From a listener....

In My Opinion...

It's a crime that a good woman must die.
As a result to a greedy man's lie.
I speak about Terri (Teresa) Schiavo,
The good lady attacked 15 years ago.

The courts are careless , stupid, and proud,
They'll eventually break our nation, if allowed.
The U.S. Congress should have done much more:
The stupid judge's orders were something to ignore.

The people are the U.S. Government:
Not the judges who are so Hell bent.
Do our representatives know this?
Was the Constitution something they decided to miss?

They claimed that she was in a "vegetative" state
But the truth is Terry is (or was) just great
With some help, she would have began to speak
And identify her attacker making Michael's future bleak

Now, what type of "leaders" would permit this crime?
To starve a woman to death before her time.
I said it once, and I'll say it again:
Those who've allowed this will suffer in the end.

If they think that eliminating Terry will stop her voice.
They don't know the Bible Scriptures--my book of choice.
Most likely Terry's the sole witness of the attack on her
And her "man" Michael is the unspoken suspect, plain and pure

Those who did not care will face the Eternal Yahweh
On the Last Punishing And Judgment Day
The Eternal Yah will open the Gates of Hell
In the same manner when Lucifer fell

Just last week was the Holy Resurrection Day
But, bad Judges want to control, and don't like to pray.
Yet, I will pray for Terry -- for her spirit to be well.
And for those, who wouldn't save her, they should burn in Hell !

Thanks goes Lee Ducksworth, Jr. for sending!!