Dear 9/11 truth activists and concerned citizens,

Spread the word!   C-Span has decided to air David Ray Griffin's
Madison, Wisconsin lecture again, this Saturday, may 7th, at 2:30PM EST (11:30AM West Coast). Here is the announcement directly from C-span's website.

This re-airing of the show at a more accessible time slot by a major
cable network may indicate the tide is turning for 9/11 truth. It is
certainly an unexpected, positive development. Appreciation goes out all those
who contacted C-span to thank them for their original airing.

Also, if you didn't get a chance to see it the first time around, and
you can't wait until Saturday, you can watch it here online (WMV video):

Or listen to the audio here (mp3):

And lastly, here is some mainstream news coverage on the original event:

Towards peace and truth,

Emanuel Sferios