Hurricanes: from David Bay

We posted the Hurricane card of the Illuminati Card Game at the top of this story, because we are convinced that these hurricanes are being used and steered in such a manner as to cause many citizens to flee the state and to increase Federal and State control over many aspects of Florida's economy and cultural fabric. If the devastation from Ivan is truly catastrophic, you might even see Martial Law declared and FEMA exercising control over at least a portion of the state. Such an increase in control is certainly necessary if the Illuminati is to ever implement their draconian "Re-Wilding" plan as spelled out in the U.N. Biodiversity program If you have not yet read of this program, or of the reality that scientists today can and do control storms like hurricanes, please take a moment to read the articles in our Weather Control and Weather Warfare Section.

We also would recommend you read the U.S. Air Force document in which they "forecast" that they will own the weather and be able to use it as a weapon against an enemy by 2025. This report is entitled, "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025". This program research paper was written in 1996, and it proves the intention of the U.S. military to so completely control the weather by 2025 that they will have a military edge over every potential enemy. However, remember what I learned while serving in the U.S. Army Intelligence: whenever our government admitted they were working on a super-secret project, or were about to achieve a new capability, the reality was that they had already possessed that technology for at least 10 years and quite possibly 20 years.

Once you understand this fact, you shall be able to understand why the United Nations passed a treaty in October, 1978, which prohibited nations from using Weather Modification techniques as weapons against other nations! The technology to create massive storms, rain in selected locations, droughts, and earthquakes was so far advanced in 1978 that the United Nations passed a treaty forbidding such weather modifications.