Those wishing to see a picture of Terri's Marker:

RN Ford Comments: Note the dates of when Schiavo says Terri left the earth.
If he truly felt that, I wonder how he justified upsetting the lives of two physicians in a med mal suit, and taking all that money from an insurance company in 1993. If this marker doesn't summarize the entire story of how his mind works, and who he is, nothing will ever awaken America to Terri's tragic story.

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The first expose and sourcebook on the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case! Discover the true facts behind the most significant legal battle over constitutional rights of the disabled in history. Read the actual documents. Discover the dangers all Americans face with Terri's death!

Theresa Marie Schindler
December 3, 1963 ~ March 31, 2005
Light a candle For Terri at her online Memorial Website - Memorial website in memory of Theresa Schindler (1963-2005)


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