GOP Convention in VIOLATION of it's own DOD Directive issued 8/02/04
Posted by rob-ok-vin
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In direct violation of DOD policy issued August 02, 2004, the Republican National Convention is touting 3% of it's 4800 delegates (144 delegates) as active duty military personnel. The new initiative, put out and signed by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz outlines the policies regarding active duty military personnel. Among the policy's prohibited behaviors or activities is listed in DOD Directive 1344.10 under section is:

4.1.2. A member on active duty shall not: Participate in partisan political management, campaigns, or conventions (unless attending a convention as a spectator when not in uniform).

This new policy, enacted after the Democratic Convention (July 26-29), clearly states the prohibited and acceptable behaviors of military personnel in regards to political affiliation and endorsements.

The Republican National Party is touting these military delegates in direct violation of their own Defense Department directive. These delegates face disciplinary action under the DOD directive:

4.4.4. A member who violates any of the prohibitions in sub-paragraphs 4.1.2., 4.2.1., 4.3.1., or 4.3.4., or enclosure 3, of this Directive may be subject to disciplinary or adverse administrative action under Service regulations.

This is unbelievable breaking news which has not, to my knowledge, been covered in any other media outlet. This is a DU exclusive.

Let's get this story out to the mainstream media before the start of the RNC and put the focus on this administration's further violations of it's own policies and procedures.

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