.
1954 - The U.S. Navy commissioned the Nautilus submarine at Groton, CT. It was the first atomic-powered vessel. The submarine had been launched on January 21, 1954.
1963 - The Soviet Union publicly declared itself on the side of India in their dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir.
1971 - The Soviet Union and the United States signed pacts that were aimed at avoiding an accidental nuclear war.
1971 - A committee of nine people was organized to investigate the prison riot at Attica, NY. 10 hostages and 32 prisoners were killed when National Guardsmen stormed the prison on September 13, 1971.
1983 - The first AH-64 Apache attack helicopter was rolled out by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company.
1989 - Thousands of East Germans began emigrating under an accord between the NATO nations and the Soviet Union.
1989 - Non-Communist Cambodian guerrillas claimed that they had captured 3 towns and 10 other positions from the residing government forces.
1990 - The Soviet Union and South Korea opened diplomatic relations.
1993 - U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell retired.
1994 - The space shuttle Endeavor took off on an 11-day mission. Part of the mission was to use a radar instrument to map remote areas of the Earth.
1997 - France's Roman Catholic Church apologized for its silence during the persecution and deportation of Jews the pro-Nazi Vichy regime.
1998 - Gov. Pete Wilson of California signed a bill into law that defined "invasion of privacy as trespassing with the intent to capture audio or video images of a celebrity or crime victim engaging in a personal of family activity." The law went into effect January 1, 1999.
1999 - In Tokaimura, Japan, radiation escaped a nuclear facility after workers accidentally set off an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.
2014 - Amazon filed for a patent for a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) configured to autonomously deliver items to customers. The patent was related to Amazon's plan for their Prime Air service.

World News

Pentagon to open ‘lines of communication’ with Russia over strikes in Syria
RT - The US will open “lines of communication” with Russia to avoid “misjudgment and miscalculation” as a US-led coalition conducts strikes against ISIS in Syria. Moscow is assisting government forces in their fight against the terror group.... Pentagon officials have stressed the need for “deconfliction” with regards to the coalition and Russian forces. The two sides are set to discuss their respective actions in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

Russian parliament unanimously approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS
RT - The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad. Consent was necessary for use of the country's military for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution. The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria, head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told media. There are thousands of them, and Russia’s national security would be under threat, should they return home, he added. “This is not about reaching for some foreign policy goals, satisfying ambitions, which our Western partners regularly accuse us of. It’s only about the national interest of the Russian Federation,” the official said. Ivanov stressed that no ground operations are planned in Syria.

ISIS planning ‘nuclear tsunami’
Washington Times - Nuclear annihilation across the globe. This is what a German reporter who successfully embedded with the Islamic State says the terror group is planning. Jurgen Todenhofer released his findings in a book titled “Inside IS - Ten Days in the Islamic State,” reports the UK’s Daily Express. “The terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS. ISIS intends to get its hands on nuclear weapons,” says Todenhofer, calling the group a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”

U.S. halts effort to train Syrian opposition forces
CBS News - … the Pentagon was forced to concede a key part of the president's Syria policy is a dismal failure. The program to train and equip Syrian opposition forces has been suspended. The $500-million program had once been a linchpin of the strategy to defeat ISIS but so far has proved a fiasco. It was put on hold after a band of fighters turned over their U.S.-supplied equipment to terrorists linked to al Qaeda. An embarrassing development Russia's Putin could not resist mentioning in his address to the United Nations. "First, they are armed and trained and then they are defect," he said in Russian.

Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria
Kurt Nimmo - Israeli Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz will tell the United States, Russia and other world powers Israel will not tolerate Iranian forces near its border, the Jerusalem Times reported on Tuesday. Steinitz made the remark as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, flew to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. “In all of our discussions, first and foremost with the United States, but also with Russia and the rest of the world powers, we must make sure that the Iranian forces will stay in Iran,” Steinitz told Israel’s Army Radio. “Nobody wants to see Russian forces in the area of the Golan Heights, but we definitely don’t want to see Iranian forces near Israel,” he added.

Kingdom in Crisis: Saudi Arabia Pulls up to $70 Billion from Global Markets
Sputnik News - "Fund managers we've spoken to estimate SAMA [Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency] has pulled out between $50 billion to $70 billion from global asset managers over the past six months," Nigel Sillitoe, chief executive officer of the Dubai-based firm, told Bloomberg. "Saudi Arabia is withdrawing funds because it's trying to cut its widening deficit and it's financing the war in Yemen," he said. As oil prices halved over the past year, SAMA's foreign reserves have fallen about 10% from a peak of $737 billion in August 2014 to $661 billion in July. The government has turned to bond sales to help sustain spending and fund its military campaign in Yemen.

Volkswagen facing £4.3 BILLION bill after revealing it will recall 11 MILLION cars to be refitted because of emissions testing scandal
Daily Mail - Volkswagen is facing a £4.3billion bill after promising to to refit up to 11million vehicles fitted with software designed to cheat emissions tests. Today the German car giant signalled it would recall all affected vehicles, as it attempts to resolve biggest business-related crisis in its 78-year history. The news follows admission by Spanish car maker Seat, which is owned by the Volkswagen group, that it fitted 700,000 of its cars with the pollution cheating software to dupe emissions tests. It will ask customers 'in the next few days' to have diesel models equipped with manipulated software refitted and brief authorities on technical fixes in October, Matthias Mueller told a closed-door gathering of about 1,000 top managers at Volkswagen's Wolfsburg headquarters late on Monday.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

US Customs is collecting the personal information of every Amtrak passenger
MassPrivateI - Documents released by Amtrak suggest that since 2012, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has had direct access to Amtrak’s reservation system, possibly including access to reservations for Amtrak passengers traveling entirely within the USA. The Amtrak documents Papers Please received are the fourth in a continuing series of long-overdue interim responses (1st interim response, 2nd interim response, 3rd interim response) to a FOIA request they made in October 2014 for records related to Amtrak’s data-sharing and other collaboration with DHS and other US and foreign law enforcement agencies.... The CBP/DHS knows you address, credit card numbers, telephone numbers and email address...

U.S. Gives 1,519 Engaged in Terrorism “While Under Duress” Residency, Asylum
Judicial Watch - As if the President Obama’s sweeping amnesty measures haven’t compromised national security enough, the administration let 1,519 “inadmissible” foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the U.S. last year because the crimes were committed “while under duress.” Before the Obama administration tweaked a federal law last year, these foreign nationals would have been banned from the country for supporting terrorist causes. But under the changes the Secretary of Homeland Security has “discretionary authority” to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility relating to terrorism. We’ve seen this discretionary authority abused in the last few years and in fact, the administration has eliminated a zero tolerance policy for granting asylum or residency to individuals who have provided any sort of terrorism-related support.

Planned Parenthood Admits Over 86% of Revenues From Abortions
Kit Daniels -Abortions account for over 86% of Planned Parenthood’s revenues, according to President Cecile Richards, who makes over $520,000 annually. Richards made the admission while testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday. She also claimed that abortions only account for 3% of Planned Parenthood’s total procedures, which prompted Rep. Cynthia Lummins (R-Wy.) to ask Richards to explain the discrepancy. “Let’s talk about Planned Parenthood revenue for abortions,” Lummins told Richards. “If you look at the 2013 statistics that you report, abortions from revenue would have been over 86% of your non-government revenue.” “How do you explain this massive disparity between the amount of revenue you collect from abortions and the fact you report only 3% of your services being abortions?”

Last Gun Store in San Francisco Closing in Response to Flood of Gun Controls
Breitbart - In October, High Bridge Arms—the last gun store in San Francisco—will be closing its doors for good due to gun controls with which the store refuses to comply. For decades, High Bridge Arms has adapted to the passage of each new gun control, but it views the latest push as a step too far. According to SFist, the newest control push “comes from Supervisor Mark Farrell (District 2), and proposes to require that all gun sales in San Francisco be videotaped.” It would also “further require that all gun and ammunition buyers’ names, birthdates, addresses and driver’s license numbers be supplied to the San Francisco Police Department. Sup. Farrell proposed the idea in July, and it may be voted on this month.” Fox News reports that High Bridge Arms’ general manager, Steven Alcairo, said the store’s owners are tired of keeping up with the new regulations and equally tired of trying to guess what might come next.

Public school suspends 8-year-old girl for wearing wrong shade of green
Blacklisted News - An elementary school in the pleasantly named town of Sicklerville, New Jersey suspended an 8-year-old girl for the crime of wearing a kelly green polo shirt. According to AP, "Winslow Township School's code on dress and grooming says 'school attire can influence a pupil's behavior and potentially impact the academic environment.'" School clothing must be white, dark green or navy.

Election News

Fox: Teamsters Withholding Hillary Endorsement
Newsmax - The Teamsters union has decided to withhold an endorsement of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Fox News reports. The union's 26-member board decided unanimously in a closed-door meeting in South Carolina to keep back its endorsement... Also, the union wants to wait and see whether Vice President Joe Biden enters the race, and they want to talk to Republican candidates as well, especially frontrunner Donald Trump, who has worked with unionized workers throughout his career, Rosen said. "It's a very significant development, not least because the Teamsters is such a big, powerful and wealthy union. You're talking about well over a million unionized workers, a lot of them in key states," University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told Fox. "It's one more piece of evidence that Hillary Clinton's effort to lock down the nomination have utterly failed."

Trump backs Russia, Iran efforts to fight Islamic State
Reuters - Asked whether he backed those like Russia who supported Syrian President Bashar al Assad or those who see him as the source of Syria's current crisis, Trump told NBC's "Today" program: "I side with the group that says 'if Russia wants to go and fight ISIS, you should let them', as opposed to saying 'we're jealous, we don't want you to do that'."… Asked about whether Assad was the source of the country's ills, Trump said it was not clear and questioned who would replace him if he were ousted. "The people that want to come in and replace Assad, nobody knows who they are and they could end up being worse," he said. "We're constantly going out and siding with people and they turn out to be worse than the people who were there before."

Cruz, Rubio Vote to Increase Debt By $400 Billion; Paul, Sanders Vote No
Truth in Media - On Friday, the United States Senate failed to pass a short-term continuing resolution, which increased the federal deficit by $400 billion. Of the four Republican Senators running for president, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was the only one to vote against it. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) all voted in favor of the continuing resolution moving forward by ending cloture. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running for President on the Democratic ticket as a socialist, also voted against the continuing resolution. Paul says that although the bill defunded Planned Parenthood, he couldn’t vote for it due to the spending that was attached.

Rand: My Tax Plan The Only One That Eliminates Payroll Tax, Trump’s ‘Will Continue A Lot of The Cronyism’
Breitbart - Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul touted his tax plan over those of his GOP rivals on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.” Asked about fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump’s tax plan, Rand stated, “I think my tax plan is better. I get rid of all 70,000 pages of the tax code. I have one single rate, 14.5% for individuals, and 14.5% for corporations. I also do something that no other tax plan does, and I get rid of the payroll tax. So, every working class American will have a couple thousand dollars left in their paycheck. So, I like our plan better. It’s simpler. His plan will continue a lot of the cronyism, and a lot of the special interest politics that go with the tax code. Ours would eliminate all of that, and you can file your tax return on one single postcard.”

Economy & Business

This Is For The ‘Nothing Is Happening’ Crowd…
Economic Collapse - A lot of people out there expected something to happen in September that did not ultimately happen. There were all kinds of wild theories floating around, and many of them had no basis in reality whatsoever. But without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.

The Stunning "Explanation" An Insurance Company Just Used To Boost Health Premiums By 60%
Zero Hedge - It may not have been easy for Blue Cross Blue Shield to admit to their clients their premiums are set to rise by 60% due to Supreme Court-mandated tax known as "Obamacare" but it would have been the right thing. Instead, in justifying the boost to the two-month medical premium from $867 to $1.365, the health insurer decided to use the following excuse: "With advances in medical technology, prescription drugs and ways to treat injuries and illnesses, Americans are living healthier lives. [i.e., living longer] Because of these changes, we must adjust your premium to stay in line with increased costs." In other words, if you want lower costs, and avoiding 60% healthcare inflation, just do everything in your power to prevent Americans from "living healthier lives."... Finally, for those who are likewise confused how companies like Valeant can boost the prices of their drugs anywhere between 90% and 2300% in 2-3 years, and get away with it without nobody noticing...

Housing Market

83% of Mortgages Sold by Government to Banks and Hedge Funds End in Foreclosure
AllGov - Five years ago, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched a mortgage sales program called the Distressed Asset Stabilization Program (DASP) so it could unload teetering mortgages to the private sector. DASP was supposed to not only help HUD improve its finances, but also assist homeowners facing the risk of foreclosure work out new terms with the banks or hedge funds buying the mortgages. But things haven’t worked out that way for the vast majority of homebuyers. DASP has resulted in more than 98,000 mortgages—representing more than $16.7 billion in total debt—being sold to investors “at times as little as 41 percent of the mortgages’ collective value,” the Center for Public Integrity reported. The struggling Federal Housing Administration, which insures mortgages, became solvent as a result of the sales. However, only 16.9% of the mortgages sold between 2010 and 2014 avoided foreclosure.

Energy & Environment

“Smart” Water Meters Vulnerable To Attack
Activist Post - Of all critical infrastructure, the public water system might seem the least vulnerable to a cyber attack. But that might be changing, with the increasing adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that controls the water supply remotely, according to John McNabb, water expert and security researcher. In a speech at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, McNabb said because wireless water meters are data collecting, embedded devices, they are therefore vulnerable to attacks that could cause service disruption, or even enable attackers to execute malware.

