How to defend against Bush: Rifle Propelled Grenade (RPG)

The $40 RPG (Rifle Propelled Grenade) wipes out $1 million dollar
tanks and Bradley personnel carriers, and $10 million dollar helicopters. Think
about that. $1,000,000 in RPG destroys 25,000 tanks. Ok, they miss half the
time. 12,500 tanks or $12,500,000,000 (that's billions)!
In helicopters that is $125,000,000,000. Talk about leverage. Think your
taxes are going to stay low? It is higher taxes or higher inflation.

But the good news for the world is that no superpower can be super on
or close to the ground. I can advocate that they start training all
freedom fighters and equipping them since the wonderful part of it is
that it is a defensive weapon. You cannot invade someone with an army
of just RPG's. However, you can effectively repel even a superpower.
Think if every peasant's home were equipped with a rifle and some
RPG's. Every peasant's house would have the ability to destroy
millions of dollars of superpower equipment. Think of millions of
Iranians, Syrians, and Iraqi's fighting for God and country with

Think of Peace instead.

We will not stop the Mad Big Brother of the Bush family without much
pain. So far, no one in America understands this. This is not a movie
where the cavalry will come to the rescue. The ethical officers are
obviously all gone from the military. The stock market cannot go up
forever while jobs shrink.
We're going 90 miles an hour down a dead-end street - emphasis on "dead".

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Jimmy Walter