For Immediate Release. Aug. 23, 2004
Abuse News #1354, by John Jenkel, 707-823-7083

Preventing WWIII

Lovers of Truth: Why isn't this a headline in every U.S. newspaper?

Iran warns of preemptive strike on US forces
This came from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Thursday, August 19, 2004.
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It states:

Iranian Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani has warned that Iran might launch a preemptive strike against US forces in the region to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities.

"We will not sit [with arms folded] to wait for what others will do to us," Mr Shamkhani told Al Jazeera television when asked if Iran would respond to an American attack on its nuclear facilities.

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Answer:   Self admitted "war president" Bush needs Iran's attack so our
betrayed and sacrificed forces can strike in Iran to gain U.S corporate access to Caspian Basin oil AND GAS (for Enron) deposits. When one US armed division goes into Iran, we
the deceived people of the U.S. will be drawn into WWIII. The annihilation of Israel and the end of conscious life on earth could be next.

If 9-11 Non-Commander Bush strikes first again, he WILL NEVER GET ELECTED.

Bumbler Bush needs Iran to strike us first in order to stay in power. Our retaliation will
trigger riots at home and that will allow him to declare martial law. The author will be locked up and brain dead. There will be no 2004 General Election. Bingo, Oil Brat Emperor Bush.

How to stop it? Force Rep. Henry Hyde to agenda open debate in his House Committee on International Relations on amending deliberately inert and, therefore, fraudulent House Joint Resolution 20 along the lines of Tamara's Petition to Congress to end mass murder.

If Senator Hillary Clinton would honor her oath to we the people and bolt the pro strike-first club in Congress (which tragically is 70% of Congress) by signing Tamara's Petition, pro strike-first Senators John Kerry and John Edwards, and Dianne Feinstein would be forced to sign too.

Anti strike-first Representative Dennis Kucinich, who signed Tamara's Petition in April,
would awaken the House, and powerful CIR Chair Hyde would be forced to agenda an open debate on amending HJ20 in committee. From that moment on, there will be NO MORE SECRET government for corporate agenda. No more corporate government, or fascism.

There would be an immediate cease fire in Iraq. Iran will not strike us first to defend against our fascist strike first policy. WWII will not happen. Our corporate cannon fodder troops would come home, and John Kerry would become the next president of the United States without one more campaign speech.

THE SOLUTION (8-20-04)

Tamara's Petition to Congress to amend HJ20 and end mass murder (Amending language in bold.)

"To repeal the authorization for the use of Military Force Against Iraq" any country.

*Whereas we the people authorize only Congress to declare war (Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 11);

*Whereas powers not delegated in the Constitution are reserved "to the people" (Amend. X);

*Whereas no one man should be able to engage our loyal troops in optional conflict;

*Whereas we the people had a $385 billion/yr. "common defense" system that failed on 9-11;

*Whereas Iraq did not and could not attack us, there was no justification to attack Iraq;

*Whereas the 107th Congress passed House Joint Res. 114 that authorized strike-first policy
which conflicts with the basic values of the land of the free and home of the brave;

*Whereas HJ114 has brought optional death to over 11,000 Iraqi civilians;

Whereas HJ114 has cost we the people $166.5 billion in optional debt;

*Whereas HJ114 causes the world to hate America, arm against us, and
perhaps strike us first;

*Whereas 70% of Congress endangered every American by authorizing
strike-first policy;

*Whereas over 900 betrayed U.S. troops (73 from California) did not have to die;

*Whereas all Members of Congress are sworn "to support and defend" our
Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic," and they did not.

The 108th Congress shall end strike-first policy. Now, therefore, be it:

"Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the U.S. of A. in
Congress assembled, SECTION 1. REPEAL OF PUBLIC LAW 107-243. The Authorization for
Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243; 116
Stat. 1498) is hereby repealed. END"


The undersigned urges US Congress to amend HJ20 in order to end our strike
policy. (Please print name, title if any, organization if any, phone number,
jurisdiction, and date and then sign.)

This petition has over 21,000 signers, including presidential candidate and U.S.
Representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich. His promotion of it could end 57 years of
mass murder for corporate plunder in third world countries and put him in the Oval Office,
but he refuses to stand up in Congress. Why? He appears to be intimidated by boss Dem
and shadow presidential candidate Willie Brown, da Wizard of Deception.
Rep. Kucinich is the third sponsor of deliberately inert and shelved House Joint
Resolution 20 which pretends to repeal strike-first policy established by HJ114-107. He is
the first elected office holder in the country to support amending fraudulent HJ20 to free
our government from the grip of organized crime. Rep. Henry Hyde shamefully blocks
amending fraudulent HJ20 as Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Relations.

Deceptive Presidential candidate John F. Kerry supports strike-first policy. We the people
never granted Senator Kerry, Rep. Hyde, or any member of Congress the power to strike-
first, or to authorize it. Dem rank and file are lead by traitors. So is the GOP. Leaders
appear to be bought off or intimidated by Boss Dem Willie Brown who is the only self-admitted 9-11 material witness for we the people. Grand Intimidator Brown PROTECTS pro strike-first Kerry, 9-11 Non-commander Bush, Secretary of Stand Down Donald Rumsfeld, Communist China, Enron, Warren Buffett, Larry Sliverstien,
northern California pot growers, organized crime, etc. Assembly Speaker Willie Brown forced
the divestment of California's investor owned public utilities' gas fired generators for
Enron builder Ken Lay. This eventually "bankrupted PG&E," according to 9-11 target VP Dick
Cheney, and triggered California's "energy crisis." Enron investor Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger maintains the coverup.

U.S. Energy Czar Cheney called $43 billion worth of ridiculously expensive
long-term power contracts a "hairbrained scheme." Phantom governor Brown's puppet
Governor Gray Davis signed these contracts. Since they lack the majority power of
the state behind them, they are unenforceable. However, they also are protected by
self-admitted political terminator Willie Brown. His despised machine got President Bush and FBI
Director Robert Mueller appointed. Da Mule headed the US prosecutor's office in
San Francisco before he destroyed sacred 9-11 evidence. On 6-2-02, the SF Chronicle
said the Wall Street Journal called for da Mule's "resignation."

President George W. Bush promoted strike-first policy for his sponsor, Enron builder Ken
Lay. Brown-protected Lay hid behind the Fifth Amendment before Congress in January
2002 and laid low until recently indicted for fraud in a Brown/Bush
intimidated Texas federal court. Lay-low used some of Enron's $31 billion missing funds to
sponsor Bush, Congress, Tony Blair, Parliament, the Taliban, CIA operative Osama bin
Laden, and probably the 25 member al Qaeda Martyrdom Battalion that carried out 9-11
to gain paradise and 72 virgins. Had hijacked United Flight 93 attacked as
planned, Bush probably would have appointed Brown as VP. Then VP Brown would have
gotten Bush impeached for failure to heed specific warning, failure to command, NORAD
stand down, P-56 stand down, shoot down of full crew controlled United Flight 93, etc.
Brown set up Bush.

Lay-low apparently planned 9-11 to assassinate U.S. Energy Czar Cheney who was
blocking Enron's getting Turkmenistan natural gas into Communist China for China investor Richard Blum, the husband of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Carlyle Group, and CalPERS. Lay-low's plan was aided by Bush and his inside goons, but was kept secret from anti Enron VP Cheney and the White House staff who Bush left
behind on 9-11.

Circulated by da 9-11 Truth Campaign, Graton, California 707-823-7083,