Science & Technology

Apple kills drone strike news app for 'objectionable content'
RT - An iOS app that delivered news of United States drone strikes was taken off Apple's App Store due to "excessively crude or objectionable content." Metadata+ offered aggregated news in text format, along with maps of where the strikes occurred. Begley, also an editor at The Intercept, the news outlet associated with journalists close to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, said Apple's decision “comes on the heels of Apple pulling 300 apps from the store due to malware. As Gawker pointed out, Apple's App Store is littered with inane and crude apps that have little use or entertainment value. Yet Begley created his news app in 2012, and Apple rejected five times, saying it was “not useful or entertaining enough.”

TV Ads Are About to Get Personal With New Targeting Tools
Bloomberg - Such surgical marketing messages are taken for granted on the Internet. Yet, they are just now finding their way onto television, where the audience is big though harder to target. As brands shift more of their spending to the Web where ads are more precise, the TV industry is pushing back. Using data from cable set-top boxes that track TV viewing, credit cards and other sources, media companies including Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, Time Warner Inc.’s Turner and Viacom Inc. are trying to compete with Web giants like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. and help marketers target their messages to the right audience.

NASA Timed Mars Water Reveal to Boost Matt Damon Movie, Director Confirms
Breitbart - Keep in mind that NASA’s big announcement is NOT that water has been found on Mars. The news is that NASA has found only SIGNS of water on Mars. And now, probably by accident, “Martian” director Ridley Scott has confirmed that NASA timed the release of this bombshell maybe-news for the week of the movie’s release... NASA knew this months ago. NASA chose this week to release the news. With advertising and promotion, 20th Century Fox easily has more than $175 million invested in “The Martian,” a non-franchise, non-branded film starring the left-wing Matt Damon, an actor whose box office track of late is more than a bit wobbly. Sadly, learning that our government withheld news in order to benefit their political pals, is no longer shocking in The Age of Obama.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Big or Small: Grow a Greens Garden This Fall
Mother Earth Living - Though the bounty of summer is great, by the time fall arrives I’m missing my cool-weather greens—whether it’s a fresh, crisp salad or a hearty sauté of kale, chard and collards. Greens are one of the most versatile, nutrient-rich and easy-to-grow crops our gardens produce. Their meal options are many. Regardless of whether you grow anything else in the fall garden, greens are a must. Lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, mustard, collard and turnip greens are some of the most common and easiest-to-grow greens. Some lesser-known, albeit delicious, options include arugula, mizuna, bok choy and tatsoi. Though their culinary uses vary, they all share common elements when it comes to the garden.


39 Manly Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Bushcraft Kit
Survival Sherpa - When it comes to packing for an outdoor adventure, leave the single-purpose items at home unless you have a pack mule to carry it all. Each item in your camping/bushcraft/survival kit should be able to perform at least three different tasks beyond its intended purpose. Manly woodsmen, listen up. The women folk are more aware of the benefits and well ahead of us in using this stuff. Time to catch up!


Widely prescribed statin drugs act as cellular poisons that accelerate aging... deactivate DNA repair... promote diabetes, muscle fatigue and memory loss
(NaturalNews) The statin drugs prescribed to over 100 million people around the world have now been exposed as cellular poisons that accelerate aging and promote muscle fatigue, diabetes, memory loss and more. Scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans found that statin drugs -- which generate tens of billions of dollars a year for pharmaceutical companies -- "deactivate" the stem cells responsible for cellular repair throughout the body. While statin drugs have been aggressively pushed by for-profit drug companies as "miracle" medicines, in truth they can lead to disastrous (even fatal) side effects in many patients. As the UK Express writes, such side effects include "memory loss, muscle pain, diabetes, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and memory loss." "Statins make regular users become older faster," reports the Express, "leaving them open to long-term mental and physical decline..."

Are You Low in This Powerful Nutrient?
Dr. Mercola - Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, is essential for your cells, tissues, and organs to function properly. It plays a vital role in heart health, digestive, and muscular function, bone health, and more. While potassium is found in many foods commonly consumed in the US... only 2 percent of US adults get the recommended daily amount of 4,700 milligrams (mg).
This is especially problematic because potassium is a nutrient that needs to be kept in proper balance with sodium in your blood. If you consume too much sodium, which is common if you eat a lot of processed foods, you’ll have an increased need for potassium.... I do not recommend taking potassium supplements to correct a sodium-potassium imbalance. Instead, it is best to simply alter your diet and incorporate more potassium-rich whole foods. Green vegetable juicing is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients for optimal health, including about 300 to 400 mg of potassium per cup. Some additional rich sources of potassium are...

Step One to Prepare Tofu Is To Throw It In the Trash
Natural Blaze - Tofu is a highly processed form of soy that made its way into the mainstream American diet more than 50 years ago. Today, it is nothing like what was prepared in Asia and consumed by millions.... Most people stuck on the soy bandwagon are consuming far more phytate by the sheer volume through mass consumption of things like soy milk, tofu, cereals, and processed foods. It doesn’t even compare to the amount they would consume through seeds and nuts.... Most tofu is unfermented. Phytates in unfermented soy products such as tofu actually obstruct absorption of protein and four key minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.... Unfermented soy has been linked to digestive distress, immune system breakdown, PMS, endometriosis, reproductive problems for men and women, allergies, ADD and ADHD, higher risk of heart disease and cancer, malnutrition, and loss of libido.

Tuesday - September 29, 2015 - Today in History:

1789 - A regular army was established by the U.S. War Department with several hundred men.
1829 - The 1st appearance by London's re-organized police force was met with jeers from political opponents. The force became known as Scotland Yard.
1943 - U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marchal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson.
1962 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy nationalized the Mississippi National guard in response to city officials defying federal court orders. The orders had been to enroll James Meredith at the University of Mississippi.
1967 - The International Monetary Fund reformed monetary systems around the world.
1982 - In Chicago, IL, seven people died after taking capsules of Extra-Strength Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. 264,000 bottles were recalled.
1983 - The War Powers Act was used for the first time by the U.S. Congress when they authorized President Reagan to keep U.S. Marines in Lebanon for 18 more months.
1984 - Irish officials announced that they had intercepted the Marita Anne carrying seven tons of U.S.-purchased weapons. The weapons were intended for the Irish Republican Army.
1988 - The space shuttle Discovery took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It was the first manned space flight since the Challenger disaster.
1990 - "Millie's Book" by First Lady Barbara Bush was the best-selling non-fiction book in the U.S.
1993 - Bosnia's parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject an international peace plan unless Bosnian Serbs returned land that had been taken by force.
1994 - The U.S. House voted to end the practice of lobbyist buying meals and entertainment for members of Congress.
1998 - Hasbro announced plans to introduce an action figure of retired U.S. General Colin Powell.
2008 - The Dow Industrial Average lost 777 points. It was the largest one-day decline to date. The drop came after the U.S. House of Representatives had voted down a $700 billion bank bailout plan.

World News

US starts bombing Kunduz area after Taliban captures the city
RT - US warplanes hit Taliban positions near the city of Kunduz, captured the day before by Taliban forces. Afghan government troops have launched a counterattack to retake the city. "US forces conducted an air strike in Kunduz today to eliminate a threat to coalition and Afghan forces operating in the vicinity of Kunduz," said Colonel Brian Tribus, a spokesman for the NATO-led coalition. The takeover of Kunduz in Afghanistan’s north was a major success for Taliban forces. They launched an attack from three directions on Monday morning and seized control of the city from government forces hours later.

Is Glencore The Next Lehman? The World’s Largest Commodities Trading Company Is Toast
Economic Collapse - Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world. It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to an inescapable death spiral for Glencore at this point. The stock price was down nearly 30 percent on Monday, and overall Glencore stock has plunged nearly 80 percent since May. There are certainly other candidates for “the next Lehman” (Petrobras and Deutsche Bank being two perfect examples), but Glencore has definitely surged to the front of the pack. Right now many analysts are openly wondering if the firm will even be able to survive to the end of next month.

38 Dead After Saudi Arabia, Head of UN Human Rights Panel, Bombs Wedding in Yemen
Liberty Blitzkrieg - Nothing screams out human rights like bombing women and children at a wedding party. Saudi Arabia sure is on a roll. Having just been rewarded with the head position on a UN’s human rights panel for its unmatched capacity for barbarism and civil rights abuse, the Saudis can now add another massacre to its long list of war crimes. The Associated Press reports: SANAA, Yemen (AP) — The Saudi-led coalition targeting Yemen’s Shiite rebels mistakenly struck a wedding party on Monday, killing at least 38 people, Yemeni security officials said. The strikes hit the celebration in al-Wahga, a village near the strategic Strait of Bab al-Mandab, said the officials, who remain neutral in the conflict that has splintered Yemen. At least 40 people were wounded in the two airstrikes, they said. The strikes, a senior government official said, were “a mistake.” Many of the victims were women and children, according to several villagers.
* Update: 131 civilians killed in alleged Saudi airstrike on Yemen wedding

China's industrial profit suffers biggest fall in 4yrs
RT - Chinese industrial companies have reported their biggest decline in profits since 2011 in August. The reasons appear to be a plunging stock market, a devalued yuan and weak demand. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), China's stock market drop cut investment returns along with fluctuations in the yuan have increased corporate financial expenditures. Industrial companies’ profits dipped 8.8 percent in August from a year earlier. Producers of coal, oil and metals were the biggest losers.... The NBS survey shows slowing demand has dragged China's manufacturing sector into its sharpest contraction in six-and-a-half years.

Swiss open major bank probe into precious metals market rigging
Hang The Bankers -The Swiss competition regulator has opened an investigation into possible collusion in the precious metals market by several major banks, it said on Monday, the latest in a string of manipulation probes. Switzerland’s WEKO watchdog said its investigation, the result of a preliminary probe, was looking at whether UBS, Julius Baer, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Mitsui conspired to set bid/ask spreads. “It (WEKO) has indications that possible prohibited competitive agreements in the trading of precious metals were agreed among the banks mentioned,” WEKO said in a statement. A WEKO spokesman said the investigation would likely conclude in ei

Fukushima Daiichi: 100% meltdown in reactor 2 likely, Tepco ignored tsunami risk assessment
InvestmentWatch - Nuclear Expert: US West Coast being continuously exposed to Fukushima radioactive releases, it's an ongoing tragedy. Marine Chemist: Impossible to stop nuclear waste flowing into ocean; "It never will be... that's what keeps me up at night." A group of researchers says it is highly likely that 70 to 100 percent of fuel has melted at one of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The group includes researchers from Nagoya University. It has been probing the plant's No. 2 reactor since April of last year, using a device that uses elementary particles called muons to see into its interior. The researchers say the results of their study show few signs of nuclear fuel at the reactor core, in contrast to the No. 5 reactor where fuel was clearly visible at its core. This led them to believe that 70 to 100 percent of fuel at the reactor has likely melted. The researchers say further analyses are needed to determine whether molten fuel penetrated the reactor and fell down.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Obama to UN: US ready to work with Russia and Iran on Syria
RT - US President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, telling world leaders that the United States is willing to work with Russia and Iran to solve the current crises in Syria. In discussing the spread of Islamic State militants throughout Syria and Iraq, as well as the flood of migrants and refugees fleeing conflict there, Obama promised to work with the international community because the US “by itself, cannot impose stability on a foreign land, unless we work with other nations.” “And unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities in a country like Iraq into conflict, any order that our militaries can impose will be temporary,” the US president added.

Violence instead of democracy: Putin slams ‘policies of exceptionalism and impunity’ in UN speech
RT - The export of so-called ‘democratic’ revolutions has continued, but has unleashed poverty and violence instead of the triumph of democracy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said addressing the UN General Assembly. Attempts to push for changes in other countries based on ideological preferences have led to “tragic consequences and degradation rather than progress,” said Putin in his speech to world leaders and policy makers gathered at the UN General Assembly’s anniversary 70th session in New York on Monday. We should all remember what our past has taught us,” Putin said. “We, for instance, remember examples from the history of the Soviet Union.” It seems however that some are not learning from others’ mistakes, but keep repeating them, he said, adding that “the export of so-called ‘democratic’ revolutions continues.”

More than 30,000 new UN peacekeepers to be added by 50 countries – Obama
RT - More than 30,000 new troops from over 50 nations will be added to the UN’s peacekeeping mission, US President Barack Obama announced on Monday. Obama stressed that for the UN to keep its peacekeeping mission from bending under “unprecedented strains,” more nations will need to commit troops. “Our collective security depends on it,” he said. Obama said the US itself will expand its support for peacekeeping missions, promising additional resources, more military officers, logistical support and construction projects. The news comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that Beijing will commit 8,000 troops and $1 billion to the UN’s peacekeeping efforts.

Obama Warns Christians: Gay Rights Trump Religious Freedom…
Breitbart - As Pope Francis flew back to Rome, President Obama issued a stern warning to Christians, warning them their attempts to assert their religious liberty to oppose gay rights would fail. “We affirm that we cherish our religious freedom and are profoundly respectful of religious traditions,” he insisted during a dramatic speech at a LGTB fundraiser in New York City on Sunday night, praising the progress made on gay rights under his administration. “But we also have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.”

School Asks Students For Number of Guns, Political Views Held by Family
Kit Daniels - The gun survey given to journalism students at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, also asks students for their parents’ political views.... “[The Second Amendment] is a great conversation for kids to have in the classroom and definitely for journalism because it applies directly to our Constitution… but the questions that concern me are the ones that ask ‘how many firearms does your parents have at home?’ and ‘what political affiliations do your parents have?'” radio host and gun rights activist Michael Cargill said, who brought the survey to the public’s attention. “That’s private.” And the survey can be used against the student and his family. “Have you or anyone in your family ever used a gun in a self-defense situation?” another question asks. “If so, please describe.” That question is particularly alarming because there’s no statue of limitation prohibiting an anti-gun prosecutor from charging someone with murder for using a gun in self-defense. And Child Protective Services could also use the survey as a pretext to take kids away from a family.

