Tax Honesty Efforts Back on CSPAN2?

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Dear Friends,

Iíll be traveling to D.C. to attend a forum at the National Press Club regarding The Right To Petition For Redress of Grievances/Citizens and U.S. Tax Policy. The forum will include a speech by Dr. Gregory Mark, Professor of Law, Rutgers University School of Law and Justice, and information on the class action lawsuit being filed against the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice.

CSPAN2 is planning to broadcast the event at 9:00 am EDT (scheduling subject to change). Go to  or this URL for more details:

Hopefully, the forum will include an update on the suspicious removal of historic documents from the National Archives, documents that would very likely prove that the IRS has known for decades that it is illegally enforcing the federal income tax. More about this at or:

Stay Tuned.

Kind Regards,

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent