Expected Earthquake Activity for the Next 3-5 Days

Are YOU Prepared?

By Stan Deyo, theoretical physicist, author and lecturer
Dec. 04

Tonight's Topic: update on Stan Deyo's earthquake prediction information

Stan opens the program discussing waves that are unusually high off the West
Coast. He cautions that some very high waves are heading toward the NW Pacific that should arrive in about a week. You can check these yourself on
the Navy's site. Stan and other earthquake analysts are seeing rumblings in S. California. Deyo stresses these are not at an alert level, but are "interesting". Stan states that the next earthquake activity could be around
the Baja up through southern California. Deyo comments that in looking at the crustal age of the world, the Ring of Fire (red area) disappears directly under the West Coast of America. This makes the West Coast
extremely vulnerable during a large quake on the Ring. That same rupture  that occurred off Sumatra in the past week, is possible along the West Coast as one Russian scientist predicts.