"UN Blue & Orange Watch"

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Notice the colors....
Source: http://www.journalmpls.com/voices/weekend-tourist/2013/11/liberty-and-justice-for-all/


Air Force One Presidential Aircraft--UN BLUE!!

Sent to us from a loyal listener! 

UN Blue and Orange...

South Sudan soldiers photographed wearing UNICEF backpacks donated for children
Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/02/05/south_sudan_soldiers_photographed_wearing_unicef_backpacks_donated_for_children.html

Orange and Blue 2012 Olympic Mascots

Deciphering Symbolism and Numerology of the 2012 Olympic Mascots!
Source: http://adventofdeception.com/deciphering-symbolism-and-numerology-of-the-2012-olympic-mascots

Willie Nelson signs on for RNC concert
(July 31, 2012 article)


Another Orange and Blue Sighting - http://www.hotmail.com (Added 8/2012)

"Shoulder Patch" image, displaying the attitude of "the other side"....thanks to Eleanor White!!!

Source: http://www.randomcollection.info/cointelpatchorgblue.jpg

Nike Shoes:
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Bradley Manning Website
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Thanks to Gary D. for sending.

The Real Meaning of "Operation New Dawn"

Note the blue and orange!!

Check out the UN Blue Telstra website!

Orange/Blue Contrast in Movie Posters

Check out the orange and blue - Maroon Beret
The maroon beret has been the international symbol of elite airborne forces since its selection for use by the airborne forces in World War II.

Air Force 60th Anniversary flag raised at memorial -- Check out the color!!

AFDW hosts Air Force 60th Anniversary Ball at Grand Hyatt -- Of course, the cake would be LIGHT (UN) BLUE!!! 

President Bush acknowledges a member of the audience before he delivers the final state of the Union address of his presidency at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Check out the UN Blue Tie)

ABC News Online Australia has reformatted their website to blue and orange. (Thanks Pamela)

The 2007 Super Bowl Website

Check out the orange and Blue!

New colors for Wal-Mart
Check out Wal-Mart's new colors scheme!
(No, it's not UN Blue and Orange)

This photo was taken from a competition being run by "ING Direct", a loan company, and the late night show "Rove Live", hosted by Rove McManus.
Basically, if you are prepared to paint you home entirely Orange , as a "billboard" for ING, you can win $200,000 towards you mortgage!  (Thanks Neville)
Click Here to view photo:

Pictures from the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever”.
The men on the platform are wearing UN colored uniforms. Could this be meant to be Symbolic as movies often use symbolism?

Thanks to Paul for sending our way!

Note: "The leader of this group is trying to destroy Washington D.C. with what appears to be a  Scalar EMF weapon mounted on a Earth orbiting satellite. Unlike most villains in the James Bond movies, this villain makes no demands. He is not trying to extort anyone. We don’t know what government this terrorist group is affiliated with. However, a statement made by the leader of  the group may suggest that they work for the UN.  He stated that the destruction of  Washington D.C. might lead to world peace".

Apparently, there's an Orange revolution going on in the Ukraine!!

(Thanks to Nev for sending)

AT & T Logo

Passport to Israel Website: http://www.passport2israel.org
Thanks to Dwayne for sending!

Brand new Shuttle service for tourists around the city of Melbourne
(Thanks Nev!!)

ING Group's corporate website
(A Dutch corporation. They own a lot of companies including the Bank Brussells Lampert).
(Thanks to Patti for sending)!

Herbie the Love Bug goes Blue and Orange...??
(Thanks Paul)!!
"I recently learned while watching a documentary on the history of Walt Disney’s "Herbie The Love Bug"
that the colors of the car were changed in 1997 from red, white and dark blue to orange/red, white and
teal blue. What possible reason would they have for changing the colors of this patriotic car after 29 years of success? The car was painted the colors of the American flag in four major movies, "Herbie the love bug", "Herbie rides again", "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo", and "Herbie goes bananas". But, for some strange unexplained reason in the 1997 re-make of "Herbie the love bug" the car was painted in
orange/red, white, and teal blue. The documentary is included on a bonus DVD that came with the
complete collection DVD".

Several Logos spotted by Nev

CNN commercial for Cholestoff  guess what color... More orange and blue.


Thanks to Vern for sending!

Chertoff with his orange tie and blue shirt behind the blue Homeland Security seal.
(Thanks to Jim and Annette for sending!)

Can you spell "I told you so?"  (clickable link)
 2006 is indeed proving to be the "year of the orange" for HoJo fans...THE ORANGE ROOF MAY INDEED SHINE AGAIN!

