The John Birch Society / The New American Magazine Attacks Dave vonKleist!

s many of you already know, the John Birch Society / The New American Magazine has taken a personal interest in attacking Dave vonKleist, narrator and producer of the video 911 In Plane Site.

The original article "9-11 Conspiracy Fact & Fiction" written by Mr. William F. Jasper on May 2, 2005 attacking Mr. Dave vonKleist  is located at:

Now the time has come for a response from Dave vonKleist in a Certified Letter # 7004 1160 0006 1065 1435 to Mr. William Jasper which may be found at:


**Also, please read the article  "THE 9/11 DISINFORMATION EFFORT & THE NEW AMERICAN"
By Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

Located at: 


Important Note:

Another issue brought up in these attacks, was the involvement of Dave vonKleist at Klamath Falls, Oregon back in September 2001 before 911 took place.

To hear the re-broadcast of Tuesday, May 3, 2005 where Barbara Martin, one of the main organizers and spokespersons of the events at Klamath Falls, is on The Power Hour discussing the events that ACTUALLY took place, please go to :  (you may have to right click and "save target as" due to the large file size.)

To see actual video clips of the events at Klamath Falls, please go to:

My question is why are the issues & events of Klamath Falls brought up in the recent attacks on Dave vonKleist?