“D-Lenolate” Olive Leaf Extract

Antibiotics are failing us. With the coming of new and exotic viruses which were once isolated to only exotic parts of the world, but are now being delivered to our door steps via supersonic world travel, and the evolution of microbes, which are now resistant to our most commonly used antibiotics, we have never needed an alternative therapy more.

D-Lenolate olive leaf extract is an effective, all natural, and nontoxic scientific break through which has proven to be effective using its powerful active ingredients which can actually eliminate the viruses, fungi, bacteria and other parasites that cause disease.

From immune disorders to the common cold, from Epstein-Barr virus to Genital Herpes, from Hepatitis C to Lyme disease, from Ebola Zaire virus to HIV, East Park’s patented d-Lenolate olive leaf extract herbal remedies can be a very powerful adjunct to any program of healing, good health and wellness.

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More About “D-Lenolate” Olive Leaf Extract

The therapeutic value of elements within the olive leaf has been known and studied for hundreds of years. Research scientists know of its pathogen killing powers and the body’s reaction to these elements. The body identities the active ingredients of the olive leaf a foreign material. It then binds this material to blood serum proteins. This action then prevents the therapeutic elements from reaching the disease causing pathogen.

The breakthrough for the olive leaf came in 1995 when East Park Research developed a patented extraction process, which extracts the therapeutic elements from the leaf, in such a manner that the body allows these elements free access to the disease causing pathogens. The elimination of disease-causing pathogens will assist the immune system to cure the disease. The product produced under this new patent is called “D-Lenolate” olive leaf extract. This new-patented extraction process now captures all of the olive leaf’s pathogen-killing properties in the world’s first Stereoisomer extraction process. This is without a doubt, the most powerful and potent concentration of olive leaf extract the world has yet seen. East Park’s all-new “D-Lenolate” will set standards by which all olive leaf extracts will be measured against for the coming millennium and beyond.

Disease causing pathogens are viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites, all of which can live and multiply inside your body for years, causing an energy consuming burden on your immune system. Disease can acquire a strong hold in your body, causing ill health to become a way of life. Your immune system is the only thing on this earth that can cure you of disease, not drugs, not herbs, not magic, not anything except your immune system. So feed your immune system good nutrients like our D-Lenolate olive leaf extract, plenty of rest, lots of good water, moderate exercise, and stay away from alcohol, tobacco, or large amounts of sugar, salt and coffee.

One of the most common disease causing pathogens is “Candida”, a single cell fungi that lives within our blood stream, releasing powerful poisons and toxins as it multiplies. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates; by age six months, 90% of all babies born in the U. S. will test positive for Candida. By adulthood, virtually “All” humans play host to Candida Albicans and are thus engaged in a life long relationship. Later in life, the Candida can manifest itself into various symptoms as follows:

Fatigue, lethargy depression, headaches, muscle aches or weakness, joint pain, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas, vaginal burning, itching or vaginal discharge, prostatitis, anxiety, infertility, menstrual problems, PMS, insomnia, eczema, itching eyes, psoriasis, sensitivity to some foods, nervous system problems, recurrent yeast infections in women, allergies, sinus problems, recurrent colds and flu, indigestion, respiratory problems, food cravings, asthma and both over and under weight issues.

A clinical, double-blind, randomized-placebo control study was performed by Dr. Bernard J. Mizock’s laboratory in Chicago, Illinois. The study was conducted in 30 subjects for 60 days. Basal metabolic panels, complete blood counts and Somatomedin-C levels of each subject were recorded at the beginning and completion of the study. Subjects were given 6 capsules per day of either East Park’s D-Lenolate or the placebo. The study was performed from January through June of 1999.

The results are that virtually all of the subjects taking East Park’s D-Lenolate had normal blood counts and basal metabolic panels. The mean score at baseline was 250. Within 60 days of taking D-Lenolate, symptoms were reduced by greater than 50%.

The Conclusion is that East Park’s D-Lenolate will reduce the symptoms of chronic yeast infections by greater than 50% within 60 days of use, with no apparent side effects. This was the finding and conclusion of Dr. Bernard J. Mizock, MD, FACS.

The stories of people working their way out of the clutches of ill health back to a normal life are too numerous to mention here, however you must remember how the patented method of D-Lenolate works. It cures nothing! It just kills disease-causing pathogens, which in turn aids your immune system in its fight to cure your disease.

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