Film entitled Blue/Orange (clickable link)
 The assumptions people make in this play are hugely important and the title itself is a perfect
 encapsulation of the issues, conjuring up colour, language and perception.
Blue/Orange premieres Saturday, February 18, 10pm et/pt. Click here for Related Link.

Freescale Fundamentals Website (clickable Link)
Thanks to Veronica in Austin, TX for sending!

Talk about ORANGE!!

PARLIAMENT: Newly elected Palestinian parliament member from Hamas Abu Tir (L) from Jerusalem with colleague Yasser Mansour from Nablus in Ramallah, on February 17. The new Palestinian parliament is to be sworn in on Saturday.

Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyworld and the logo for MX magazine.
(Thanks to Neville in Australia)

Reuters financial/news website boasts the blue & orange logo and home page.
Check it out @ http://today.reuters.com/news/home.aspx

Thanks to Sherry, Queensland Australia!!

President Outlines Strategy for Victory in Iraq Photo
 Notice the colors - blue and orange!!

Melbourne 2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games added to the UN Blue and Orange Watch
 Check their website!!
(Thanks to Nev in Melbourne, Australia.)

Blue & orange USA Olympic colors

 Red, White & Blue is over. Blue & Orange now dominates the media.
More photos at: http://www.nbcolympics.com/index.html
(Thanks to Mike in Chicago for sending).

EarthLink (Internet service provider) is blue and orange!

Check out the Olympic logo with light blue - 2006 Winter Olympics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Check out "One World" Olympics" Note colors -- check out the website.

UN Orange - flowers Everywhere (clickable link)

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UN Blue and Orange Even in China!!!! -- The China View website! (Thanks to Mike for sharing)

Houston 1836 logo, colors unveiled
 Guess the colors...Yes, you're right--orange and blue!! The year 1836 has always held a special meaning in Houston, as it was the year of the city's founding. The number took added meaning Wednesday afternoon, as it officially became the name of the Houston club in Major League Soccer.

CDC's Julie Gerberding in orange blazer
Thanks to Rita ( pancakehill) for sending our way!!

This cartoon was Navy Blue & Orange in our local newspaper 2-1-06
 The orange & light blue were brilliant in the original cartoon. (Thanks to Super Bowl Steve for sending).

National Security Agency logo

The Reuters logo is Orange and Blue
Thanks to Charles for sending!

King Juan Carlos I and Spain's Family Crest
(Thanks to Brad for sending)

Blue and Orange sighting on Rush Limbaugh website
Club G'itmo T-Shirt - Orange and Blue t-shirts being sold on Rush Limbaugh website. Take a look.
Thanks to Mike in Chicago for sending!

Why Bush and Cheney wear Blue/Orange ties??? -- Will Bush stand tall for Ukraine’s “orange revolution" Nicholas Kristof asks in his New York Times Saturday column? I hope not. If anything, he should wear a blue and orange tie to express his respect for the democratically mature fashion in which the Ukrainians handled the post-election period along with his support for a unified Ukraine irrespective of the identity of the ultimate winner.

NRA Goes UN Blue and Orange
 Now even the National Rifle Association is swimming in the UN Blue and Orange! (Also note: color switches from UN Blue to UN Orange as you pass your mouse cursor over it). Thanks to James in Austin, TX. for sending this to TPH.

More UN Blue and Orange Sightings:
Oct. 7, 2005


Thanks to Mike in Chicago for sending our way!!

The Bushes with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:

Thanks to Mike in Chicago for sending!

Southwest Airlines has painted some of their aircraft blue and orange -- Check it out!

Check out Bill Clinton and his UN Blue tie in the 9/25/2005 issue of PARADE magazine.

Thanks to John in Union, New Jersey for sending!

America Supports You Website Joins rank with UN blue and Orange!
(Thanks to Paul for sending!)

Check out the United Nations Website! -- More blue and orange! 
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Aug. 2005 - Even More Blue and Orange!

Consumer Savings Programs Website

Bush/Bolton--More Blue and Orange (How Presidential)

University of Tennessee Lady VOLS added that same blue color to their orange and white uniforms!! Check it out!

The bus that had the top blown off in London. The seats that are on top are blue with orange bars around the top. Are all the seats on buses in London Blue and Orange???

Notice the light blue flag has a strange "morphing" color of between red and orange. It is a movement away from red to orange.  Thank you Robert!

War of the Colors in Israel-Orange & Blue -- A visitor to Israel at this time may get the impression that the country is in the throes of a contest between two football teams: orange and blue. The use of colors to symbolize the two sides resembles the War of the Roses 450 years ago.

