Please send this information to large lists. The following press release is from Cindy Loveland, a very politically active person trying to sustain the "right to chose" in Colorado. Please be sure to get this information into the hands of friends and family members in Colorado. If you can help Cindy in anyway, please get in touch with her using the information below.
This may be the "trial balloon" to get everyone in a tracking database...and eventually force vaccination on all of us. If they can do this in Colorado, they will try to pull it off everywhere.
Please help....this is serious! Thank you in advance. Sherri Tenpenny, DO
Tuza2:  what are they doing?
Mrs Snappy:  they want to fund immunzation tracking with insurance credits to the tune of 5 million a year, then expand the tracking system to allow "contractors" to directly call parents when shots are due, based on ACIP and AAP, NOT the CO board of health
Mrs Snappy:  no consent, no chance to get out
Tuza2:  is this a "trial balloon" for other states?
Mrs Snappy:  you can bet if CO can do it, others will follow



HB – 1161 – immunization tracking and funding



From: Cindy Loveland, NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) State Contact for Colorado –  - please forward.  


HB 05-1161, will provide funding for the CO immunization tracking system and require health care providers to report information to the tracking system.


Text for this bill and audio of the hearing are available at -


The House Health & Human Services Committee will hear testimony on HB 05-1161 Monday, Jan. 31st at 1:30 pm in the Supreme Court Chamber located on the second floor of the capital building. It will be the 2nd bill heard. 


Any concerned citizen can testify before this committee.  We need people who are willing to testify against this bill.  If anyone can testify contact me at 303-985-7732. 


If this bill passes, along with SB-087, which will allow unspecified contractors to directly contact parents when immunizations are due according to the ACIP or the AAP, CO citizens can expect to be harassed even more than they are now.  Once the funding is in place, there will be no stopping the ability of the state to tag and track everyone with the goal of forcing compliance with the one-size-fits-all federal immunization schedule.


HB 1161 should get a NO VOTE for the following reasons:


The tracking system violates and privacy.


The current immunization tracking law, C.R.S. 25-4-1705(e)(I), allows data or epidemiological information to be collected for the tracking system by; birth certificates, physicians, health care practitioners, clinics, schools, parents, students, managed care organizations, health insurers, hospitals and persons or entities that have contracted with the state.  Colorado is one of only 10 states that does not require parents be asked or notified that their child’s information has been put into the tracking system. 


Because CO law, 25-1-1203, requires health care providers to develop policies, procedures and systems to comply with the Federal Medical Privacy Rule or HIPAA, covered entities can use or disclose protected heath information, including immunization records, without giving parents the opportunity to object (45 CFR 164.512).


Once personal medical information is in the tracking system, you do not have a right to object to any of the uses allowed by federal law. There is a 6-page long list of permitted uses that includes public health surveillance, public health investigations, public health interventions and research regardless of the source of funding.


The only way to protect medical privacy is to require prior written consent BEFORE any information is put into the tracking system.  Current law does not require this.


The tracking system violates parental rights.


Tracking systems will be used to coerce and threaten parents into compliance with the one-size-fits-all federal immunization schedule.  Parents need to have the ultimate say as to which vaccines their children will have.  Even though CO allows exemptions for medical, religious and personal reasons, parents are having their exemption rights denied by judges, beuracrats, preschools, daycares and even hospitals.  The tracking system will aide those who want to take your rights away.


Not all physicians groups support tracking systems.


According to The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons:

It is a physician’s responsibility to notify his patients of needed medical procedures. This should be a confidential process that helps to strengthen the patient-physician relationship, and provides an opportunity to discuss other issues of concern. It is not appropriate for a taxpayer-funded agency, or contractors possibly in the employ of a special interest group, to take over such functions.

Immunizations, like all medical interventions, involve risk:benefit considerations. Each patient deserves an individualized assessment by a physician who knows the patient and is directly responsible for that patient’s welfare. The assessment of a particular patient’s needs, and the process of obtaining informed consent, cannot be delegated to a government agency or contractor. Immunization schedules are guidelines, not necessarily suitable for every patient in every circumstance. Government agencies by their nature can only follow a rigid, one-size-fits-all structure, which could be harmful to some individuals.

CO does not need a tracking system to increase immunization rates.


CO already has high immunization rates without utilizing a tracking system with recall.  In 2002 over 90% of toddlers got 3DTP, 3 Polio, 1MMR, 3HIB and 3 hepatitis b shots.  CO was only ranked last when the 4th DTP was included in the figures.  The 4th and 5th DTP requirement was suspended at the time because of shortages.


Tracking systems are costly.


Costs for implementing, maintaining, providing training for and upgrading tracking systems varies. One study puts the cost to operate a registry as high as $3.24 per shot. Why should money be spent during difficult budget times on such a costly system that is not necessary?


Health care providers and clinics already have the ability to provide reminders when shots are due.


Please contact the Health and Human Services Committee Members and urge them to VOTE NO on HB 1161. Then contact Governor Owens because he will not consider vetoing any bills unless he hears a big outcry. 


Mailing address for committee members:

200 E. Colfax, House of Representatives Mailroom

Denver, CO  80203

Fax number for representatives: 303-866-2218


The Honorable Governor Bill Owens
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792  Phone- (303) 866-2471 Fax-(303) 866-2003

Members of the House Health & Human Services Committee:
Rep. Boyd, Committee Chair:  Phone: (303)866-2923 Email:

Committee Vice-Chair:
 Phone: (303) 866-2954 E-Mail:

Berens; Phone: 303-866-4667 -E-mail:

Clapp; Phone: (303) 866-5510 - no-email, send a fax

Cloer; Phone: (303) 866-3069 – no email, send a fax

Green; Capitol Phone: 303-866-2951 - E-mail:

Lundberg; Phone: (303) 866-2907  - E-Mail:

McGihon; Phone: (303)866-2921  - E-Mail:

Riesberg; Phone: 303-866-2929 - E-mail:

Soper; phone: 303-866-2931 - E-mail:

Stafford; Phone: (303) 866-2944 - E-Mail:

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