"Call to Arms!"

An open letter to all of us who feel shattered by
the phoney elections and by the rise of fascism.

Dear Greg and others;

At 85, as an old, invalid veteran, I fully expected your letter and
those of others, particularly since you had worked and tried so very
hard. It reminds me of how my platoon felt on May 10th, 1940 when,
after four days of fierce combat holding back the German Nazi
troops, our Regiment had to surrender after the '"Shock and Awe"
bombing of Rotterdam, and we had to accept the occupation of Holland
by the Nazis. After having hidden as many weapons as we could, our
commander gathered us together and ordered all our equipment,
weapons, vehicles and ammo heaped up, stuck the Regimental standard
into the top of the heap, and opened the taps of the gasoline
trucks. As we sung our National Anthem, he then threw in a hand
grenade and all exploded and burned, The Nazis did not get so much
as a single screwdriver of what had been Holland's most modern,
mechanized Cavalry. (The furious Germans later had him pay with his
life for this, when he died in a concentration camp.) He told us not
to sit and cry, that the War had only just started, to forget about
the politicians, that it now was up to us, the people and not the
politicians; that we had to regroup and to resist. The next day I,
two other young officers, two of my sergeants, and two enlisted men,
dug up some of the hidden weapons and we started a Resistance group.
It took five long years and many lives, but the Nazis were defeated.

Today, also, our country cannot afford to have us get depressed and
sit on our butts: it is time to regroup and to resist peacefully but
loudly; not as parties controlled and financed by the same
billionaire clique, not as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians,
Greens, etc. but jointly as individual Americans who believe in
freedom and democracy and do not want to see our flag, our
Constitution, and our votes stolen from us... and our Nation changed
into a fascist, neo-colonialist police state.

I know you're all tired and depressed, so are we. But this is the
time that will separate the men from the boys and the women from the
We shall win this one!

Tony, VFP
feel free to pass this on.