Army Surg. Gen. policy letter (10 Feb 04) responding to death of Rachel Lacy


COMMENT: This is a great memo (link below) -- except that few military physicians are likely to ever see it.

The question is why this memo was by the Army Surgeon General only to Army medical commanders, when it should have been a policy letter sent by the Asst Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Dr Winkenwerder, to every military physician in all four Services -- not just the Army?

Is Dr. Winkenwerder -- a political appointee -- now trying to avoid responsibility for the deaths attributed to his own policies on mandatory anthrax and smallpox immunization without informed consent?

Learning From Adverse Events After Vaccination - ACTION MEMORANDUM
(10 Feb 04)

COMMENTS: This is the first time the Pentagon medical leadership has:

1) Advertised the existence of the so-called Vaccine Healthcare Centers (at Walter Reed and several other locations) to medical commanders in the field.

2) Instructed them to advertise the internet location of DoD's Clinical Guidelines for Managing Adverse Events After Vaccination -- and that these have been modified to include smallpox vaccine adverse reactions

3) Instructed medical commanders in the field to seek second opinions.

4) Told medical commanders in the field to consider autoimmune disorders for post vaccination illnesses that do not respond to antibiotics.

5) Told medical commanders to be particularly alert for fever, chest symptoms, and pleural or pericardial inflammation

Policy on Clinical Issues Related to the Anthrax Vaccination
(06 Aug 02) 

Administrative and Clinical Execution Guidance and Reintroduction of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP)
(06 Aug 02)