3 Oppressive Texas CPS Agents Receive Felony Indictments
Health Impact News - Indictments were handed down last Thursday to 1 of the 3 Child Protective Services (CPS) subordinates who were charged with Oppression, a (misdemeanor), tampering with evidence, and falsifying and forging documents to conduct illegal searches and seizures, which are third degree felonies, punishable upon conviction by a maximum sentence of from two to 10 years in prison and an optional fine of up to $10,000. 60 year-old Laura Marsh Ard, the former program director for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services office in Rockwall, received one indictment for tampering with physical evidence. Reynolds, of Fate, received three indictments for official oppression, and one indictment for tampering and fabricating physical evidence. All these charges stem from an alleged case where all three conspired to use false documents in an investigation of the mother of a murdered teenager Alicia Moore from Greenville.

Election News

Hillary Lawyer Ejected From Court For Practicing Law Without a License
Breitbart - The law-evading Hillary Clinton campaign-staffer who was recently snared by undercover video-journalist James O’Keefe was also kicked out a courtroom when she tried to practice law without a law license in 2014. Christine Gupana, a law graduate and a Hillary For Nevada fellow, was caught urging apparent Clinton staffers and volunteers to register voters without first getting a needed license from a county clerk. “Do whatever you can. Whatever you can get away with, just do it, until you get kicked out, like, totally,” Gupana said in O’Keefe’s video.

Austin Petersen to Run for President as a Libertarian (Video)
Truth in Media - Last week Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook spoke with Austin Petersen, Editor-in-Chief of The Libertarian Republic, who is seeking his party’s nomination for the President of the United States. Petersen made it clear that he is seriously running for president and that he will be old enough next year to qualify when he turns 35 years old next spring.,,, Petersen’s platform...

The Goals Of Donald J. Trump’s Tax Plan
Too few Americans are working, too many jobs have been shipped overseas, and too many middle class families cannot make ends meet. This tax plan directly meets these challenges with four simple goals...
* Related Video: The Washington Post - Donald Trump outlines tax plan (Speech begins at 7:00 minute mark)

Why did a Ted Cruz super PAC give $500,000 to Carly Fiorina's?
Washington Post - A super PAC supporting former tech executive Carly Fiorina's run reported raising $3.5 million -- with a half-million dollar lift from a super PAC supporting GOP presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). The pro-Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise I, reported the disbursement Friday in a document filed with the Federal Election Commission. That is...unusual, to say the least.

Economy & Business

Gov’t Data: Federal Reserve Swindled Trillions From American Savers
Breitbart - Federal Reserve data reveals that its post-crash interest-rate manipulation “economic stimulus” actually stripped American savers of trillions of dollars by forcing down interest rates. The Federal Reserve cost American savers — usually older Americans — more than $550 billion per year in lost interest-income, and will likely cost young taxpayers much more once President Barack Obama’s huge government debts have to be repaid at normal interest rates, said Seeking Alpha’s financial analyst, Peter Knight.

Whole Foods Market to cut about 1,500 jobs
CNBC News - Upscale food market operator Whole Foods Market said it would cut about 1,500 jobs, or about 1.6 percent of its workforce, over the next eight weeks. The cuts are aimed at reducing costs as the company invests in technology upgrades, Whole Foods said in a filing. The affected positions were mainly in stores, but “back of house” positions that were not customer facing, the company said in an email to Reuters. Whole Foods said it would offer employees options including transition pay, severance, or allow them to apply for other jobs. The job cuts come as the retailer is working to shed its “Whole Paycheck” nickname and its reputation for high prices. Whole Foods said in May that it would launch a new chain of smaller, more value-focused shops next year.

More Reports Of Debtors Prisons Surface In Louisiana And New Hampshire
Mint Press News - A federal lawsuit in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a report by the ACLU of New Hampshire, document the practice of jailing people unable to pay their court debts, violating the due process rights of the poor by failing to provide them with legal counsel and ability-to-pay hearings. In New Orleans, a class action lawsuit was brought this month by five people charging the government with levying fines and court fees against poor residents without first assessing their ability to pay. According to Courthouse News, “An estimated 104,900 people, or more than a quarter of the population, [live] below the poverty line” in New Orleans. Half of all adult black men in the city are unemployed and receive no unemployment compensation.... In New Hampshire, poor residents who come before the court for unpaid fines are jailed without being informed of their rights or provided an attorney, according to a new report by the state’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago
Fast Company - Because most everything we buy gets more expensive over time, we have to earn more money each year just to maintain our existing standard of living. When we're not given raises that keep up with this rate of inflation, we're effectively suffering a pay cut. That's why many American workers are actually poorer today than four decades ago. They may be earning more money. But, in real terms, they're getting less for it. Measured in 2014 dollars, the median male full-time worker made $50,383 last year against $53,294 in 1973, according to new U.S. Census Bureau figures. At $50,383, the figure is the lowest it's been since 2006. It's also $450 lower than in 2013. Women have seen bigger increases in real pay in the last few years, though from a lower (unequal) base. The median female worker earned $30,182 in 1973 (in 2014 dollars), but $39,621 last year.

Energy & Environment

A Quarter of Fish Sold at Markets Contain Man-made Debris
Natural Blaze - The researchers sampled 76 fish from markets in Makassar, Indonesia, and 64 from Half Moon Bay and Princeton in California. All of the fragments recovered from fish in Indonesia were plastic. In contrast, 80 percent of the debris found in California fish was fibers, whereas not a single strand of fiber was found in Indonesian fish. Indonesia has little in the way of landfills, waste collection or recycling, and large amounts of plastic are tossed onto the beaches and into the ocean. Meanwhile, the U.S. has highly advanced systems for collecting and recycling plastics. However, most Californians wash their clothing in washing machines, the water from which empties into more than 200 wastewater treatment plants offshore California. The authors theorize that fibers remaining in sewage effluent from washing machines were ingested by fish sampled in the state.... However, researchers are still studying whether chemicals in plastic can transfer into the meat.

Science & Technology

Mark Zuckerberg Caught on Hot Mic Saying Facebook Will Censor Anti-Migrant Posts
Mikael Thalen - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught discussing the censorship of anti-migrant posts at the United Nations development summit Saturday while speaking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to CNBC, the pair were caught on a hot mic after Merkel confronted Zuckerberg on social media posts critical of “the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany.” After being asked about Facebook’s efforts to curtail speech, Zuckerberg stated, “We need to do some work,” confirming he’d already started looking at ways to hinder comments in opposition to Merkel’s immigration stance. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responded before their microphone was cut.

America's most secretive court invites its first outsider
Ars Technica - A well-known Washington, DC lawyer has been appointed to be the first of a total of five amici curae—friends of the court—who will act as a sort of ombudsman or public advocate at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The move was one of the provisions in the USA Freedom Act, which passed in June 2015 as a package of modest reforms to the national security system. The attorney, Preston Burton, was named to the post by the FISC earlier this month, which was not widely reported until The Intercept noticed it on Friday… According to the law, it will be Burton’s job to present "legal argument that advance the protection of individual privacy and civil liberties; information related to intelligence collection or communications technology; or legal arguments or information regarding any other area relevant to the issue presented to the court."

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Organic Farmers Suffer 77-fold Increase in Lost Revenue from GMO Contamination in Last 3 Years
Natural Blaze - A new report has come out showing the extraordinary costs that non-GMO and organic farmers incur from GMO contamination of their crops. Results from the newest USDA survey indicate that of the farmers who chose to answer the question, 92 had experienced monetary loss between 2011 and 2014 averaging approximately $66,395 per farmer during that timeframe. Overall, GMO presence cost organic farmers at least $6.1 million over four years. This figure is 77 times that reported during the 2006 to 2011 timeframe—a staggering increase.... But genetic contamination is only half the story. The USDA’s report excludes losses incurred from pesticide drift, which occurs when crops such as Monsanto’s “RoundUp Ready” corn are sprayed and the chemical drifts onto nearby fields. This will become a bigger burden as more chemical–resistant GMO crops are approved by friendly federal agencies.

Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Herbicide Doesn’t Even Work, Actually Makes Weeds Stronger: Report
Natural Blaze - Nebraska farmer Mike Pietzyk recently discussed how the weeds are becoming resistant to Roundup in a recent interview with Chemicals And Engineers News. “The days of going out and spraying RoundUp twice a year—those are long gone,” he said, adding that he was forced to use a cocktail of different chemicals, some of which are even more dangerous than Roundup. Pietzyk and other farmers are now seeking new solutions to avoid the harsh pesticides used in conventional farming.... According to U.S. weed scientist, Dallas Peterson, one type of weed, in particular, called Palmer amaranth, has become especially resistant to pesticides and is overgrowing farms across the country. Complaints of herbicide-resistant weeds have become so common that the House Agriculture Committee has scheduled a meeting on December 4th to specifically address the situation.


10 Survival Foods You Should Grow
Natural News Blogs - In the event of a survival situation, you won’t be able to simply go to the store for food; you will be first responsible for feeding yourself and your family. The best way to do this is by growing your own food. Farming is not easy, however, so you should strive to grow crops most likely to survive. Since storage space will be limited, you should also grow plants that can be easily stored and contain a large amount of calories. The following foods are best to grow in a survival situation...


State Using Taxpayer Funds to Implant 10-Year-Olds With Birth Control
Adan Salazar - Taxpayers in the State of Washington are funding the disturbing practice of fitting extremely young public school girls with implantable long-lasting birth control devices, according to documents received by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. Girls as young as 10 attending public schools in Seattle have been implanted with intrauterine devices (IUDs), the documents show, and as exposed by Life News in July, the children do not need to obtain parents’ permission before the procedure is performed. While data is still incomplete for 2015, the documents, provided by the Washington Health Care Authority, reveal children as young as 10 and teens from all age groups received implants throughout 2013 and 2014.

5-Year-Old Girl Died from the MMR Vaccine, Holly’s Law Created
Natural Blaze - Robin Stavola is a mother who tragically lost her young daughter, Holly, to the second MMR vaccine dose, which was a requirement for Holly to attend kindergarten in New Jersey. After Holly suffered a severe reaction to the vaccine, leaving her convulsing, brain damaged and on life support, her family was told by the doctors that Holly would remain in a vegetative state and would not recover. Holly’s parents felt helpless and they reluctantly agreed to have their daughter removed from life support. Robin was awarded compensation for Holly’s death after it was determined the MMR vaccine caused Holly to suffer acute encephalopathy. After a long battle and without success, Robin fought to change the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. She learned most parents that file a vaccine injury claim get denied compensation. With support from the governor of New Jersey, Holly’s Law was created. This law can save your child from receiving a potentially lethal second dose of the MMR vaccine, required for some children to attend school, if no vaccine exemption was filed on their behalf.

Don't feed Candida - replace your sodas and juices with this lemonade recipe
(NaturalNews) Candida multiplies in the gut causing inflammation and irritation to the tissues, breaking down the biofilm that lines the intestinal walls. The end result is leaky gut syndrome, the precursor to a number of autoimmune diseases and allergies. While Candida and leaky gut's association to other diseases is a real and ever-present threat, Candida itself can cause untold damage. Once the gut wall is compromised, Candida easily travels throughout the body, infiltrating tissues and organs.

Monday - September 28, 2015 - Today in History:

1781 - During the Revolutionary War, American forces began the siege on Yorktown, VA.
1787 - The U.S. Congress voted to send the new Constitution of the United States to the state legislatures for their approval.
1789 - In the U.S., the first Federal Congress passed a resolution that asked President George Washington to recommend to the nation a day of thanksgiving. Several days later Washington issued a proclamation that named Thursday, November 26, 1789 as a "Day of Publick Thanksgivin." The fixed-date for Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November, was established on December 26, 1941.
1850 - The U.S. Navy abolished flogging as a form of punishment.
1915 - The British defeated the Turks in Mesopotamia at Kut-el-Amara.
1924 - The first around-the-world flight was completed by two U.S. Army planes when they landed in Seattle, WA. The trip took 175 days.
1939 - During World War II, Germany and the Soviet Union agreed upon a plan on the division of Poland.
1950 - The United Nations admitted Indonesia.
1967 - The first mayor of Washington, DC, Walter Washington, took office.
1972 - Communist China and Japan agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations.
1974 - First Lady Betty Ford underwent a mastectomy to remove a lump in her breast.
1978 - Heavy fighting occurred in Lebanon between Syrian peacekeeping troops and Lebanese Christian militiamen.
1991 - In response to U.S. President Bush's reduction of U.S. nuclear arms Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev promised to reciprocate.
1995 - Yasser Arafat of the PLO and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed an accord that transferred control of the West Bank.
2000 - The U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved the use of RU-486 in the United States. The pill is used to induce an abortion.
2004 - The U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Secret Service introduced the first newly redesigned $50 bill.

