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When I was writing the book, DPT: A Shot in the Dark, in the 1980's, I interviewed many mothers whose babies died within 24 hours of vaccination. Some of the babies had either a diagnosed or undiagnosed coinciding viral or bacterial infection at the time of vaccination. Some were on antibiotics. Others were premature, had experienced a difficult birth or had suffered previous vaccine reactions which were discounted by clueless pediatricians in denial as unrelated to vaccination.

When the HIB (haemophilus influenzae B) vaccine was introduced in the later 1980's/early 1990's, the National Vaccine Information Center began to receive reports of infants suffering bleeding in the brain following receipt of both DPT and HIB vaccines simultaneously. We reported this fact to the FDA. Soon, parents began to be charged with shaken baby syndrome when their babies died following receipt of multiple vaccines and had evidence of bleeding in the brain.

Denial and refusal to investigate the biological mechanisms for vaccine injury and death by industry and government health agencies has resulted an unknown number of infants and children dying and being brain injured by vaccines. Innocent children and their parents continue to be victimized by one-size-fits-all vaccine policies which target the vulnerable for sacrifice and then blame the victim when it occurs.

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"Harry's death was all the more puzzling since he must have been well in his final hours, Professor Meadow said. Medical records showed that he was inoculated the day he died. "The staff of the clinics do not give immunizations to a child who is off colour," Professor Meadow said."


Times, UK,,2-1677573,00.html
July 2, 2005

Sally Clark's reputation is put on trial again over cot death
By Dominic Kennedy

Sir Roy Meadow ruled out natural causes in her sons' deaths

SALLY CLARK, the solicitor cleared of murdering her babies after serving three years of a life sentence, had her reputation put on trial again yesterday as Professor Sir Roy Meadow said why he had thought that her babies were unnaturally killed.

The retired paediatrician reminded the General Medical Council of how many injuries Mrs Clark's sons suffered before they died.

Mrs. Clark's is the most prominent case involving mothers jailed for multiple child murders on Professor Meadow's evidence but then subsequently cleared. She was released at her second appeal when questions were raised about the competence of the pathologist who examined her babies.

Professor Meadow, who faces being struck off for misleading the jury in the Cheshire mother's murder trial, told the GMC disciplinary panel that nobody would describe her boys as victims of cot deaths. He said that he had studied reams of evidence about Mrs. Clark's sons.

Police had approached him after the death of Harry at two months. Christopher's previous death at 2 months was initially attributed to natural causes, but Professor Meadow thought otherwise.

"Although his initial death certificate said he died of lower respiratory tract infection, I did not think that was appropriate," he said. "I thought it was more likely, in view of both children, that he had been smothered."

In his report to the police, Professor Meadow said that injuries like Harry' s, who suffered bleeding to the back of the eyes and the spinal cord, were similar to those described by medical experts among children who had been shaken.

"In relation to Harry I thought he had the features of physical abuse," Professor Meadow said. "I personally do not have great experience of shaken babies. It is a very difficult area. I did not know what combination of assault could be responsible for the injuries that were described but I couldn't think of natural causes.

"It did seem to me that the injuries being described were such that in themselves could cause death. They seemed severe injuries. I could imagine a baby dying of such injuries.

"But the injuries reported on Christopher were not in themselves seeming to me that they would cause a baby to die: however many bruises he had got on the back of the leg or elbow or in the mouth or frenulum (between gum and

nose) doesn't make someone die."

Harry's death was all the more puzzling since he must have been well in his final hours, Professor Meadow said. Medical records showed that he was inoculated the day he died. "The staff of the clinics do not give immunizations to a child who is off colour," Professor Meadow said.

"Some observer - whether health visitor, nurse, doctor - would have seen Harry at that time and presumably considered him well earlier that day."

Professor David Southall narrowly escaped being struck off by the GMC recently when he accused Mrs Clark's husband, Stephen, of killing his sons on the basis of watching a television documentary about the case.

The charge against Professor Meadow is that he used incorrect statistics to make it appear more likely that Mrs. Clark had killed her babies, in particular a figure saying that the chances of two cot deaths for an affluent, non-smoking, mature mother were 73 million to one. This number appeared in a draft report based on the world's biggest study into cot death. Statisticians have queried its accuracy.

The report seemed to suggest that a double cot death in a family like the Clarks was "very rare . . . tiny and for clinical purposes probably not meaningful".

Professor Meadow said that he had published a study of cot death, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), on his retirement, pointing to cases in which smothering was suspected.

"I had been involved in cases of quite severe child abuse," he said. "I really felt that the term SIDS, which does have some merits and kindnesses, . . . was nevertheless making us all forget that all SIDS meant was 'I don't know' as a diagnosis. My paper was a plea for much better investigation of all infant deaths."

The hearing continues.

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