Volume 1, Issue 4, Tenth month, 2004



'DUmb Sheep Sent To The Slaughter'

When a nation goes to war, it must always count the cost! Scripture tells us in Luke 14v31 "Or what king, moving on to encounter another king in battle, will not sit down and take counsel, whether he is able with ten thousand, to meet him who with twenty thousand is coming against him." Today, in America, most see it in terms of 200 Billion Dollars, in excess of 20,000 wounded, over 1000 killed. The cost really is much, much greater, for all located in the theater of war, yes... every human, animal, vegetable, insect, microbe...life itself. Remember 'Agent Orange' during the Vietnam era? Remember how it took two decades for government to own up to the ailments it caused to Vietnam Vets? What is the status of Gulf War Syndrome? Are America's military and the worlds' coalition sheep to be silently slaughtered by a foe, small in size, but deadly in outcome? Is there a conspiracy of silence?

This article 'DUmb Sheep Sent To The Slaughter' where the (DU) in DUmb stands for Depleted Uranium (Uranium is a radioactive element) is to inform the world that a great pandemic is on the horizon. Present day Iraq and Yugoslavia in the 1990's have both been made killing-fields of a nuclear event. There's a nuclear war going on right now, with the fall-out being a mushroom cloud of cancer, birth-defects, and contamination of spouses. Yet, the media and government for the most part have not reported this true cost of war that will reach $trillions and untold millions of men, women, and children losing their lives.

Is it a major crime to send military personnel to areas so toxic that a toxic death, long-term illness, and cancer are certain? Yes, it violates many treaties and conventions that the U. S. is a signatory to, and U.S. Military Law and Policy. This is a major reason why the current administration does not want to recognize the (I.C.C.) International Criminal Court (this author has honest reasons to not recognize the I.C.C., but world opinion will move us there because of the multi-generational idiots in Washington D.C.), for many indictments for war crimes (Clinton & Bush) would be forth coming. It was known before the start of the war that places like Basra, Talil, Jalibah, and the southern deserts (Saudi Arabia test ranges) were already considered contaminated beyond 1000 times to what is considered safe levels. [No dose so low, as to have zero effect on causing cancer] In the the last Gulf War, it was determined enough DU was dropped to poison every American nearly 100 times. According to Jay Shaft, Editor Coalition for Free Thought in Media, on just one day, May 5, 2003 research reveals, a Colonel admitted, 500 tons of DU was dropped in Iraq.

Whether you were or are for the war (a moot point), up until now did you count this cost? Probably not! And with the desire by some, for a new draft, and the calling up of inactive reserves, it is time to re-evaluate the cost of war. It is time to investigate this little nuclear matter of (DU) Depleted Uranium! It is time to look and see if the population-control murderers, ruling behind the scenes, have another tool in their arsenal of genocide-eugenics, increasing the true death-count of any current or future conflict. Safety of man kinds posterity demands it. Mutation risk to all life on the planet requires it.

What is the genesis of DU in modern warfare? In 1943 as an off-shoot of the Manhattan Project, it was recommended to use the micro-sized pulverized (DU uranium/plutonium powder state) alpha-particles, as sort-of-a  radioactive gas to be used in the battlefield before the Germans or Japanese did. When rounds hit a target it creates a smoke with many DU particles easily ingested. So the tanks, jeeps, all military vehicles, homes and buildings having been hit as targets, and just the dust on the ground that can pick up with a breeze... can be ingested. Even though short term... high dose can cause death, long term... low dose genetic mutation (cancer) of residual nuclear ionizing radiation, was understood to be an affect. External amounts were not considered dangerous. But in Iraq, heavy metal poisoning is ingested through the lungs, wounds, and through food source contamination. By mouth and by breathing the air, the enemy makes its way to cause serious toxic harm. With long term deposits in the lungs and bones the DU is setting the stage for cancer.

Are the guidelines of General Activities Air Force Pamphlet AFP 110-31 The U.S. Department of the Air Force manual, "International Law: The conduct of Armed Conflict and Air Operations," AFP 110-31, November 19, 1976  which governs the actions of all U.S. Air Force pilots including operators of the A-10 Thunderbolts, being violated? The answer seems to be a BIG YES! 

