An "Unknown Soldier" --  -- back from Iraq,
speaks out about the military and political situation there, including the
lack of training for reservists, the treatment of wounded vets, the role of
private contractors and the military's attempt to silence dissident voices.
"We did our job," he says. "We need to come home."

When asked what he expected to happen with large numbers of soldiers
coming back from Iraq, he said "Mass exit from the military. Mass!" The AP
reports on attempts by U.S. CentCom commander, Gen. John Abizaid, to --,0,4576624,print.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines  -- convince soldiers to re-up. Plus: Greg Palast on 'The Forgotten Soldiers.'-- 

The "unknown soldier" also said that the only troops allowed to have
Thanksgiving dinner with President Bush, were those who expressed support
for him in a pre-visit questionnaire. NBC reports --  -- that the company that served the
dinner, Event Source --  --, is owed $87 million
by the Halliburton subsidiary that contracted it.

The Guardian reports that the U.S. is hiring Chilean mercenaries --,3858,4873065-111580,00.html  -- to replace
soldiers guarding oil wells in Iraq, with recruitment being handled by
Blackwater USA --  --, which Barry Yeoman --  -- reported on in 'Soldiers of good
fortune.' --

American Conservative contributor James Kurth argues that the Iraq War has
caused "grave and long-term injury" --  -- to American interests and that ultimately "virtually all honest and reasonable people
will agree that it would have been best if the United States had never gone
to war at all."