Hillsboro District One State Rep Candidate Plans Twenty Mile “Run For A Change” Election Day!

Anti-Establishment and Third Party Candidate for the vacant Hillsboro District One State Rep Seat David Birse is running for office: literally.

The 46-year-old Hancock resident, who declared his run for office on April 4th but was unable to get the 150 needed signatures to be included officially on the ballot for the June 14th general election (due to a serious family illness which took him off the campaign trail), has vowed to “fight to the end.”

As part of the charge, Birse has scheduled Election Day, Tuesday June 14th, 9:00 am, as his “Run For A Change” theme. The route he plans to traverse will take him from the Town Hall of Windsor to the bandstand on the green in Hancock, passing through Hillsboro and Antrim along the way. These are the towns, which comprise Hillsboro District One, and the four he hopes to serve in the NH House.

Birse is running as a write-in now, affiliated with the Constitution Party but who welcomes Independents as well as disgruntled voters tired of the “same old, same old with the two major parties.” The candidate himself believes it is long overdue.

Thus was birthed the idea to run from one end of the district  to another. The basis for his candidacy stems from Article 8 of the NH Bill Of Rights, which states that “Elected officials are public SERVANTS and at all times are accountable to the people.”

“Sadly, folks forget that these days, ”said Mr.Birse, “They are intimidated by judges, state/local police, sheriffs, anyone with a badge, bailiffs, snooty court clerks, their state/ federal senators and reps, congressman and governors. It should not be this way and public office was NEVER intended to be abused in such manner. The Founders of our country and Framers of the Constitution would be heartbroken to see that the power has been taken from the people. We have an oligarchy now and are working our way totalitarianism. I represent the people’s candidate, not the elite or privileged.”

Birse is unwavering and unapologetic on his positions. He believes it is high time America expanded the two-party system to include other viewpoints.

Continues Birse:

“Both parties are really the same. We don’t need a third party so much as we need more choices for the people. In Canada and Great Britain they have four, five or more parties. We need that here. Now is the time. Let it start in Hillsboro District One. I’m the man for the job.”

“ It irks me when candidates on any level are bashful or ashamed about their views simply because they want to get elected, and will sell their souls to do so. I won’t do that. Principle is first. I’d rather not get elected than say what you think people want to hear. I won’t cave now or in Concord. They may not like me there. I may not fit in. The voters have a right to know how their elected officials vote on everything and where they stand. We need backbone on office.  I have to answer to God first. If citizens do not like what I stand for, I encourage them to vote for either Mr. Shattuck or Mr. Morse. Ask me where I stand on controversial issues, and I will tell you straight out. Period.”

Birse was a Republican for many years, first voting for Reagan in 1980.

“The Party has become milque toast, wishy washy and full of compromise and corruption. I think now I’d almost vote Democrat before Republican now,” bemoaned Birse.

Birse is Christian, pro- life, pro 2nd amendment; pro- traditional family; doesn’t believe companies or schools should provide benefits for domestic partners; is against the USA Patriot Acts One and two; against NAFTA, GATT and FTAA; against the National ID; against the IRS; against sales/income tax increases and against the current imperialistic war for oil in the mideast. For any other views, he encourages people to contact him.

As for the run itself, it will commence at The Town office in Windsor at 9am, follow Windsor Rd out to Rte 9, down by the Pierce Homestead and will take mostly back roads into Antrim, then more windy, woodsy paths and finish at Bandstand in Hancock.

At that point the candidate will catch his breath, walk across the street to cast a vote for his favorite Hillsboro District One candidate, the meet with supporters for lunch.

Birse is a veteran runner of 30 years plus, three –time marathon champion (that’s 26.2 miles), and is contributor to a new book on marathoning due out next week. He also serves as regional distributor for the book (From Fairbanks to Boston: Fifty Great marathons in the US, Rainmaker Publishing). He is the Race director and Founder of the popular Summer Sizzler races out of Hancock each year as well as a CO- Founder of the Monadnock Milers running club out of Peterborough.

 Birse is proprietor of Per Diem Enterprises, his company.

Anyone who wishes to run all or part of the distance may do so. He will arrive at 8:30 am to greet voters, well wishers and to answer any questions. Estimated time of the sojourn is anywhere from three to three and one half hours, which means anyone desiring to meet Birse and query him on the opposite end will have to wait until about noon or 12:30 PM to do so. Pocket constitutions will be available for distribution and perusal on Election Day.

For further information, please contact Mr. Birse at 525-9357 or e-mail him at hilander@worldpath.net