Does the munitions reach down to even side arms? Yes according to Bob Dole "To start using depleted-uranium to produce bullets. They seem to have chosen this material for bullets because uranium metal is dense, and because depleted uranium is cheap. Needless to say, I find this proposal shocking. On the one hand this shows a complete lack of sensitivity to the general fear of using radioactive materials. On the other hand, only a strange set of policy decisions could have made this material so cheap that anybody would consider using it for bullets." statement by Senator Bob Dole, 95th Congress 1978.

Didn't anyone learn from the 1991 Gulf War regarding toxins and DU? Yes, there were many suggestions on what to do to train military personnel about the hazards and protections from  sources harmful to the troops. A training film was made, which this author has viewed. But, it appears that the film has been classified and not distributed to the troops. One major reason is probably because to really protect oneself, one would have to be in (N.B.C. gear) Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical garb, and that would be very costly and uncomfortable. But, Iraq is greater than any toxic "Love Canal" known in America. 

Though the Navy from 1978 to 1989 used uranium alloy, it tested and proved the reliability of tungsten alloy in 1989 to lessen damage to the environment and radiation exposure to personnel. How much if any Tungsten alloy munitions actually manufactured? Can't answer as of this going to press! Even if tungsten alloy is available, uranium alloy is the standard.

So the Pentagon's don't ask, don't tell, went beyond sodomites as a subject in the armed services! All our loved ones in the military or those working for contractors are being massively poisoned. The western powers are knowingly destroying their own forces, by poisoning them. Yes, knowingly. Makes me sick! The New World Order control freaks want only security size forces in any nation. That means the U.S. too! What ever your position in the war is/was, if you love the service member, you will convince them not to go. If they are there, e-mail them this article from THE BRAZEN RATTLER ( entire text, credit given, www.escapeprisonplanet.org ).

It is time to come home! You must not support the proposed new draft! This is not a left, right, or center issue. Even the most ardent warriors need to see this as a genocide issue!  

Everybody says they love our citizen soldiers. Not, if you let them go to be poisoned. You must come to see all orders to go to the Middle-East as Unlawful Orders. They have violated treaties, conventions, (UCMJ) Uniform code of Military Justice, stated policy etc., and just plain common sense! The Middle-East is now a place of manmade pestilence. Many in media, business, government, military contractors, and the armed services are [c]riminally culpable to this great extinction on planet earth. You must wake up to the sadistic Satanic ritual of death by the prince of the power of the air's complicit tares, his minions, poisoning so many through the air! Mass extinction is already in play and this is no game one can win with their rules, of Man's Sword, Famine, Pestilence, and plenty of food (carcasses) for Wild Beast. Whose agent are you in the world?

DU unlike most metals, apparently dissolves, and moves/spreads throughout the body, depositing in organs like the spleen and brain, even the reproductive organs of the human race! What are some of the diseases, if not a quick death from the ingestion of alpha-particles of DU? Cancer... Cancer... Cancer... Kidney disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Lou Gehrigs's disease. Neuron death by malfunctioning mitochondria caused by nerve and radiation battlefield after-effects, destroy the mind, body and soul! Lou Gehrigs' victims survive around three years.

What can you do? Seek competent health and legal advice! What would I do? 1).I would not enlist, or allow myself to be drafted. Want to know about your rights? Contact me: pastor_ger@yahoo.com  2). I would seek a hardship discharge if I wanted out. 3). If I wanted to stay in, I would seek a hardship re-assignment to any place other than the gulf area, and Yugoslavia. 4). I would risk prison [there is a way out, contact me!] not to be deployed. But, even if I were railroaded, better to spend time falsely imprisoned than murder myself, my spouse, my children and their future children. 5). If I have been infected, I would daily get a urine test to try and gauge how much I have ingested [keep in mind not all will excrete out]. I would seek a full body scan from a competent facility, looking for radiation deposited in my body and lastly, I would do at a minimum 30 treatments of intravenous EDTA to remove the heavy metal from my body, as-well-as employ the use of specific nutrition and other methods, to protect my body. It is the duration of toxic heavy metal poisoning in the body, that sets one up for disease after long term low dose exposure.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you as you work to come out of the madness of this world. Want to know more? Go to www.escapeprisonplanet.org and click on Messages: What you really should know about... and pick out an audio-book such as "Church & State United, Divided, What's the Fuss, What's the TRUE History." I discuss your rights and much more! Timely information for our time!

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