World News

Putin: All countries should respect Ukraine’s sovereignty
RT - The sovereignty of all states, including Ukraine, should be respected, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ stressing that he knows “for sure” that the US was involved in the ouster of President Yanukovich in 2014. Speaking to veteran journalist Charlie Rose, Putin said that Russia respects the sovereignty of Ukraine, adding that “at no time in the past, now or in the future has or will Russia take any part in actions aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government.” He added that Moscow “would like other countries to respect the sovereignty of other states, including Ukraine. Respecting the sovereignty means preventing coups, unconstitutional actions and illegitimate overthrowing of the legitimate government.” It is “absolutely unacceptable” to address issues through unconstitutional means, he said referring to the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Chinese troops to join Russian marines in Syria soon, says report
IB Times - After the Russians and Iranians, Chinese troops reportedly are teaming up with the Syrian regime forces in what is being termed as the deal that will allow President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power. A report claims that a Chinese naval vessel carrying dozens of "military advisers" is on its way to Syria and the Chinese troops will then join with the "hundreds" of Russian soldiers. "The Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks," a Syrian army official told Lebanon-based news website -Al-Masdar Al-'Arabi. The Chinese ship has crossed the Suez Canal in Egypt and is currently in the Mediterranean Sea. However, according to Israeli military news website - DEBKAfile, the aircraft carrier, Liaoning-CV-16, is already docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.
* Related: Chinese Aircraft Carrier Reportedly Docks at Tartus, Syria

In Latest Embarrassment, US-Trained Syrian Fighters Surrender "Pick-Up Trucks, Ammo" To Al-Qaeda
Zero Hedge - Well, just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, the Pentagon now says the “four or five” fighters still operating under the latest effort to train “moderate” Syrian rebels were forced to hand over six “pickup trucks” and an ammo cache to al-Qaeda in order to secure safe passage to who knows where. Here’s Reuters: Syrian rebels trained by the United States gave some of their equipment to the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage, a U.S. military spokesman said on Friday, the latest blow to a troubled U.S. effort to train local partners to fight Islamic State militants. The rebels surrendered six pick-up trucks and some ammunition, or about one-quarter of their issued equipment, to a suspected Nusra intermediary on Sept. 21-22 in exchange for safe passage, said Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, in a statement. If accurate, the report of NSF members providing equipment to al Nusra Front is very concerning and a violation of Syria train and equip program guidelines".

The UN Releases Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship
Liberty Blitzkrieg - ... the UN now wants to tell governments of the world how to censor the internet. I wish I was kidding. From the Washington Post: On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before. But the United Nations then goes on to propose radical, proactive policy changes for both governments and social networks, effectively projecting a whole new vision for how the Internet could work. Under U.S. law — the law that, not coincidentally, governs most of the world’s largest online platforms — intermediaries such as Twitter and Facebook generally can’t be held responsible for what people do on them. But the United Nations proposes both that social networks proactively police every profile and post, and that government agencies only “license” those who agree to do so.

Deutsche Bank Is Part of the Euro Crisis
Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Do you think they will allow Deutsche Bank to fail? ANSWER: This is why the central bank of Germany advised the ECB to hide the stress test results from the public. This is, at least in part, why the Fed did not raise rates at this moment. There is serious trouble on the horizon. They cannot prevent the crisis; they can only prolong it. The crisis is the failed structure of the euro combined with Merkel’s austerity program, and the flood of refugees is turning into an invasion rather than a migration. The economic stress level is boiling.

Priests Accused of Child Sex Crimes Are Moved to Poor Countries Instead of Prosecuted
Anti Media - As news in the U.S. is saturated with stories about Pope Francis visiting Philadelphia, the Vatican continues to ignore and excuse the rampant culture of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. It was reported recently that instead of firing priests accused of sexual assault, the Vatican has simply been moving them to poorer countries — where the abuse is less likely to get media attention. A recent Global Post investigation uncovered the cases of five priests in particular who were accused of sexually assaulting children in the United States and Europe. Many of the priests who stand accused actually have significant evidence against them, including video evidence they sexually abused children. In some cases, the charges were dropped after large settlements were offered out of court. These priests were not fired, but instead quietly moved to areas of South America. The priests were reportedly relocated to Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.

The UN Wants To Censor The Entire Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
Breitbart - In a report released yesterday, entitled “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call,” UN Women, the group behind last year’s risible “He for She” campaign, called on governments to use their “licensing prerogative” to ensure that “telecoms and search engines” are only “allowed to connect with the public” if they “supervise content and its dissemination.” In other words, if search engines and ISPs don’t comply with a list of the UN’s censorship demands, the UN wants national governments to cut off their access to the public.

Ontario Moves to Ban ‘Mother,’ ‘Father’ on Government Forms
Adan Salazar - The Canadian province of Ontario is moving to ban the terms “mother” and “father” on government forms, an endeavor which follows in line with similar politically correct efforts across the globe. On Thursday, the Ontario legislature passed a motion which calls for striking the words “mother” and “father” from forms in the name of “inclusiveness.”.. The motion would alter documents, “including, but not limited to replacing the terms ‘mother’ or ‘father’ with terms such as ‘parent’ or ‘guardian’ to better recognize the rights of LGBTQ parents and others,” The Sun reports.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ – Virginia state senator to RT
RT - Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.” In a lengthy interview, the Republican state senator connected the crisis in Syria to the actions of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who he said have armed extremists like Islamic State militants that are fighting against the Syrian government. He also blamed US meddling in the Middle East for the rise of terror groups like Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL). It is my hope and prayer that the United States wakes up and says it is time to end this slaughter. It is time to stop trying to topple regimes, bring order to the Middle East [and] stop the bloodshed. If we stop training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”

TPP Negotiators Meeting This Week to Finalize Corporate Trade Deal
Activist Post - On September 26, a meeting between negotiators from all 12 nations involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will commence in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting will run through September 30, followed by two days of meetings with trade ministers. The Atlanta meetings come on the heels of a joint meeting in San Francisco that included negotiators from the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Mexico. The San Francisco meeting reportedly dealt with rules related to the auto industry. The upcoming Atlanta meeting is expected to be one of the final meetings as President Obama attempts to close the deal before the end of the year.

Government Finds Emails With David Petraeus That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over
Vice News - The US Defense Department has found an email chain that Hillary Clinton did not give to the State Department, the State Department said on Friday, despite her saying she had provided all work emails from her time as secretary of state. The correspondence with General David Petraeus, who was commander of US Central Command at the time, started shortly before she entered office and continued during her first days as the top US diplomat in January and February of 2009.... The exchange of 10 or so emails, the existence of which were first reported by the Associated Press on Friday, largely dealt with personnel issues, according to the State Department.... The emails with Petraeus also appear to contradict the claim by Clinton's campaign that she used a private BlackBerry email account for her first two months at the department before setting up her account in March 2009.

Top GOP official seeks McConnell ouster as Senate leader
Washington Times - With John Boehner now departing as House speaker, an influential Republican Party official is now seeking the ouster of another GOP leader who has frustrated conservatives: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “McConnell needs to resign!!” Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere wrote in a Facebook posting. Mr. Villere isn’t just any Republican. He’s the longest-serving state GOP chairman in the nation, with 12 years on the job, and is the vice chairman of the Republican National Committee, the GOP’s national governing body. He also serves on the RNC’s executive committee that makes decisions alongside Chairman Reince Priebus.

Indictment of Shane Harger Dismissed: Was It Politically Motivated?
Sam Bushman - Indictment Dismissed! On September 24th, 2015, District Court Judge Eichwald ruled that the indictment of former Police Chief Shane Harger was in violation of state law. The prosecution was found by the judge to have committed prosecutorial misconduct in that they violated the rules of the grand jury proceedings and that the state withheld exculpatory evidence that would have cleared the chief of any wrongdoing. The state’s witness provided false and misleading testimony to the grand jury in order to prejudice the jury; therefore the case was dismissed. Mr. Harger is currently represented by Ray Towig and State Representative Lisa Torraco, as well as the Rutherford Institute!

Parents Threatened with Arrest for Treating Daughter’s Epilepsy with Legal Cannabis Oil at School
Free Thought Project - In a precedent-setting case, a state judge ruled this month that the mother of a New Jersey teenager with epilepsy, who is also her legal medical caregiver, cannot go to her school to administer her daughter’s cannabis oil. The oil treatments, which are legal in the state, control the young girl’s seizures and allow her to function normally in school, according to her parents.... In his 11-page ruling, the judge wrote that the family failed to show that their daughter would suffer “irreparable harm” if she were denied her medicine during the school day.

California Vaccine Refusers to Get “Court Order” or “CPS Visit” Under SB277
Health Impact News - The language of SB277 left enforcement and vaccine noncompliance up to the school’s governing authority for each district. Orange County’s Department of Education’s Legal Division interprets that a court order to vaccinate will be an option. Will all California school districts, by way of their legal counsels, be directed to file court orders against noncomplying parents of all school children in 2016? It is essential that all California parents that believe in medical freedom file a personal belief vaccine exemption before the January 1st deadline. This is the only method known at this stage to grandfather a waiver into your child’s 2016 school year.

Election News

Donald Trump: America Needs ‘Fair Trade,’ Not ‘Free Trade’
Breitbart - During an interview with 60 Minutes, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was questioned about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), calling it a “disaster” and saying America needs “fair trade,” not “free trade.” Trump told interviewer Scott Pelley that NAFTA is “a disaster” and the agreement shouldn’t exist. Reports and studies have been in conflict for roughly a decade as to whether or not NAFTA caused millions of American jobs to be lost.... “If you’re president, you’re going to have to live with it,” Pelley said to the billionaire businessman during the interview, referencing NAFTA. Trump fired back: “Excuse me, we will either renegotiate it or we will break it. Because, you know, every agreement has an end.” Pelley said Trump can’t just break the law. “Excuse me, every agreement has an end. Every agreement has to be fair,” Trump reiterated. “Every agreement has a defraud clause. We’re being defrauded by all these countries.”

Money Talks: Donors Tell Seventh-Place Jeb Bush It’s ‘Make or Break Time’
Breitbart - Jeb Bush is entering a critical phase of his Republican presidential campaign, with top donors warning that the former Florida governor needs to demonstrate growth in the polls over the next month or face serious defections among supporters. The warnings, expressed by numerous senior GOP fundraisers in recent days, come as Bush and an allied super PAC are in the early stages of an aggressive television ad campaign that they believe will help erase doubts about his viability. But Bush continues to battle against a steady decline in the polls, sinking to fifth place at just 7 percent in a national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday and similarly languishing in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Economy & Business

US Futures Resume Tumble, Commodities Slide As Chinese "Hard-Landing" Fears Take Center Stage
Zero Hedge - It was all about China once again, where following a report of a historic layoff in which China's second biggest coal producer Longmay Group fired an unprecedented 100,000 or 40% of its workforce, overnight we got the latest industrial profits figure which plunging -8.8% Y/Y was the biggest drop since at least 2011, and which the National Bureau of Statistics attributed to exchange rate losses, weak stock markets, falling industrial goods prices as well as a bigger rise in costs than increases in revenue. In not so many words: a "hard-landing."

Report: VW was warned about cheating emissions in 2007
Ars Technica - Newspapers in Germany are reporting that Bosch (the company that supplies electronics to the auto industry) warned VW only to use the cheat mode internally back in 2007, and that a whistleblower tried to raise the alarm internally in 2011. These findings both emerged from an internal audit at VW in response to the scandal.

Energy & Environment

Shell halts Alaska offshore drilling project
RT - Royal Dutch Shell on Monday announced it’s stopping offshore oil exploration in Alaska for the foreseeable future after finding deposits uneconomic. The decision comes after the company got final approval to drill in the area a month ago.... The decision also reflects the high costs associated with the project and challenging regulations, according to Shell. The explorer which drilled to a depth of 6800 feet beneath Alaska’s Chukchi Sea, has already spent $7 billion. The balance sheet carrying value of its Alaska position is about $3 billion, with additional future contractual commitments of about $1.1 billion, the statement said.

Another Truck Carrying Uranium Caught Fire at Honeywell Plant
Daily Sheeple - You probably didn’t hear about this one in the national news... Last Sunday, a semi carrying uranium ore caught fire near the Honeywell Plant in Metropolis, Illinois. The fire began in the engine of the truck cab and was subsequently put out by the fire department. Officials stated that the truck was not at the facility itself and there was no immediate danger. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified.... According to one commenter who claims to live near the plant on one of the few local news outlets that even reported on the incident, this is the third “accident” of a similar nature regarding uranium in the past four months at this location alone.

Science & Technology

Government Agencies Spend Half as much on Privacy Protection as Private Companies
AllGov - In a worldwide survey of 800 privacy professionals, agency employees in 70% of U.S. government programs say they’re not being given enough money to do their jobs properly, according to Government Executive. A survey (pdf) conducted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and EY (formerly Ernst and Young) showed that government agencies on average spend $130,000 on privacy protection. That compares to $250,000 in a regulated private company, such as banking and healthcare, and $300,000 in a non-regulated company. Nor are government agencies using all the tools they could to ensure privacy. Those in government were the least likely among the three categories to use internal audits and privacy working groups as part of their privacy strategies.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Use This Natural Substance to Get Rid of Roaches, Fleas and Even Lice
Natural News Blogs - Getting rid of bugs like cockroaches can be a real pain, especially if you’re the type that doesn’t want anything to do with dangerous chemicals and toxins. A couple of the most recommended ways to naturally get rid of roaches are to use borax or boric acid. Technically, yes, they can be considered natural. But they still pose plenty of risk, mostly to babies, young children and pets. So what else is there? What would you say to the fact there’s something even better… something that is natural and safe. So safe in fact, that you can ingest it or use it for healthier, more beautiful skin and nails? Well there is. It’s called Diatomaceous Earth.


Replacing Documents After a Disaster
Natural Blaze - Although it’s not always the first thing people think of, in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, or other natural disaster, important documents can be lost or damaged beyond recognition. The loss of vital documents can make it difficult to function in today’s society. Replacing documents is one of the first steps you’ll need to take. After a disaster, you’ll need identification, proof of citizenship, and proof of ownership before you can begin to rebuild your life. Many of the major stressors after a disaster can be lessened by taking these vital steps before anything bad actually occurs....


FDA Targets Antipsychotic Drug for Inducing Blood Disorder
Natural Society - The Food and Drug Administration is changing dispensing requirements for the drug clozapine, an atypical antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, and to treat suicidal behavior in individuals with the disorders. To address “continuing safety concerns,” the FDA has “clarified and enhanced” prescribing information for clozapine to simplify how to monitor patients on the drug for a blood condition known as neutropenia and better manage treatment. In doing so, the FDA approved a new, shared-risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS), known as the Clozapine REMS Program. ...neutropenia is an abnormally low count of white blood cells called neutrophils. Neutrophils help the body fight off infections, particularly ones caused by bacteria and fungi.

