Friends - I was asked to pass this along:

The State Chairman of the Constitution Party has unjustly been arrested and jailed by employees of the US Government. Once again this corrupt justice system led by John Ashcroft has arrested a genuine patriot. One by one, patriots are being thrown in jail for no just reason whatsoever. I met Bryan at the Constitution Party Convention in New Braunfels in

This follows the unjust arrests of Jack Foote and Casey Nethercott of
Ranch Rescue, which leaves ranchers in the southwest easy prey for the Mexican invaders.

The Constitution Party has fielded a genuine Christian Conservative for President by the name of Michael Peroutka who does not attend Satanic
rituals at Skull & Bones or at Bohemian Grove.

Will the Bush administration arrest Peroutka next?

The Republican and Democratic Parties refuse to acknowledge the fact that the 16th amendment to the US Constitution was NOT ratified by the States as required by the Constitution, and therefore, Byran Malatesta has broken no law whatsoever. I hold the Bush Administration in contempt for this outrageous action on their part, and demand Bryan's release immediately.

Full Congressional inquires should begin immediately to rein in this unlawful US Government activity.

George Pangborn
A Peroutka Elector


October 2, 2004

President George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Re: Recent Incarceration of my husband, Bryan David Malatesta

Dear Mr. President:

Just recently my husband became aware of a federal warrant for his arrest. He first became aware of the warrant during a routine traffic stop just outside of Boerne, Texas, where he was promptly abducted by U.S. Marshals. I am writing this letter to you in hopes of obtaining quick relief.

My husband is a God-fearing man, a good husband and father. He has never had any problems with law enforcement authorities. He is a Certified Public Accountant. As a C.P.A. he is qualified to represent citizens in administrative matters concerning federal tax issues by utilizing power of attorney and has been representing people in this capacity for the past couple of years.

A couple of years ago my husband began representing clients through an organization named American Rights Litigators (hereinafter "ARL") which was based in Florida. My husband's interaction with Internal
Revenue Service on behalf of these clients was largely conducted by telephone from his office in Texas and by written correspondence that would be sent to IRS from the Florida office of ARL.

Client information that my husband received from ARL was sent to him via electronic means. My husband did not retain client information at his office in Texas. He typically had information for only a short
duration and it was the custom that such information would be held on a permanent basis in the Florida office of ARL. It was my husband's practice to delete from his computer client information that had
originated from ARL. He did not maintain paper files at his Texas office. The importance of these facts cannot be underestimated.

In December of 2003 agents of the Internal Revenue Service entered the Florida office space of ARL and seized all of their records, electronic and paper. Since that time, to the best of my knowledge,
IRS and the Department of Justice has been in receipt of all ARL records which would concern taxpayer-clients.

What came of that action in the next few months was a civil injunction against five entities, including my husband. That suit called for my husband to cease representing taxpayers and a host of other
specifically named activities. Wherever it has been physically and humanly possible, my husband has complied with all directions issued by the court in this matter. He has fully cooperated with the court
and has been regularly communicating with federal authorities.

My husband's arrest is allegedly due to contempt of court charges. The Department of Justice has demanded that my husband supply them with all taxpayer-client-ARL records, and, have demanded that he perform
certain actions to cause information related to the injunction to be posted on a web site.

My husband is not in possession of any such information and has repeatedly communicated this to the court. Also, my husband does not have the authority or the ability to post any information to any web site, and he has also communicated this to the court. He cannot be in contempt as the government claims since it is impossible for him to perform as they demand.

Additionally, they have disallowed my husband to post a bond so that he can retain his freedom, take care of his family, and respond voluntarily to the demands of the court.

Since the injunction was issued, the trial attorney, Ann Norris
Graham, stated that my husband was in violation of the injunction and asked for him to be incarcerated until he "purged himself of contempt". Bryan Malatesta reported to Judge Hodges with more than one affidavit that stated he was in compliance with the injunction, and that he never maintained any client records at our place, that all the records had been seized by the IRS, and that he was not in "contempt of court". The trial attorney Ann Graham Norris insisted that he was, and WITHOUT a stitch of evidence that supported her claims, he was not in compliance with the injunction and got her request acted upon by
the unjust Judge Terrell Hodges.

He is currently being held at the GEO Group located at 218 S. Laredo , San Antonio, Texas 78207, the phone number there is (210) 227-5600

I called Ann Norris Graham on September 27, 2004 and asked her what it would take for my husband to "purge himself of contempt", and her was reply was "hand over the client records". I told her that she has all the records, they took them when the raided the Florida office, and that we never had control of the records in Texas.

On September 28th, I took a Writ of Habeas Corpus to San Antonio that spelled out the unjust actions of the court in Florida, and why they should let him go (enclosed is a copy for your review), which of course, was denied over night with no explanation by the judge.

I have affirmed to an affidavit that we never kept any records, and have taken my husband yet another affidavit to have notarized, and have filed a Motion to Quash the Contempt Charge.

My husband is a God-fearing man, a man of integrity, honest in his ways. Please, I beg of you, as another human being that loves the Lord, this has got to be publicized and I need your help. Please look at the Writ of Habeas Corpus and help me. I will be glad to give you copies of all the filings in this case. I have also enclosed an
article that might be of interest to you written by Judge Edith H. Jones and published March 7, 2003 for your review.

Your immediate attention to this urgent matter will be greatly appreciated.


Willie Malatesta
2721 North Hill Terrace
Cleburne, Texas 76031

CC: Congressman Ron Paul
200 W 2nd Street, Suite 210
Freeport, Texas 77541

Congressman Joe Barton
6001 West I-20 Suite 200
Arlington, Texas 76017

Judge William Terrell Hodges
U.S. District Court
Middle District of Florida
Office of the Clerk
207 NW Second Street, Box 11
Ocala, Florida 34475-6666

Judge Edith H. Jones
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
600 Camp Street
New Orleans, La 70130

Paul Ignatius Perez
U.S. Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice
C/o Post Office Box 7238
Washington, D.C. 20044

Anne Norris Graham
U.S. Department of Justice
Tax Division
Ben Franklin Station
P. O. Box 7238
Washington, D.C. 20044

Evan J. Davis,
U.S. Department of Justice
Tax Division
P. O. Box 7238
Washington, D.C. 20044

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Rick Cundiff, Courts
2121 S. W. 19th Ave
Ocala, Fl 34474

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Eddie Ray Kahn
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