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October 10, 2004

Dear VERPA Supporters:

Introduction by VERPA's Founder

As the Founder of "Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc." (VERPA) and the author of "Beyond the Scope of Justice: The Chilling Effects of the Feres Doctrine in the United States Armed Forces," I have personally dedicated my life since January 13, 1994, the day of my honorable but involuntary retaliatory discharge from the United States Navy, to educate as many American military, veterans and families of the unconstitutional Feres Doctrine. I am not one to use the word "I" very much but, I felt this being our "Final Update Letter" - it merits the use a few times to open this letter.

Over the past 11 years, I have met so many wonderful and caring Americans who have faced purely evil acts committed against them as a military member or their loved ones. I could have never believed that fighting to abolish the Feres Doctrine and its evil done to US would bring me together with so many I consider my "adopted family." Essentially, most if not all of US are victims of abuse of power and specifically, military medical malpractice barred redress under the Feres Doctrine. Moreover, our service-connected injuries or injustice as we all know, follow US far after of discharge and into the VA.

For all those I have met around our Nation and who have worked with US to bring the Feres Doctrine subject matter to a place it has never been before in its 54 years of existence, THANK YOU!

My family, along with all our VERPA family will continue to advocate all Feres Doctrine injustices; however, we must now focus and advance justice for all those who have helped US keep the Feres Doctrine abolishment alive! Hence, due to a lack of funding to immediately establish our Headquarters in Washington D.C., we must dedicate our time and efforts to build up our "publishing arm" which was always our belief; the one way to fund our advocacy work.

Therefore, I hope everyone will pass this "Final Update Letter" to all your contacts to let all know, we are far from done fighting the Feres Doctrine, but, our time and resources are so limited, we must focus on producing our Magazine we feel will provide a genuine voice for all Military, Veterans and Families.

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of you again, who have contributed to the VERPA mission.  You have made it possible for VERPA to continue our fight against the Feres Doctrine and to keep VERPA alive.  

At the time of our last Update Letter, it was our genuine desire to expeditiously open VERPA’s Home Office in WA DC.  However, due to a shortfall in funding, we applied most of the donations we have received to the cost of preparing our initiatives to take the Feres injustice to the ICC. 

~ More Donations needed ~

As you read this update letter we hope you will make a monetary donation to help us defray the cost to keep VERPA’s legislation and our fight to abolish Feres alive. If each reader of this letter sent $1.00 (one dollar) that would help tremendously. Please send what you can. Donations to VERPA, Inc. are not tax deductible.

Donations help restore checks and balances in our Military and Veterans Administration.

VERPA Publishing LLC ~ 
Officially established in the state of Oregon. 

"VERPA - The MAG" 

We are proud to introduce VERPA Publishing LLC, as VERPA, Inc.‘s publishing arm.  We now feel our advocacy work must be put on hold while we build our magazine to continue to advance the Feres Doctrine Abolishment issues.  We have begun writing the first issue of "VERPA - The MAG".   Writers, Artists, Editors, Marketing, Legal, etc. interested in our publishing, please contact Jeff at  We are open to suggestions!

To receive your introductory copy, please send your mailing address and $5.00 to VERPA at our address above.  We will offer subscriptions after our first publication is released.


Please review VERPA’s updated website at .  Feel free to contact our Board of Directors/Officers and sign our On-Line Petition.


ICC Petition:  As a group of 9 American families who make up VERPA‘s Board and Officers, we fully intend to proceed to the ICC to redress our injustices and hope you will join with us.

We are now communicating with International Experts to prepare a plan to hold "Individual Federal Employee’s" accountable for perpetrating crimes against US and those in government who’s failure to act and prevent continue to result in human and constitutional injuries of American Military, Veterans and families.   More information to follow on our website.

Last Call!!  If you wish to send your case to us for presentation to the ICC, please forward a one-page summary of the facts and circumstances supporting your injustice, along with a minimum of a $5.00 (five dollar) fee to defray the cost of processing your case. For all those who have all ready donated to VERPA, Inc. please send us your one page summary.

CICC Conference:
  Unfortunately, we were not able to attend the CICC Conference at The Hague the week of September 5, 2004 because Jeff, VERPA’s Founder’s passport was illegally denied.  We are in the process of remedying this and he will go to The Hague in the near future.

All 100 Senators Have Been Contacted

All U.S. Senators have been provided a copy of the VERPA Act.  Please call your Senators and request they sponsor or co-sponsor the VERPA Act.  You can find your Senator’s contact information @:


Trueman v. Rumsfeld /Feres Class Action

We have received a good response so far; however, those not interested in VERPA’s Class Action Suit - must opt out by writing to Jeff Trueman at

Also, please contact Jeff if you would like a copy of the appeal brief.

The Feres Doctrine

The Feres Doctrine is a Non-Partisan Issue!  Feres does not discriminate, it affects US all.  It will take a majority of our Congress to be convinced that Feres must be abolished.  We do not support any certain politician.  Please be sure to vote!!

The Feres Doctrine Resolution

VERPA formed as an "umbrella" organization with the hope to unite all military, veterans and their families who reasonably believe they have been denied equal justice due to Feres. Obviously, VERPA believes Feres is the NUMBER ONE enemy of all Americans serving the Country as ALL issues of injury or injustice denied redress by our government fall under this judge made law. We can only state: our Justice Department must prosecute individuals who commit crimes against Americans serving the Nation rather than defending crimes against humanity and constitutional rights abuses under Feres.

For those who do not know it, Feres is "Sovereign Immunity"
No where in our Constitution is sovereign immunity legal.


We appreciate all who have donated to date and thank you for keeping the fight alive to abolish the Feres Doctrine.

In summary, we can abolish the "Feres Doctrine" with your help! The proposed legislation we have constructed, on behalf of all military, veterans and families can be introduced if we prove to Congress we all stand together.

Best wishes,
Barb Cragnotti
VERPA Legislative Coordinator/Treasurer
On Behalf of VERPA BOD/Officers

P.S. If you believe our work to be credible and for the good of all military/veterans and families, please make your check payable to: VERPA, Inc. and mail it to: VERPA, P O Box 8225, Medford, OR 97504-0225. 

Upon receipt of your donation, we will forward a "Notice of Receipt" to you.