This 3 Minute Exercise Turns Diabetes into Jelly
Dr. Mercola - It is estimated that walking could prevent almost half of all diabetes cases.... In Japan, Dr. Hiroshi Nose and colleagues have developed walking programs for the elderly that incorporates bouts of higher intensity. His program calls for repeated intervals of three minutes of fast walking, aiming for an exertion level of about six or seven on a scale of one to 10, followed by three minutes of slow strolling. Not only were elderly participants able to significantly improve their aerobic fitness and blood pressure after five months, walking for a mere 30 minutes three times a week; two years later, 70 percent of the participants were still adhering to the program and continued to reap sustained health benefits.... In a follow-up study,11 people with full-blown type 2 diabetes saw improvement in blood sugar regulation for the next 24 hours following just one HIIT session at 90 percent of their max heart rate.

Commercial almond milk exposed as fake beverage thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds
(NaturalNews) Commercial almond milk has been exposed as a fake beverage that is thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds Almond milk is a healthy beverage that is touted by many health advisers for its nutritional benefits.... Almond milk is traditionally made from almonds and water. However, many commercially available forms of almond milk contain a substance called carrageenan. Carrageenan is made from red seaweed and is added to the almond milk to thicken and to stabilize the liquid.... Carrageenan has been shown to cause numerous health problems, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Research has shown that exposure to carrageenan could cause ulcers in the colon and possibly even contribute to GI cancers.

Pet News

The Dangerous Feeding Practice I Can't Condone
Dr. Becker - Today I want to talk about a dangerous practice that seems to be growing in popularity: feeding dogs and cats a vegan or vegetarian diet. First of all you should know that I'm a vegetarian.... While I appreciate the personal decision to adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or alternatively, to eat only animal products from free-range food animals, what I will never understand is why many vegans and vegetarians think it's okay to force their personal viewpoints – their personal dietary choices – onto other species.... Dogs are scavenging carnivores; cats are obligate carnivores. Nature designed the bodies of carnivores to thrive on nutrients provided by animal flesh and organ meat. Obligate carnivores (cats) must eat meat to sustain life. As scavenging carnivores, dogs can survive on plant material but they can't thrive on it alone. To thrive means to grow vigorously – to flourish.

Friday - September 25, 2015 - Today in History:

1492 - The crew of the Pinta, one of Christopher Columbus' ships, mistakenly thought that they had spotted land.
1493 - Christopher Columbus left Spain with 17 ships on his second voyage to the Western Hemisphere.
1513 - The Pacific Ocean was discovered by Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa when he crossed the Isthmus of Panama. He named the body of water the South Sea. He was truly just the first European to see the Pacific Ocean.
1789 - The first U.S. Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution. Ten of the amendments became the Bill of Rights.
1847 - During the Mexican-American War, U.S. forces led by General Zachary Taylor captured Monterrey Mexico.
1890 - The Sequoia National Park was established as a U.S. National Park in Central California.
1957 - 300 U.S. Army troops stood guard as nine black students were escorted to class at Central High School in Little Rock, AR. The children had been forced to withdraw 2 days earlier because of unruly white mobs.
1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor became the first female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court when she was sworn in as the 102nd justice. She had been nominated the previous July by U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
1990 - The U.N. Security Council voted to impose an air embargo against Iraq. Cuba was the only dissenting vote.
1991 - The U.N. Security Council unanimously ordered a worldwide arms embargo against Yugoslavia and all of its warring factions.
1992 - The Mars Observer blasted off on a mission that cost $980 million. The probe has not been heard from since it reached Mars in August of 1993.
1995 - Ross Perot announced that he would form the Independence Party.
2002 - U.S. forces landed in Ivory Coast to aid in the rescue foreigners trapped in a school by fighting between government troops and rebel troops. Rebels had attempted to take over the government on September 19.
2012 - China launched its first aircraft carrier into service.

World News

ISIS Works with Saudi Arabia to Kill Yemeni Women and Children
Kurt Nimmo - On Thursday an Islamic State suicide bomber disguised as a woman killed ten Muslim worshippers performing Eid al-Adha prayers in a Houthi mosque in Taiz, a city in the southwest of Yemen. The ISIS group in Yemen said the terror attack was intended to kill “rejectionists,” a term Sunni Wahhabists use to describe Shia Muslims. “In a security operation facilitated by God as part of the acts of revenge for Muslims from the rejectionist Houthi, brother Abu Omar al-Hadidi waded into a crowd of apostate Houthis at al-Balili temple, detonated his suicide belt causing dozens to perish or to be injured,” the statement said.

Israel officially permits use of live ammo in answer to ‘civilian-threat’ stone-throwers
RT - Israel has decided to allow its police troops to fire on Palestinian and other stone-throwers when civilian lives are deemed to be at risk, and not just in self-defense. The Security Cabinet has also approved a 4-year minimum sentence for stone throwing.... Until recently, police officers were only allowed to fire when their own lives were in danger. Speaking at a Thursday meeting, Netanyahu stressed that his cabinet wants to change the situation where stone throwers “can hurl these lethal and murderous objects without response and without being foiled,” Haaretz reported.

Diplomats: US won't negotiate on Russia's UN draft on Syria
AP - Diplomats said Thursday the United States has refused to negotiate over a draft statement that Russia had hoped the U.N. Security Council would approve to bolster its position on Syria ahead of a major gathering of world leaders. A draft of Russia's council statement, obtained by The Associated Press, urges countries to fight extremist groups "in coordination with the governments of the affected states." That language can be seen as a reference to Syria's government, which Russia supports… Sheba Crocker, the assistant U.S. secretary of state for international organization affairs, confirmed that the U.S. told Russia it couldn't support its proposed statement on Syria. "We have concerns that a council presidential statement could be perceived as endorsing an approach that could set back efforts to reach a negotiated political transition in Syria," Crocker told reporters in Washington. She said the draft was at "significant variance with the ongoing efforts of a coalition of more than 60 countries, including all of Syria's neighbors to counter ISIL."

Upper House: No request from Putin to dispatch troops in Syria
RT - Russian Upper House officials and the Kremlin spokesman have dismissed media reports about an alleged request to sanction the use of Russian military forces in Syria, adding that such document never existed even in preparatory stage. “I know nothing about this, I have seen no documents on this issue. I cannot explain where this information could be coming from,” Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday... The comments came after US news agency Bloomberg reported, quoting its own unnamed sources, that Vladimir Putin’s administration had already prepared the request for the Federation Council’s license to send troops to Syria. The US journalists went further to suggest that Moscow planned to start an independent campaign against ISIS in the Middle East if no agreement with Washington is reached.

Ukraine Should Be Given Legal Cover to 'Walk Away' From Debt - Chris Murphy
Sputnik News - The United States and other international players should take actions to help Ukraine avoid honoring a $3 billion debt to Russia, US Senator and member of the Foreign Relations Committee Chris Murphy told Sputnik. "The international community should make it clear that we should take whatever steps necessary to give Ukraine the legal cover it needs to walk away from that debt," Murphy said on Thursday of the debt Ukraine owes Russia… The United States, a number of European countries as well as some of Ukraine’s private creditors agreed in August to write-down an $18 billion debt the country has been unable to pay. While other creditors have agreed to take as much as a 20 percent write-down on the principal of the bonds issued to Ukraine, Russia has insisted that Ukraine repay in full the amount Moscow loaned it in December 2013.

CIA Refuses for Fifth Time to Help Poland's Investigation of Torture Carried Out by CIA
AllGov - Polish prosecutors have repeatedly—five times—attempted to get information out of the Obama administration about the torture of detainees by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Poland during the war on terror launched by President George W. Bush. Each time the Department of Justice has denied the requests from the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków… The inquiries relate to the use of a Polish intelligence base from 2002 to 2003 to question terrorism suspects, using so-called enhanced interrogation techniques—or to put it another way, torture. The U.S. rejected all of the requests by “relying on an annex in the Polish-U.S. agreement on legal assistance, according to which such assistance may be refused if reasons of national security are cited,” Piotr Kosmaty, spokesman for the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków, said.

Uruguay Does Unthinkable, Rejects Global Corporatocracy
Wolf Street - After months of intense pressure led by unions and other grassroots movements that culminated in a national general strike on the issue – the first of its kind around the globe – the Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez bowed to public opinion and left the US-led trade agreement. Despite – or more likely because of – its symbolic importance, Uruguay’s historic decision has been met by a wall of silence. Beyond the country’s borders, mainstream media has refused to cover the story. This is hardly a surprise given that the global public is not supposed to even know about TiSA’s existence, despite – or again because of – the fact that it’s arguably the most important of the new generation of global trade agreements. According to WikiLeaks, it “is the largest component of the United States’ strategic ‘trade’ treaty triumvirate,” which also includes the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Pact (TTIP).

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing
Economic Collapse - Over the last sixty days, we have seen the 8th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis and the 10th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis. You would think that this would be enough to wake people up, but most Americans still don’t seem very alarmed. And of course what has happened to U.S. stocks so far is quite mild compared to what has been going on in the rest of the world.

Germany warns auto makers of follow-up tests after VW scandal
RT - German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said on Thursday that following the Volkswagen scandal random emission tests would be conducted on cars made by other manufacturers. "It is clear that the Federal Office for Motor Traffic will not exclusively concentrate on the VW models in question, but that it will also carry out random tests on vehicles made by other carmakers," Dobrindt was cited by Reuters. The minister also announced that emissions manipulations by Volkswagen took place In Europe as well as the US.... Reports on Thursday suggest one of BMW’s diesel models also exceeded EU emission regulations.

Austria and Italy Celebrate Bans on GM Crops with EU Opt-Out
Sustainable Pulse - Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level, thus there will now be a full ban on GM crops in both countries under new EU regulations.

Chinese Companies are Still Mass Producing Fake Plastic Rice
Natural Blaze - The rice in question China’s Wuchang rice. The rice is very popular because the real Wuchang rice is famous for its smell, and it costs more for its quality (almost double the price), according to Blue Ocean Network (BON) TV report, a popular English Channel in China.... An undercover journalist has found out that in order to make the fake rice, a small amount of real Wuchang rice is mixed with plastic rice, sprayed with a fragrance to replicate the original rice smell, packaged and shipped to stores across China. It was reported that annually 800,000 tons of real Wuchang rice is produced, yet 10 million tons of “Wuchang” rice is sold – whether plastic or another type of rice; more than 9 million tons of it is fake. Eating three bowls of this rice is equal to consuming about one plastic bag; it can be dangerous and can cause serious digestive issues, and even be fatal if consumed daily.... So far no reports of plastic rice in the United States have surfaced, and most countries’ officials have dismissed it as a major concern.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Chicago Tribune Sues Rahm Emanuel for Using Private Email to Escape Open Records Law
Breitbart - If a lawsuit filed by the Chicago Tribune against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is any indication, it looks like another Obama operative is under fire for using private email addresses to escape accountability and open records laws. This week, the Tribune filed its lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, demanding that former Obama chief of staff Emanuel release his email to comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Act. The lawsuit further asks that Emanuel be declared in violation of the Illinois Local Records Act. The paper says that, for the last few years, Emanuel has engaged in “a pattern of non-compliance, partial compliance, delay and obfuscation” that has resulted in a lack of transparency.

UN Sets Up Mysterious 'Field Hospital' In Sandy Hook New Jersey Ahead Of Pope Francis Visit
All News Pipeline - With everything else now going on around the world on this long dreaded day of September 23rd, we learn in the 1st video below that the Pennsylvania State Police has sent out a memo to law enforcement warning that terrorists might be using the uniforms and identification cards of 1st responders such as law enforcement, firefighters and EMT's to get access into secure areas and launch attacks against the Pope and/or innocent Americans. We also see in the 2nd video below that the United Nations has set up a mysterious field hospital in Sandy Hook, New Jersey after which the tweets showing this facility being set up were deleted.

Pope Kid: Amnesty Activists Stage PR Stunt to Promote Illegal Immigration (Video)
Kit Daniels - The incident involving a little girl who “broke” through Pope Francis’ security to “ask” him to promote amnesty was a staged event orchestrated by illegal immigrant activists who used the girl as a propaganda tool. As the story goes, little Sophie Cruz slipped past security to approach the Popemobile to not only give the pope the t-shirt but to also deliver him a handwritten letter which advocates amnesty for illegals. “All [illegal] immigrants just like my dad help feed this country,” the note read. “They deserve an immigration reform.” The t-shirt Cruz gave the pontiff read: “Pope: rescue DAPA [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans], so the legalization would be your blessing.” Although the story sounds heartwarming, it was actually a staged PR stunt to promote amnesty, and Cruz’s parents are illegal alien activists pushing DAPA, a proposed ‘open borders’ policy which would prevent the deportation of ‘anchor baby’ parents.

248 Armed Conflicts After WW2; US Started 201 (81%), Killing 30 Million so Far
Washington's Blog - People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them. These US-started armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men. The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis. US official reports now confirm all “reasons” the US told for current armed attacks were known to be false as they were told. These lie-started US wars are not even close to lawful. US wars and rhetoric for more wars continue a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression. The most decorated US Marine general in his day warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for 1% plunder.

Pope’s call for immigration leniency unlikely to change debate
Washington Times - Pope Francis is more than head of the Catholic Church — he’s also the head of state of the Vatican, which as a government has possibly the most restrictive immigration and citizenship policies of any nation in the world. The pope, traveling to the U.S. for the first time, has made a special appeal to Americans to welcome immigrants, using his address to a joint meeting of Congress Thursday to invoke the Golden Rule in demanding generosity toward the millions of Central and South Americans seeking to come to the country. “Thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children?” he said. “We need to avoid a common temptation nowadays: to discard whatever proves troublesome. Let us remember the Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’”

Gabby Giffords Uses Pope Francis’s Address for Gun Control Fundraising
Breitbart - On September 24 the gun control group founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly used Pope Francis’s address to Congress as an opportunity to request a $3 donation from gun control supporters. The gun control group–Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS)–quoted the Pope as saying, “We have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict pain untold suffering on individuals and society?” David Levinthal then tweeted that Giffords’ gun control group added the following request: “Add your $3 contribution to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC to help us continue our work of making our communities safer by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.”

