Mercenaries attack Marine outpost
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Zapata Corp Mercenaries Who Fired On Marines Deported

On May 28, Marines of Regimental Combat Team 8 spotted a convoy of late-model trucks and sport-utility vehicles firing at, as well as firing near civilian cars and Marine positions in Fallujah. Later in the day, Marines at an observation post came under sniper fire. A Marine combat team reported receiving small arms fire from gunmen in several trucks and SUVs, Lapan said.

Spike strips on the road at a nearby observation post stopped nineteen employees working for a contract security firm. Marines surrounded the armored SUV and the mercenaries quickly surrendered. They were handcuffed and vehicles searched.

Marines detained the contractors and later impounded several anti-tank weapons, hand grenades, as well as a AK-47 assault rifle, according to Lt. Col. Dave Lapan. They were brought to Camp Fallujah, where they were questioned about what they were doing in Fallujah, and about the attack on the Marines. They refused to speak and were detained for three days. Their passengers were from the Parsons Corporation.

All of them were deported out of Iraq.