To: Allies for Humanitarian Legal Action for Iraq
Please see Embargoed Press Statement, Petition, with Title page ADD. on Attachment.

Thank you for any help or advise to support this legal action to stop the massacre and breeches of Geneva Conventions in Falluja and elsewhere in Iraq. This petition, a legal complaint, is the beginning, emergency needed action. The hospital and medical aide petition is first emergency need and includes possible exposure to 'DU' weapons used on hospital and clinic bombing. The petition will also include soldiers who are suffering irreparable harm under order to commit these violations.

Los Angeles-based Humanitarian Law Project/International Educational Development (HLP/IED and San Francisco-based Association of Humanitarian Lawyers (AHL), who filed petition have solid evidence, including photos, of breeches of International Law that govern members of The Organization of American States, of which USA is a member.

Karen Parker JD, attorney for petitioners is the Humanitarian Lawyer who successfully sued the USA on behalf of the people of Grenada. She is the foremost International Legal Expert on Weaponry and Humanitarian law.

We believe this is the right action to take that can halt these atrocities and war crimes in Iraq.

Final Press Release Wording Attached and Letterhead which will be added for press copy.
We are hoping to have support from Physicians for Social Responsibility, Interfaith Groups, Peace and Justice Groups, Amnesty International, Unions, Universities, Child Advocacy Groups, Human Rights Groups, Public Officials, Allies in the Press and Citizens. Many of you have already come on board and we thank you.

We request our Trusted Congressional Representatives support to speak out to stop U.S. War Crimes and that Jay Inslee and Dennis Kucinich will be prepared to speak out. Congressman Jim McDermott's office is standing by to help.

There will be financial help needed for legal work. Emergency Filing expense was $5,000. paid out of AHL that was saved for 'DU' Petition. The 'DU' Petition will be $10,000. to file, should you know of any resources, emergency grants, etc., for help to aide needed legal actions.

Please be ready to ask public officials and organizations to speak out against the war crimes and ask all press to report this. We hope to have media advisory out by tomorrow, the 22nd.

If you can help: please, we still need someone to do US National Media List Send as my computer is not set up with program to do it. Europe is covered, Latin-American countries will also need a press send. Please contact me.

In hope to protect the innocents suffering in Iraq,

Kären Ahern 206-842-8381


Embargoed until Monday, November 22, 2004.
Contact: Karen Parker


Los Angeles-based Humanitarian Law Project/International Educational Development (HLP/IED and San Francisco-based Association of Humanitarian Lawyers (AHL), submitted a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States on behalf of "unnamed, unnumbered patients and medical staff both living and dead" at the medical facilities in Falluja. The Commission had authority to investigate human rights violations committed by a member State of the OAS and to seek remedies for victims.

"Attacks on hospitals and medical personnel are truly shocking. We hope that this will result in the immediate improvement of the situation of the patients and staff, to additional remedies for these victims, and an end to the United States violations of human rights and the Geneva Conventions in Iraq," stated Lydia Brazon, Executive Director of the United Nations credentialed HLP/IED.

The Geneva Conventions prohibit attacks on any medical facility or medical personnel, whether civilian or military. "Imagine the outrage if the opposition in Iraq attacked one of the medical facilities for American wounded. There would be calls for war crimes tribunals," stated Karen Parker, the attorney in this action. "Rather than being "quaint" as administration Attorney-General nominee Gonzales has said, the Geneva Conventions and human rights agreements are meant to prevent acts of barbarity in war. Besides preventing atrocities, they are meant to protect GIs from the psychological damage that afflicts people who carry out this type of action."

In addition to the evidence already attached to their document, the Petitioners will submit New York Times photographer Shawn Baldwin’s photograph of patients lying on the floor with their hands tied behind their backs, and a number of other photos and stories about the tragedy. They also informed the Commission that weapons containing depleted uranium, declared illegal weapons by a United Nations human rights body, might have been used near the hospitals, placing the victims at further risk of serious harm.

The Petition was filed under the Commission’s emergency provisions, enabling the Commission to order the United States to undertake measures to prevent "irreparable harm" to victims. The Petitioners also requested the Commission to visit Falluja for a first-hand assessment.


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