EPA’s fondness for high-end furniture costs taxpayers $92 million
Washington Times - The Environmental Protection Agency over the past decade has spent a whopping $92.4 million to purchase, rent, install and store office furniture ranging from fancy hickory chairs and a hexagonal wooden table, worth thousands of dollars each, to a simple drawer to store pencils that cost $813.57. The furniture shopping sprees equaled about $6,000 for every one of the agency’s 15,492 employees, according to federal spending data made public by the government watchdog

VIDEO: A Random Act of Kindness: Photo Goes Viral of McDonalds Employee Helping Disabled Man Eat His Meal
Breitbart - The image, along with a description, was posted to Facebook Sept. 16 by user Destiny Carreno. Carreno stated she was waiting in line at McDonald’s when a handicapped man wheeled himself to the cashier, identified as Kenny, and asked for help. Kenny, confused at first by the request, came out from behind the counter with gloves on, sat down next to the man and began to cut his food.... Carreno later added that she was brought to tears by Kenny’s compassion, saying in her post, “My heart was so appreciative for what he did. I couldn’t contain my emotions in the crowded restaurant.”

Election News

Donald Trump Questions Pope Francis on Climate Change: ‘It’s Weather’
Breitbart - The Pope, in his speech at the White House, said climate change is “a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.” Trump was asked during his interview if he agreed with the Pope on climate change. “I think that clean air is a pressing problem. You want to have clean air, clean water. That’s very important to me, and I’ve won many environmental awards. I am not a believer in climate change,” Trump stated.... Trump adds: Look, it’s weather. We have bad floods. I can’t watch the evening news anymore. Every time you turn on the evening news, they show there’s a big rain storm, there’s a tornado, there’s this. I mean, you can’t watch the news anymore. And so it’s weather, and it’s been that way for so long. He said America shouldn’t “imperil the companies within our country” by mandating environmental regulations that would “imperil jobs … actually the middle class, and actually the lower classes are going to be the people with no money.”

Rubio Keeps Hope Alive for Illegal Alien Welfare, Citizenship Amid World’s Migrant Crises
Breitbart - Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is using his presidential campaign to promote citizenship for those who come here illegally and take American jobs, benefits and residency. In a September 21 interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Rubio said that within 10 or 12 years — which would be after the U.S. foreign-born population has swelled above 51 million on current trends — “you could have a broader debate about how has this worked out and should we allow some of them [the illegal foreign-born] to apply for green cards and eventually citizenship.”... A “green card” is the document that entitles foreign nationals to collect welfare, draw Social Security and Medicare, bring their foreign relatives into the U.S., and become voting citizens. In fact, the Obama Administration is currently working to get as many people on green cards as possible to vote before the 2016 election.

Trump Credited With ICE Agents Ability to Deport Illegal Aliens from L.A. Jails
Breitbart - Donald Trump is being given credit for a new L.A. County policy that lets federal agents “interview [jail] inmates who have committed serious crimes” to gauge if they need to be deported. “It appears the ‘Trump Effect’ is now having an impact on Los Angeles County policy,” complained Pablo Alvarado, a spokesman for the pro-migrant National Day Laborer Organizing Network. “It appears the ‘Trump Effect’ is now having an impact on Los Angeles County policy,” complained Pablo Alvarado, a spokesman for the pro-migrant National Day Laborer Organizing Network.... The county’s popular pro-American shift, announced Sept 22, came amid public anger after five-time illegal migrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez allegedly shot and killed Kathryn Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco. “The [new] policy appears politically motivated and impacted by sensationalized tragedy,” Alvarado complained. Prior to this shift, county officials had imposed rules that stopped federal agents from checking jailhouses for illegal migrants.

Veteran News

American Airlines Bars Vet From Boarding With Service Dog, Issues Apology
BarkPost - No one should be told that his/her service dog cannot board a plane, but Captain Jason Haag experienced just that when boarding a recent American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Virginia. Haag and his K9s For Warriors service dog, Axel, traveled to Los Angeles because the pup was named Best Service Dog at The Hero Dog Awards. Upon boarding, Haag and Axel were pulled off the line and interrogated over the service dog’s authenticity. Haag and his family were informed the flight was filled and were not allowed to fly. Axel supports his owner who has PTSD, who is a former Marine and served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, Axel was wearing his service harness and vest at the time of the incident.

Economy & Business

McConnell tees up vote on spending bill to avoid government shutdown
The Hill - The Republican leader filed cloture on a short-term government funding bill that includes money for Planned Parenthood. He said the Senate will take a procedural vote at 5:30 p.m on Monday, sparing lawmakers a rare weekend session. The move comes after nearly every Democrat, and eight Republicans, blocked the Senate earlier Thursday from moving forward with a bill that would fund the government through Dec. 11, but redirect federal funding for Planned Parenthood to other community health providers… The new short-term bill is widely expected to overcome Monday's procedural hurdle and be sent to the House early next week… What House Republicans will do with the funding bill remains to be seen.

VIDEO: Caterpillar to cut up to 10K jobs; lowers guidance
CNBC News - Caterpillar announced Thursday that it expects to permanently reduce its workforce by 4,000 to 5,000 by the end of 2016. This comes as part of a corporate restructuring that the firm said will lower operating costs by about $1.5 billion annually once implemented. The company also lowered its guidance for 2015, saying sales and revenues for the year are now expected to be about $48 billion—$1 billion lower than the previous outlook of about $49 billion. The Thursday announcement also said that expected 2016 sales and revenues will be about 5 percent below this year. Beyond the short-term expected layoffs, Caterpillar said that its total workforce reduction could amount to more than 10,000 people—including possible manufacturing closures through 2018.

Energy & Environment

St. Louis landfill fire could reach radioactive waste in months
Al Jazeera - A fire smoldering underneath a landfill north of St. Louis since 2010 could reach radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project in as little as three months, according to a report released by Missouri's attorney general. Much of the uranium used to make the first nuclear weapons was processed in downtown St. Louis, and the waste was moved around the region for decades. In 1973 a private company that bought some of the waste from the U.S. government illegally dumped it at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, a northern suburb of St. Louis...One of the reports released by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster concluded that the underground fire could reach the West Lake Landfill's known radioactive waste in three to six months -- the consequences of which remain largely unknown.

Science & Technology

DHS is creating a nationwide boat tracking system
MassPrivateI - DHS/Coast Guard want to track EVERY boat to improve "navigational safety".... According to the Coast Guard, the NAIS Project was initiated and officially chartered in December 2004. There are over 200 VHF surveillance sites throughout the country, spying on boats in rivers and along the coast... According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC): "A ship equipped with AIS broadcasts a regular stream of voiceless data, including the vessel’s name, course, speed, classification, call sign, registration number, and Maritime Mobile Service Identity. Most vessels over 65 feet that operate in U.S. waters are required to carry AIS, and owners of smaller craft can also opt to use it."... DHS is planning to transfer detailed location data on boaters to other federal agencies, to state agencies, and to foreign governments!


The Main Causes of Alzheimer's, Including One That's Transmissible
Dr. Mercola - It seems quite clear that Alzheimer's disease is primarily diet-related, with insulin resistance, processed foods, trans fats, and unhealthy omega 6:3 ratios being the primary culprits. However, recent research has also uncovered evidence suggesting that the disease may be the result of agricultural practices, and even more surprising, Alzheimer's could potentially be transmitted via certain invasive medical procedures. At present, evidence suggests there are a number of causes promoting Alzheimer's symptoms, including the following...

Turmeric's Healing Power: A Physical Manifestation of Compassion?
Green Med Info - It could be written off as an overly imaginative cultural oddity that ancient Indians understood turmeric to be the physical essence of the Divine Mother -- a botanical embodiment of compassion and healing. After all, nothing in the known biochemistry of this common spice plant lends itself to so gratuitous a characterization, does it? It turns out that even modern science now confirm that this 'curry' spice has therapeutic properties relevant to well over 600 different health conditions, and may therefore bestow on those who take it significant protection from many common causes of human suffering. Some of the more amazing examples are its ability to reverse aspects of dementia (Alzheimer's disease), replace Prozac, prevent type 2 diabetes, produce cardiovascular benefits as significant as exercise, including preventing post-bypass heart attack by 56%, heal the diabetic liver, kill lethal pancreatic cancer, and help kick painkillers to the curb for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, while giving at least a dozen more pharmaceuticals a run for their money.

Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (Taxol) In Cancer Research Model
Green Med Info - ...ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy. A new study published in PLoS reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.

The Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk and How to Make Your Own
Natural News Blogs - This dairy alternative will provide the body with: Vitamins like Vitamin A, E, B-12, folate and riboflavinMinerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zincAll 10 essential amino acidsProtein (4 grams per serving)Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids Being this nutrient-rich, it is no wonder that hemp milk provides so many health benefits as well! Because of these nutrients, hemp milk can help to strengthen the body’s immune system, develop glowing skin as well as strong and healthy hair and nails, a healthy heart and sharper cognitive skills, including learning and memory.

Pet News

The Disturbing Cause Of Dental Disease In Dogs
Dogs Naturally - According to Dr Brooke Niemiec of the American Veterinary Dental College, dental disease is the number one medical problem among pets today! In fact, over 70 percent of dogs and cats will suffer periodontal disease by the age of two.... Dr Lonsdale [who became] accustomed to seeing drastic improvements in dental health with the change from kibble and commercial pet foods to a raw diet, he wondered “How quickly will healthy dogs start to deteriorate if we feed them junk food?” And a very interesting study was begun … Dr Lonsdale recruited four raw fed dogs and, for the next 17 days, he fed them kibble – Science Diet veterinary food to be exact. The results were visible. Each photo shows the subject dogs’ teeth while they were eating a raw, species appropriate food, and the stinky breath, yellow teeth, and sore bleeding gums that occurred just 17 days after feeding a veterinary diet. Because they haven’t been scrubbed away by the appropriate food, the bacteria multiplied,” explains Dr Lonsdale. “And they’re now gaining access to these dogs’ mouths, and from the mouth to the rest of the body. And that, we think, is the reason why animals end up with many diseases of the liver, the kidneys, the heart, the immune system, and so on.”

Bio-Inappropriate: The Dangers of Dry Food
FelineNutrition - I have never seen a single case of serious obesity, diabetes, urinary tract disease, or IBD in a cat fed meat instead of commercial dry foods. Many other people have seen the same results. Further, I do not see nutritional deficiencies in cats fed properly balanced raw-meat diets." "I want to emphasize a point here. The incidence of these problems has not just declined on a raw-meat diet, they have entirely disappeared. These results are too dramatic to ignore." – Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM.

Thursday - September 24, 2015 - Today in History:

1789 - The U.S. Congress passed the First Judiciary Act. The act provided for an Attorney General and a lower federal courts.
1869 - Thousands of businessmen were financially ruined after a panic on Wall Street. The panic was caused by an attempt to corner the gold market by Jay Gould and James Fisk.
1929 - The first all-instrument flight took place in New York when Lt. James H. Doolittle guided a Consolidated NY2 Biplane over Mitchell Field.
1955 - U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Denver, CO.
1957 - U.S. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, AR, to enforce school integration.
1960 - The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was launched. The USS Enterprise set out from Newport News, VA.
1963 - The U.S. Senate ratified a treaty that limited nuclear testing. The treaty was between the U.S., Britain, and the Soviet Union.
1995 - Three decades of Israeli occupation of West Bank cities ended with the signing of a pact by Israel and the PLO.
1996 - The United States, represented by President Clinton, and the world's other major nuclear powers signed a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to end all testing and development of nuclear weapons.
1998 - The U.S. Federal Reserve released into circulation $2 billion in new harder-to-counterfeit $20 bills.
2001 - U.S. President George W. Bush froze the assets of 27 suspected terrorists and terrorist groups.

World News

Endgame: Putin Plans To Strike ISIS With Or Without The U.S.
Zero Hedge - As Bloomberg reports, "President Vladimir Putin, determined to strengthen Russia’s only military outpost in the Middle East, is preparing to launch unilateral airstrikes against Islamic State from inside Syria if the U.S. rejects his proposal to join forces, two people familiar with the matter said."... " Russia is hoping common sense will prevail and Obama takes Putin’s outstretched hand,” said Elena Suponina, a senior Middle East analyst at the Institute of Strategic Studies, which advises the Kremlin. “But Putin will act anyway if this doesn’t happen.

”Russia Threatens To Deploy Ballistic Missiles In Retaliation For US Nuclear Escalation
Zero Hedge - …the US is set to deliver 20 new nuclear bombs to Germany, each of which has four times the destructive power of the one that was dropped on Hiroshima... Hans Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, said the move blurs the line between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons,” while one member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats warned that the “new attack options against Russia” constitute “a conscious provocation of [Germany’s] Russian neighbors.” … Well sure enough, The Kremlin is now hitting back. Russia may deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad if the United States upgrades its nuclear weapons in Germany, the Interfax news agency cited a military source as saying on Wednesday. "A final decision well be taken after detailed analysis of the potential threat," the agency cited the source as saying.

Swedish kids asked by school to write a suicide note… while thinking about their moms
RT - Parents at a school in Sweden are furious after learning that their kids were asked to write fictional suicide notes, while also imagining they were writing these to their own mothers. The task was part of a class dealing with mental health issues. The 13 year-old school children from the town of Skelleftea in the north east of Sweden, were reportedly listening to an audio book about a girl who was planning to commit suicide. After listening to the harrowing story, which was part of lesson looking at mental health issues, their teacher asked them to write a letter to the girl’s mother, to explain to her that the child’s thoughts about suicide were not the parent’s fault. However, to make the task ‘easier,’ their teacher suggested that when writing the fictional letter, they should instead think about their own mother’s, the angry parents claimed.

