Date: Friday, 26 November 2004, 4:34 p.m. 

"Your honor, I need a court order to activate the lightbulb in the terrorist's bedroom."

"I thought you boys were listening to her over the toaster."  

Connections! Something has happened... and now has been almost fully implemented in our telecom-energy grid infrastructure.  

We won't know if it's good or bad, 'til it's used on us!!  

The new telecom/electric grid is being finalized and installed. This began in earnest in the summer of 2003... you remember all those sequential blackouts in all major cities across the globe. At that time they were putting in place new types of transformers and routing devices into the electrical grid... replacing the ancient tech. Now we are seeing all electrical or telephone lines being replaced to better improve efficiency of this new tech. You may note teams of workers replacing either type of lines near you.  

This new grid infraxstructure does indeed provide power more efficiently and allows better controls over energy flow. One benefit, it should be esaier to avert the type of safety shutdown that led to the east coast blackout of Aug 2003 (a staged event in my estimation).  

Another "benefit" is that this new electrical system is capable of transmitting digital information (eg e-mail, internet, telecom, etc) over the electrical lines. Similarly, with new telephone/cable lines it should be possible to send smaller loads of electricity over those lines IF it should ever be needed. The new transformers/switches are designed for a range of such telecom/energy uses. While this may seem to be a miracle of some proportions it does have a dark side if the oppressors gain control.  

It means everything in your home that is plugged into this grid is now accesssible from outside your home. Who cares you say?  

TV and radio speakers can function in a rudimentary way as a transmitter....picking up your voice and converting it to signal... IF there is a system wired to the speaker capable of detecting the signal, transporting it, and converting it to analog sound. In the old days this was preposterous. With the new grid it is PRECISELY possible IF one cared to pick up such signals.  

Such signals would be too garbled or noisy to make intelligible you say?  

With the advent of microchips in nearly EVERY electric device, especially tv and radio, we now have built in pre-filtering and amplification technologies that could be implemented if one designed one.  

Who would bother you ask?  

If you had the capablity of eavesdropping on a suspected terrorist via his lightbulb would you OK it for national security purposes? New tvs, cd players, toasters, lightbulbs may be designed with an eye for these uses... making them able to "talk" with the grid by merely adding an appropriate microchip worth a few pennies.  

Such tech could also be used for more "benign" data collection... which devices use how much electricity, what shows do you watch, when do you turn the channel, which commercials do you watch, when do you go to sleep/awake, etc etc  

Don't get me wrong, I do not know if gross misuse of such tech is planned... but new tech always gives rise to new privacy and freedom concerns (eg the internet). The Patriot and Partisan best always keep the powder dry.  

Something for future consideration.... before the future is here, that is!  

An RMNews Reader