More evidence the 9-11 Truth Movement is having an effect!

Hi Everyone,

I pulled this off of, posted and written by Christopher Bollyn from America Free Press,, and wanted to pass it on to you all.  The program was a hit piece on the 9-11 Truth Movement and further shows the effect we are having.  The call to get involved in spreading the truth has never been so strong.  Jimmy Walter is in the middle of a European tour, taking 9-11 Truth to the rest of the world and more and more people are seeing through the Bush regime's lies and deceit.  Hatred for America is growing substantially and we are supposed to feel safer?  Oh yea, we have the Patriot Act to protect us....(sarcastically speaking of course).

In light of the recent scandal over the alleged desecration of a Koran at GITMO, and the subsequent out cry in the Muslim world, I am wondering where are the Christians and the outcry???  The Penn and Teller Bull**** show airs on Showtime,  I think Mr. Bollyn put it best when he said, "While the program was meant to try and discredit conspiracy theories of 9/11, the moon landing, and the JFK assassination, it included a gratuitous insult when it showed a foul-mouthed Hollywood type drilling a hole in the Holy Bible."  Where are the allegations of hate crime here? 

If you want to contact Showtime to let them know your disgust with this program, they can be reached using the following contact information:

To send mail to Penn and Teller write to: 
Penn and Teller c/o Customer Service
Showtime Networks Inc.
1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

The Show's producer can be contacted at the same address only substituting his name, Mark Wolper in the address.  Unfortunately, I could not find an email contact on their website.