Sec. State Kerry Warns U.S. and Russia May Clash in Syria
Kurt Nimmo - On Wednesday The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Russian support for the government of Bashar al-Assad and its targeting of the Islamic State in Syria may lead to confrontation between the United States and Russia. “These actions could provoke a further escalation of the conflict and lead to the loss of more innocent lives, increasing the flow of refugees and risking a confrontation with the anti-ISIS coalition operating in Syria,” Kerry told the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The “anti-ISIS coalition operating in Syria” is comprised of the United States, Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada. The coalition is reportedly conducting airstrikes and providing intelligence on ISIS. Israel has also said Russian support for the al-Assad government may lead to confrontations between its forces and the Russians.

German Police Covering Up Rapes so as ‘Not to Legitimize Critics of Mass Migration’
Paul Joseph Watson - Police in Germany are keeping quiet about a spate of rapes targeting children committed by Muslim migrants in and around refugee camps so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass migration, according to local media reports. The Gatestone Institute has compiled a list of the innumerable rapes committed by predominantly Muslim asylum seekers over the last few months. One of those cases involved a 13-year-old girl who was raped at a migrant camp in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother originally fled the Middle East to escape from sexual abuse in their home, only to be targeted by an asylum seeker from the same country. Fearing that public knowledge of the rape could lead to “right-wing demonstrations,” the police buried the incident.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Pope Francis set to address fractious U.S. Congress
Reuters - Francis, who arrived Tuesday in Washington on a U.S. trip that also will take him to New York and Philadelphia, is set to become the first pope to address a joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives at 9:20 a.m. EDT. The pope is expected to address climate change as well as the need to help migrants fleeing wars, international efforts to resolve conflicts, the U.S. role in helping poorer nations, religious freedom and the "right to life" issues of abortion and euthanasia.... In an example of Republican wariness of the pope's climate change stance, a conservative Republican U.S. congressman, Paul Gosar of Arizona, has said he will boycott the address over the pope's views on climate change. Gosar said on Wednesday he did not think the pope should "prioritize climate change over speaking out against religious intolerance happening across the world."

NYPD officer known for intimidating activists served at Abu Ghraib torture prison in Iraq – report
RT - A New York Police Department Deputy Inspector served in the US Army military command in Iraqi at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison at the same time human rights abuses were being committed there, an investigation by the Gothamist discovered. The officer has a reputation for using aggressive tactics against street protesters.Deputy Inspector Andrew J. Lombardo is well known to New York activists for his seemingly arbitrary arrests and intense questioning techniques, but what they may not know was that he was part of the military chain of command at Abu Ghraib.

America’s Other Al Qaeda
Tony Cartalucci - It is no longer tenable for the United States and its regional allies in and near the Middle East to claim they are backing “moderate rebels” in the proxy war raging in Syria, Iraq, and parts of Lebanon. There is the Syrian government on one side, and terrorists including Al Qaeda and its various franchises such as the Al Nusra Front and the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL) on the other. If one is not supporting the Syrian government, it is very clear they are supporting Al Qaeda. So obvious is this fact, that the Western press and the corporate-financier think tanks that produce for them their talking points, have begun a campaign to re-brand Al Qaeda as a lesser evil vis-a-vis ISIS. In reality, there is virtually no difference, with the US and its regional allies clearly arming, funding, and supporting both.

ISIS Czar Allen Stepping Down Amid Second Scandal, Support For ISIS
Brandon Turbeville - IIt was revealed on September 22 that Barack Obama’s hand-picked ISIS Czar, disgraced Gen. John Allen, will be leaving his post in the coming weeks. The information was transmitted to the Bloomberg View from four separate administration officials who said that the White House was not ready to announce Allen’s resignation officially but that the twice disgraced General would be stepping down in early November. Karin Von Hippel, Allen’s Chief Of Staff, will also be resigning according to reports. ISIS Czar Allen’s reputation has been marred by controversy and scandal as well as an attempt to push the United States into further direct military involvement in Syria, particularly against the one fighting force that actually opposed ISIS – i.e. the Syrian government.

Pope Francis to Bishops: ‘Do Not Be Afraid to Welcome Immigrants’
Breitbart - Pope Francis urged Catholic bishops in the United States to open their doors to immigrants, asserting that “these people will enrich America and its Church.”

Pope’s Flights to Cuba, U.S. Emit More CO2 Than 557,000 Lbs of Coal
Kit Daniels - While demanding “urgent action” against “man-made climate change,” Pope Francis is flying around on a Boeing 777-200 which spews nearly 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile. Yet the pope is demanding that Americans cut back on their lifestyles and pay carbon taxes to fight so-called “man-made climate change.” “It seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation,” he said at a speech outside the White House on Wednesday. “When it comes to the care of our common home, we are living at a critical moment of history.” “We still have time to make the changes needed to bring about a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change.”

Election News

Trump Announces Personal Boycott of Fox News – Fox Hits Back
Breitbart - Using his Twitter account, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump announced Wednesday that “for the foreseeable future” he is boycotting Fox News. Upset with his coverage on the “fair and balanced” network, Trump tweeted, “Fox News has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.” Trump probably holds the most leverage in this fight. He’s a ratings juggernaut who can dash over to CNN or MSNBC and boost their ratings with a single appearance. A couple of hours later, Fox responded with a statement calling Trump’s attacks “stale and tiresome.”... Hillary Clinton is also boycotting Fox News.

Rep. Mark Sanford Invites Dr. Ben Carson as Guest to Pope’s Congressional Address
Breitbart - Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) invited GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson as his guest to attend Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Thursday. “I appreciate the invitation from Congressman Mark Sanford and am looking forward to hearing the thoughts of the Holy leader,” Carson says.... Carson is a devout Christian and recently made media headlines by stating he didn’t support a Muslim becoming President of the United States – specifically a Muslim who wouldn’t renounce Sharia Law.

Economy & Business

The Fed Can’t Fix It: “All That’s Left is a Reset, Shutdown of the System”
Mac Slavo - As far as many experts can tell, there is no right way or good way out of this crisis under Fed control... Not raising rates means yet another round of QE – QE Round 4 – which will lead to a further strain on the real economy as those on top get continued easy free, while interest rates on investments, pensions, insurance and savings sit at zero, or even go negative, destroying wealth. Derivatives continue to rule the day, and everything remains in jeopardy. That’s why the Fed will eventually raise rates, at least just a little bit. But it will be too little way too late. The Fed has, in fact, lost control, according to many experts.
* Related: The Worst Part Is Central Bankers Know Exactly What They Are Doing

IRS Agent Busted for Attempting to Extort $20,000 from Cannabis Shop Owner
Activist Post - An IRS agent was arrested this week after he was caught attempting to con a Seattle marijuana shop owner out of $20,000. The 42-year-old agent, Paul G. Hurley, reportedly demanded a $20,000 bribe from the shop owner, in exchange for a break on an audit. In fact, Hurley had said that he saved the business owner over a million dollars on his tax return, and that his current tax bill was just under $300,000. The shop owner was not even concerned with getting a break, so when the agent left he contacted federal authorities who set up a sting operation wherein the shop owner gave the IRS agent money for the bribe.... Hurley is currently facing up to 15 years in jail for charges of soliciting and agreeing to receive a bribe and two counts of receiving a bribe by a public official.

Los Angeles to Declare Homeless ‘State of Emergency’
Breitbart - The City of Los Angeles is preparing to declare a state of emergency on the epidemic levels of homeless population and is planning to use $100 million dollars to spearhead the fight that one councilman suggested is a precursor to L.A. winning a 2024 bid to host the Olympic Games.... Cedillo made further statements indicating that the effort is tied to the city’s attempt to win a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. “If we want to be a great city that hosts the Olympics and shows itself off to the world,” he said, “we shouldn’t have 25,000 to 50,000 people sleeping on the streets.”... The announcement that a “state of emergency” will be declared was made on Tuesday, with Mayor Eric Gracetti and City Council Members leading the charge. According to the Times, the announcement is in line with Gracetti’s Monday proposal to capture $13 million in tax revenues for short-term housing projects.

Science & Technology

Office of Personnel Mgmt: 5.6M estimated to have fingerprints stolen in breach
CNBC News - The Office of Personnel Management announced Wednesday that 5.6 million people are now estimated to have had their fingerprint information stolen. That number was originally thought to be about 1.1 million, OPM said in a statement. About 21.5 million individuals had their Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information affected by the hack. According to OPM, "federal experts believe that, as of now, the ability to misuse fingerprint data is limited." The office acknowledged, however, that future technologies could take advantage of this information.... Officials also have said no evidence has surfaced yet suggesting the stolen data has been abused, though they fear the theft could present counterintelligence problems.

Driveby therapy: Smart car seat monitors driver stress, energy levels
RT - For commuters stuck in traffic, a driver's seat is far from comfortable. A French automotive company could change that with an intelligent car seat that uses a biometric sensing system, offering physical and mental therapy in case of stress or exhaustion. The "Active Wellness" car seat, made by Faurecia, is designed to track driver health using non-contact sensors in order to offer a more comfortable driving experience.... Measuring heart rhythms and breathing, the system discerns the occupant's stress and energy levels, offering the driver treatment options, such as a massage with warming and cooling options.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

New Congressional Bills Aim to Protect Consumer Access to Raw MilK (Action Alert)
Health Impact News - Federal bills have been introduced that will make it easier to sell raw milk across state borders—but they need our support to succeed.... Late last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and a bipartisan coalition of sixteen other lawmakers including Jared Polis (D-CO), have reintroduced two important bills, the Milk Freedom Act and the Interstate Milk Freedom Act. The Milk Freedom Act would prohibit the government from interfering with the interstate traffic of raw milk products. The Interstate Milk Freedom Act would explicitly allow the shipment of raw milk between two states where the sale of raw milk is already legal.


Turmeric Lime Soda That Aids in Digestion, Smoothes Pain and Cool Inflammation
Natural News Blogs - While turmeric is not easy for your body to absorb. So it’s essential to find an effective way to integrate turmeric into your diet to get its super benefits for health. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology found that the bioavailability of turmeric increased in rats when it was fermented. Here is a recipe for you to ferment turmeric, which will make the most of turmeric to pacify pain, promote digestion and reduce inflammation.

One Whiff of These 10 Scents Can Relieve Stress Almost Instantly
April McCarthy - Ever wonder why some scents make you feel relaxed or energized? It’s no coincidence and we have our olfactory system to thank for its intimate relationship with the brain, which affects both our memory and mood. Here are 10 scents which will enhance this system with just one whiff.

Humor & Satire

Cameras catch Obama with ‘horns’ next to Pope
The American Mirror - While President Obama was escorting Pope Francis today, cameras captured something coincidental — or subliminal.While President Obama was escorting Pope Francis today, cameras captured something coincidental — or subliminal. Others saw President Obama appearing to having horns, too, and it wasn’t just from one angle: It wouldn’t be the first time it appeared Obama had a set of horns. Last year, while giving a speech in the White House, observers noted it appeared the president had horns coming out of his head.

Wednesday - September 23, 2015 - Today in History:

1779 - John Paul Jones, commander of the American warship Bon Homme, was quoted as saying "I have not yet begun to fight!"
1780 - John Andre, a British spy, was captured with papers revealing that Benedict Arnold was going to surrender West Point, NY, to the British.
1806 - The Corps of Discovery, the Lewis and Clark expedition, reached St. Louis, MO, and ended the trip to the Pacific Northwest.
1846 - Astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.
1952 - The first Pay Television sporting event took place. The Marciano-Walcott fight was seen in 49 theaters in 31 cities.
1952 - Richard Nixon gave his "Checkers Speech". At the time he was a candidate for U.S. vice-president.
1957 - Nine black students withdrew from Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas due to the white mob outside.
1981 - The Reagan administration announced its plans for what became known as Radio Marti.
1986 - Japanese newspapers quoted Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone as saying that minorities lowered the "intelligence level" of America.
1990 - Iraq publicly threatened to destroy Middle East oil fields and to attack Israel if any nation tried to force it from Kuwait.
1991 - U.N. weapons inspectors find documents detailing Iraq's secret nuclear weapons program. The find in Baghdad triggered a standoff with authorities in Iraq.
1993 - The Israeli parliament ratified the Israel-PLO accord.
1993 - Blacks were allowed a role in the South African government after a parliamentary vote.
1999 - The Mars Climate Observer apparently burned up as it was about to go into orbit around the Red Planet.

World News

US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt In Estonia: Amid Russian Hostility, Aircraft Arrive In The Baltics
IB Times - Twelve U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft arrived Monday at an Estonian air force base as part of an operation to deter Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, according to a U.S. Air Force report. The aircraft landed in the Baltic country after flying from Germany and are expected to spend the next six months training with NATO allies and other European partners. The aircraft are originally from the 23rd Wing at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, and are being used to augment the U.S. military's attempts to bring security and stability to Europe, according to the statement. The exercise, which is part of a cross-continental mission known as Operation Atlantic Resolve, is designed to be a show of force against Russian intimidation after the Kremlin annexed Crimea in March 2014 and continues to be involved in the eastern Ukraine conflict.

Greeks Take Up Bartering After Trade With Troika Bites
Sputnik News - An online version of the agora is reinventing the age-old bartering system in Greece in response to the economic crisis and introduction of capital controls in June. Tradenow has more than 20,000 members who operate on a points based system to barter for anything from goji berries to an apartment in Athens or a plot of land for sale on a Greek island. "After the capital controls were imposed in June, companies began to call us to find out how they could benefit from bartering," Yiannis, Delyiannis CEO and co-founder of Tradenow told Sputnik.

