Pentagon Boasts on Defeating Military Retirees

by Robert F. Sawallesh
05 October 2004

President Bush and Senator Kerry are coming to Tampa so often that you would think that Tampa and the rest of Florida will decide the next President. The President recently landed at MacDill AFB in order to tour hurricane damaged areas outside Tampa.

In the battle for military retiree health care was the President, as Commander-in-Chief, ever briefed on Schism v. United States?

The Pentagon is no doubt thrilled about the savings achieved by the 2003 Presidential Distinguished Rank Executives. Lines 200 to 204 pertain directly to Schism v. United States.

Read below what the Pentagon states in reference to accomplishments regarding the law suit.

"Lead DoD attorney in 2002 decision of U.S. Court of Appeals for
Schism v. United States. Court agreed with DoD position that recruiters' promises of retirement health benefits could not create a contractual entitlement to benefits in excess of those provided by statue, reversing a 2001 decision that could have led to Government liability in the amount of $ 15 B." That is, 15 Billion Dollars!

The Pentagon must have been in a state of panic when it became aware of the law suit. In the above paragraph it sounds like the Pentagon is
blaming the recruiters.

To really understand the total impact of the objectives by the 2003 Presidential Distinguished Rank Executives you need to scan the entire
paper. Just go to . Start with line 186.

You might find the following interesting and it is for information only: "There are two categories of rank awards for the SES. The Distinguished Executive rank is awarded to leaders who achieve extraordinary results. Only 1 percent of the career SES may earn this award. Distinguished Executives receive a lump-sum payment of 35 percent of their base salary, a gold pin, and a framed certificate signed by the President." Go to .

I have no idea if the above monetary awards pertain to those listed in
the 2003 Presidential Distinguished Rank Executives paper at .

To really understand Schism v. United States go to