Denise Thomas of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) in Georgia has provided the following address to which donations to help out disabled Iraq war veteran James Webb of the Atlanta area can be sent:

James Webb
c/o GA Military Families Speak Out
2241 Gaissert Road
Newborn, GA 30056

For any readers who may not have read the previous information about James Webb, the immediate need is to save his car from being repossessed, $1150 by the end of May, and this is what the money will directly go for.  The plan is that he will then switch cars with his sister and his sister will handle the payments and he will have her truck with no payments.  This will eliminate his monthly car payment while still providing a vehicle for him and his family and would be more cost effective than allowing his car to be repossessed and then trying to somehow obtain another one

He and his wife Michele are already losing their house and they have four children (three with them currently living with them; one currently living with James' mother in Tennessee, who is right now a caretaker for her mother who is in hospice care).

James sustained injuries in Iraq which resulted in a medical discharge in February of this year.  He is not able to work and was told by the VA that he will not receive benefits for 6 to 8 months.  I talked with his mother, Jackie Gibson, on the phone last night and she told me she had called the VA herself yesterday and they told her they are overwhelmed with the soldiers coming back; that's why it's taking so long.  Jackie also told me that her whole family is military and her father was killed in Vietnam. 

Because James is not able to work due to injuries he sustained in Iraq and can not get his benefits from the VA right now, he is being supported by his wife.  She has a good-paying job, but misses more work than usual due to intermittent medical problems of her own.  His mother has been doing everything possible to help as well, obtaining donations from her church and other places and is continuing to do everything she can to help her son.  During these efforts, she somehow found Ward Reilly of Veterans For Peace in Louisiana, who forwarded the information to me because James is now in Atlanta.  

I know there are many Iraq vets in dire need of help and I have read articles that some of them are at homeless shelters, but this is at least one we know about right now and about his situation and where he's at.  If everyone who is able could send just a few dollars, we might be able to save at least this one vet from having his life crumble around him or committing suicide, which he already attempted last fall.

Where we will go from there with all the other Iraq vets who are in the same situation or worse, I don't know, but I thank you for whatever help you can possibly provide.  His mother will be very grateful.

The money is needed immediately.  Thank you.

Debbie Clark
Veterans For Peace - Atlanta

Denise Thomas
Georgia Military Families Speak Out