Pentagon-Trained ‘Moderate Rebels’ Hand Weapons Over to Syrian Al-Qaeda
Mikael Thalen - A group of Pentagon-trained “moderate rebels” known as Division 30 handed their weapons over to Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jahbat al-Nusra this week immediately after entering the country, reports say. Division 30 fighters, who recently graduated from a US-led training program in Turkey, are believed to have given both weapons and vehicles to the terrorist group in exchange for safe passage into Syria.... According to The Telegraph, Abu Khattab al-Maqdisi, another purported member of al-Nusra, also indicated that the commander of Division 30 had told al-Nusra leaders he had tricked his Western-backers in order to receive a large cache of weapons.

Norway gets first of US’s controversial F-35 jets, citing ‘increased Russian activity’ in region
RT - Norway has welcomed the roll-out of the first two of 22 Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets purchased by the Scandinavian state. They are seen as a counter measure to what Norway considers Russia’s boosting military capabilities in the region. Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide celebrated the occasion at American weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin’s F-35 production line in Fort Worth Texas on Tuesday.... Speaking to Reuters on the eve, Defense Minister Soereide alluded to an “obvious projection of power” by Russia in the Baltic region, where NATO members have been ringing alarms over a possible Russian incursion.

US Drones Responsible For More Civilian Deaths in Yemen than Al Qaeda
Activist Post - According to a U.N. report published last week, U.S. drone strikes have killed roughly 40 Yemeni civilians in the past year. The figure is 60% greater than the number of civilians killed by al Qaeda in that same period; al Qaeda is reportedly responsible for 24 civilian deaths. The government’s ongoing drone strikes in Yemen are little-known to the general American public. Many Americans still believe the U.S. military is only involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality, the military is running offensive operations in Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries in the region. The data comes from the U.N.’s Office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights (OHCHR), which compiled statistics stretching from July 1, 2014 to June 30 of 2015.

Longtime U.S. Policy in Afghanistan Allows Military Allies to Rape Children
AllGov - The United States has been turning a blind eye to a culture practice in Afghanistan where men of power rape young boys as a sign of status. he practice, called bacha bazi (“boy play”), has abhorred American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. But most did nothing to stop the rampant pederasty on orders from commanders, who in turn were told by the Obama and Bush administrations to not interfere with the raping. “The American policy of nonintervention is intended to maintain good relations with the Afghan police and militia units the United States has trained to fight the Taliban,” according to The New York Times.

Europe Will Force Countries To Accept Refugee Quotas As Migrant "Dictat" Approved
Zero Hedge - the EU has agreed on a plan to relocate 120,000 migrants across the bloc and despite the fact that the deal was opposed by Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, the allocation will be mandatory. Here’s WSJ: The European Union reached agreement Tuesday on a plan to relocate 120,000 migrants who have arrived in the bloc across the continent over the next two years, European officials said. Four governments, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania opposed the proposal, possibly setting the stage for intensified friction within the blocover the contentious issue.... The plan will be mandatory for all EU member states except the three who have a partial opt-out from EU migration rules; the UK, Ireland and Denmark, officials said. That means that even countries which opposed the decision will have to take in asylum seekers if they are allocated migrants under the scheme.

Fukushima disaster was preventable, new study claims
RT - Fukushima, the worst nuclear disaster in Japan’s history was preventable, a new USC study claims. Design problems, negligence and inadequate pre-tsunami surveys all contributed to the failure that led to the nuclear catastrophe, the study claims. According to the research carried out by the University of Southern California, one of the main faults was the decision to install critical backup generators in low-lying areas, as this was the first place the 2011 tsunami would strike, following the massive earthquake. Backup generators are a key part of any nuclear power plant – they are essential to cool the plant in the event of power loss, in order to prevent a reactor meltdown. These generators were the first to be affected by the disaster, which the author describes as “a cascade of industrial, regulatory and engineering failures.”

U.S. News, Politics & Government

10 controversies swirling around Pope Francis’ visit to the US
RT - Pope Francis has finally landed in the US for his first-ever visit to the country. The papal swing through the Northeast is guaranteed to captivate Americans, but the popular pontiff is likely to draw praise and criticism on numerous contentious issues.

Report: FBI Finds Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails on Her Server
Breitbart -The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has successfully recovered personal and work emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to a new report. Sources told Bloomberg News that some of Clinton’s emails have been extracted from the server, thus disproving the claim that Clinton managed to wipe her server clean after she deleted all of her emails earlier this year. Therefore, some of the emails that Clinton deleted — the ones that she determined were NOT relevant to federal investigations — are now in the hands of the FBI. The federal investigation, therefore, is now out of Clinton’s control.
* Related: Hillary Clinton Email Company Was Hacked By Foreign Attackers in 2011

Democrats block defense spending bill in Senate
Reuters - Democrats blocked the fiscal 2016 defense spending bill in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, amid a fierce fight with Republicans over tax and spending policy days before a potential Oct. 1 government shutdown. The vote was 54-42, largely along party lines with Republicans voting yes and Democrats no. It meant the appropriations measure failed to achieve the 60-vote majority needed to advance to final passage in the 100-member Senate.

Kentucky clerk Davis rejects marriage licenses as invalid: ABC
Reuters - The county clerk from Kentucky who went to jail rather than issue marriage licenses to gay couples said the licenses being granted by her staff are invalid, according to an interview that aired on Tuesday. Davis added that she was prepared to return to jail over the controversy, according to ABC. She returned to work on Sept. 14 after a five-day stint in jail for refusing to issue any marriage licenses following a Supreme Court ruling in June that made gay marriage legal across the United States. On Monday, lawyers for couples suing Davis said that she made material changes to the forms since returning to work and is not in compliance with a federal court order.

Federal Appeals Court Okays Fingerprinting of Gun Owners in D.C.
AllGov - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 2-1 that the city can allow gun owners to be fingerprinted and photographed, complete a firearms safety training course and pay specified fees. The ruling also requires rifles and shotguns be registered along with handguns. The court approved fingerprinting, along with the $35 fee charged by the city, because the judges said it can keep people from obtaining firearms by using a counterfeit driver’s license.

CPS Workers Now Being Installed In Public Schools
Activist Post - NBC 2 News is reporting a new “partnership” between the Erie County Department of Social Services and New York public schools that would place a Child Protective Services (CPS) employee in the Erie County local suburban schools several days per week. The media unsurprisingly reports this as a way to give school staff faster access to child welfare “expertise” and also “streamlining and expediting” the CPS investigation process. That is, the news is being spun to get parents – who are now seemingly potential criminals up for investigation – to accept this new, intrusive development while your child remains a ward of the State for eight hours a day, five days a week.
* Related: Now it's a social worker for every child - in Scotland

Gallup: Almost Half of Americans View Government as Threat to Freedom
The New American - A Gallup Governance poll conducted from September 9-13 found that 49 percent of Americans believe the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” An equal percentage denied that government posed such a threat, with the other two percent apparently having no opinion. Gallup provided a history of its polls asking the same question back to 2003, when just 30 percent viewed the federal government as a threat to their freedom.

24 Place Names You’ve Probably Been Mispronouncing Your Whole Life
Boredpanda - When traveling, a great faux-pas to avoid if you want to get in good with the locals is mispronouncing the name of the place you’re in. Luckily, this collection of images from Thrillophilia will take some of the most commonly mispronounced place names and show us how we SHOULD have been saying them.

Election News

Hillary Clinton Hires Daughter of Planned Parenthood’s President
Breitbart - As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defends Planned Parenthood from the fallout over its baby part-selling scandal, the mainstream media conveniently ignores one very important detail: the Planned Parenthood president’s daughter is a top Hillary campaign operative. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has seen her abortion-providing organization come under fire after a series of videos caught top employees trying to trade aborted baby parts in callous fashion. Hillary Clinton, who said that she has only seen excerpts from the videos, strongly defended Planned Parenthood in her appearance this past weekend on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Clinton called the videos “misleadingly edited” and “intentionally taken out of context” and condemned a Republican “attack on Planned Parenthood.”

Carly Fiorina Just Got Hit With Some News That Could Derail Her Campaign
The Political Insider - Here are some basic facts. Under Carly’s leadership thousands of American workers lost their jobs and HP jobs were shipped overseas, while she enriched herself beyond what any of us could imagine [Omaha-World Herald, 9/29/03]. The stock price took a huge hit compared to the rest of the market. When she was fired she still received severance pay of about $100 million, when the average American loses his/her job all that worker gets is unemployment insurance for six months and maybe two weeks of severance pay [Business Insider 9/13/15]. She did run for the U.S. Senate on her record as a business person and lost to Barbara Boxer in a landslide. It was one of Boxer’s easiest elections.
* Related: Carly Fiorina illegally sold millions in HP products to Iran in violation of an Executive Order

Trump threatens multi-million-dollar suit over attack ad
WND - In a conflict that is growing more intense by the day, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s lawyer is threatening the conservative-leaning Club for Growth with a lawsuit over an attack ad that reportedly misrepresents the billionaire’s tax plan. Trump on Tuesday released a copy of a letter sent to Club for Growth chief David McIntosh about the organization’s “attack ad” that, citing a 2000 “Advocate” article, charges Trump with supporting a “one-time net worth tax of 14.25 percent on the superwealthy” to address the national debt. “Your Attack ad is not only completely disingenuous, but replete with outright lies, false, defamatory and destructive statements and downright fabrications which you fully know to be untrue, thereby exposing you and your so-called ‘club’ to liability for damages and other tortious harm,” the letter states.

Energy & Environment

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dumps live polio virus into Belgian rivers used for swimming and fishing
(NaturalNews) Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dumped 45 liters (12 gallons) of live, concentrated polio virus into a Belgian river on September 2, according to a press release by the country's Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment's Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP).... According to the press release, "human error" resulted in the polio virus entering the water supply in Rixensart city, Belgium, at a plant manufacturing the polio vaccine. The contaminated water then flowed to a water treatment plant, and from there into the Lasne and Dyle rivers.... The WIV-ISP said that, because polio vaccination rates are so high in Belgium (vaccination is compulsory, and compliance is estimated at around 95 percent), the risk to swimmers and fishermen in the contaminated rivers is "limited." Nevertheless, workers at the water-treatment plant were all re-vaccinated, and the WIV-ISP recommended that people exposed to the river water consult their doctors about that possibility as well. The WIV-ISP also advised avoiding contact with the water.

 Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

9 Foods That Double As Household Cleaners
Natural News Blogs - Many of the foods you eat have more uses other than just keeping you satiated, one of the amazing uses is for cleaning. Following are nine common foods in your kitchen that do double-duty as cleaning products...


Following Public Fury, Jim Cramer-Trained CEO Who Raised Price Of Drug By 5000%, Agrees To Lower The Price
Zero Hedge - Following the biggest plunge in biotech stocks in 2015 - some have speculated that the real goal of Shkreli's actions was to profit by shorting the biotech sector ahead of the selling which his action would have unleashed - and an epic public outcry against the diminutive "hedge fund" manager, NBC reported moments ago that "the pharmaceutical company boss under fire for increasing the price of the drug Daraprim by more than 5,000 percent said Tuesday he will lower the cost of the life-saving medication."

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers Hid Mold Infections that Killed 3 People
Natural Society - A mold infection has claimed the lives of 3 transplant patients at 2 University of Pittsburgh medical centers, and a fourth patient is deathly ill. The first 2 deaths occurred at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian, and the third occurred at UPMC Montefiore, which is next-door to UPMC Presbyterian.... Officials are still hunting for the source of the fungus. The medical center closed its cardiothoracic intensive care unit on September 3 for an environmental cleanup.... Neither Pennsylvania nor federal law requires hospitals or doctors to report fungal infections, as they would be required to for communicable diseases and other infections. UPMC waited until a third patient – a lung transplant recipient – died to report the infections to local and state authorities to tell them about the pattern, which may qualify as a reportable outbreak.

Lawsuits and the Ticking Time Bomb in Your Mouth
Dr. Mercola - Henry Schein Inc., the largest seller of dental amalgam (mercury fillings, and a flu vaccine seller as well), has been hit with multiple lawsuits that highlight how little regard this company appears to have for public health and the environment. Once in your body, mercury, a neurotoxin, can harm your nervous system to differing degrees, depending on how much mercury you've accumulated in your body. At above-average doses, brain functions such as reaction time, judgment, and language can be impaired. At very high exposures, mercury can affect your ability to walk, speak, think, and see clearly. A single amalgam filling may release as much as 15 micrograms of mercury per day, and according to some estimates, 10 micrograms per day is average.... The following organizations can help you to find a mercury-free, biological dentist...

Former peanut company CEO sentenced to 28 years for salmonella outbreak
Reuters - The former owner of a peanut company in Georgia was sentenced to 28 years in prison on Monday for his role in a salmonella outbreak that killed nine people and sickened hundreds, a rare instance of jail time in a food contamination case. Stewart Parnell, 61, who once oversaw Peanut Corporation of America, and his brother, Michael Parnell, 56, who was a food broker on the company's behalf, were convicted on federal conspiracy charges in September 2014 for knowingly shipping salmonella-tainted peanuts to customers.

Pet News

Four Vital Tips for Liver Regeneration
Kim Kalendar - [...] the liver plays a vital role in the health of your pet. It regulates sugar, protein, and fat entering the blood stream. It filters out toxins from the blood. It creates cholesterol to protect arteries and manufactures hormones. It processes nutrients from food and prepares them for the intestines to absorb. It supports nearly every organ system in the body. When congested with toxins, the liver can effect the function of the gallbladder and pancreas.... Many pets appear to be healthy for several years eating low quality, high carbohydrate pet foods. The problem is over time the liver is collecting and storing toxins until it reaches a critical state. We meet a lot of animals between six and seven years of age with sever liver damage. Here is the good news. There are simple steps you can take allowing the liver to detoxify and regenerate.





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