EMERGENCY:   Call your Senators NOW!   Oppose national ID card!

On Friday, John McCain sneaked in an amendment to S 2845 that, in effect, establishes a national identification card system, requiring all states to conform to database standards for drivers' licenses and state I.D.'s. S2845 may be voted upon TONIGHT. Please do two things immediately:

1. Send this to everyone you know asking them to take the same two steps outlined here.

2. Call your Senators NOW. Ask them to remove the National ID language from the bill before it is voted upon!

Here is a toll free number to the Capital which will connect you to your Senators' offices:


Don't waste a minute!

ALAWON (American Library Association Washington Office)
Washington Office Newsline
Volume 13, Number 74
October 5, 2004

In This Issue: Oppose McCain Amendment to Intelligence Reform Bill


Library supporters - contact U.S. senators ASAP to oppose McCain
amendment on Intelligence Reform legislation, S 2845.

Whether intended or not, one consequence of a new amendment to the
Collins-Lieberman "National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004," S 2845,
is the establishment of a national identification card system. In a
clever weekend maneuver, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) introduced an amendment
that essentially creates a national I.D. card system by requiring all
states to conform to database standards for drivers' licenses and
state I.D.'s. There are many problems with this proposal relating to
privacy concerns as well as other issues such as creating an unfunded mandate.

ALA asks that library supporters contact their U.S. senators as soon
as possible to request their support in removing this amendment from S.
2845. A vote could happen as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 6.)

ALA has long worked in opposition to proposals calling for a national
I.D. system and other initiatives that needlessly intrude into
personal privacy. ALA's policies are based upon principles of the
confidentiality of library patron records. With the use of more
library SMART cards as well as the ubiquitous use of drivers' licenses as one
of the main forms of identification used to get public library cards and
most other forms of transactions (checking accounts, school
enrollment, etc.) ... the creation of a standardized system across all states
creates, in essence, a national I.D. card system - but without the
full and public debate that should occur about such a proposal.

On the House side, there is an even worse provision in H.R. 10. In a
worse case scenario should the McCain amendment remain intact on the
Senate bill, there would be a common provision to conference when the
bills are negotiated into one final bill.

ALA has taken no position on the S 2845, except for this amendment.
Key senate leaders on the bill, Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and
Leiberman (D-CT) have worked hard on S 2845 and there has been much
floor debate in recent days. Senator McCain recently joined them in
asking for quick passage of the bill, which is based substantially on
the 9/11 Commission report.

However, the McCain proposal on drivers' licenses was NOT part of the
Commission's recommendations. Library supporters are asked to call or
fax their senators to seek removal of the McCain amendment.

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