UN Blue & Orange Watch - Virgin Atlantic Airlines (Great Britain)

Prime Minister's Office: Orange is becoming a "stain" on society -- The color orange is becoming a stain, Director of the Strategic Coordination Staff in the Prime Minister's Office Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Eival Giladi told Army Radio Thursday morning.

Orange vs. blue -- Israel is divided these days by colors. Orange belongs to the right-wing opponents of prime minister Ariel Sharon, protesting his "disengagement" plan to remove the Jewish settlements from the Gaza strip and northern West Bank next month. They appropriated the color from Ukraine's pro-democracy camp, which successfully overturned a sham election. The pro-disengagement crowd took blue, or blue-and-white like the Israeli national flag, as its emblem.

The Denver Broncos in UN blue and orange.

Thanks to Challis in Boise, ID.

More Union Blue and Orange!

Three A.F.L.-C.I.O. leaders, from left, John J. Sweeney, the president; Richard Trumka, the secretary-treasurer; and Linda Chavez-Thompson, the executive vice president, Sunday at the convention in Chicago.

Why do you suppose the 'anti-pullout' protesters in Israel wear orange AND sleep in blue tents?

Thanks to Cherie for sending!

Cityofchicago.org  Logo

Thanks to Mike in Chicago for sending!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking with UN Blue behind him!

Thanks to Annette for sending!

Orange & blue bus seats? You decide. (taken from photos of the London attacks)

Thanks Jay for sending!


http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3917677/displaymode/1107/s/2  - Go to the #2 picture and you will see the baby blue and
orange mind control picture in plain sight!!!

Thanks to Dwayne in Albany, New York for sending!

Photos from London attacks -- Photos taken from the Fox news website today in reference to the terrorist attacks. (I heard a caller call in today (July 7, 2005) in reference to a blue and orange bag...I noticed the paramedics have blue bags and thought it could have been from one of them)   Thanks to Jay for sending!!

Why Bush Should Wear a Blue and Orange Tie -- "Will Bush stand tall for Ukraine’s “orange revolution" Nicholas Kristof asks in his New York Times Saturday column? I hope not. If anything, he should wear a blue and orange tie to express his respect for the democratically mature fashion in which the Ukrainians handled the post-election period along with his support for a unified Ukraine irrespective of the identity of the ultimate winner."

Star Tours (Disneyland)

Cingular Wireless:

July 6, 2005
Thanks to Annette from Utah!!

July 5, 2005

Gold Bond Foot Powder

July 1, 2005
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Photo of what Old Glory would look like in Orange and Blue:


June 30, 2005
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Bill Gates

June 30, 2005

Johnson and Johnson has joined the ranks of orange. As you might remember their logo was RED... check it out at  http://www.jnj.com/home.htm
Have you noticed the commercials played during CNN breaks have been modified with the addition of orange in the commercials?... For example.. the "Why do we work" commercial... The part of the commercial where the husband is leaving for work and his wife is holding the child.. her shirt used to be WHITE.. now it has been "colorized" to be BRIGHT ORANGE! Call me crazy, but I noticed it right away... also the Conoco Phillips ad.. with the oil drillers on the rig, working the equipment... their suits used to be RED, now they too have been "colorized" to ORANGE... even the company logo switched from RED to ORANGE!!! ... subtle changes to EXISTING commercials.. NOT remade commercials. Isn't this computer/digital technology grand? They can go in and alter any part of the commercial... and stuff it down the memory hole. Since becoming aware of Joyce's outcry on the growing color switch, I paid more attention and it just jumps right out now.

Thanks to Mike in York, PA. for sending our way!!

Orange and Blue in the Chinese-Unocal deal found on the DrudgeReport.com website!
Thanks To Dave for sending!

June 29, 2005
More Orange and UN Blue sightings:

Did you watch George Bush's speech last night (June 28, 2005)?
**UN Blue tie and total UN blue backdrop.
Check it out for yourself: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8387168

Cheney Dons Orange Tie for Yushchenko:

Thanks to Mike in Chicago, IL for sending our way!

June 27, 2005

'Orange fever' strikes Israel -- It has spread like a fierce contagion. People wear it. Billboards shout it. Kids distribute in on the streets. See it dangling from cars, buses, baby carriages, backpacks. It's the color orange and it is everywhere.

Xerox logo Switch to orange logo -- Remember the old Xerox logo? .. it used to be blue.... now it is orange!
Go to http://www.xerox.com and check it out.
Thanks Mike for sending this our way.

May 31, 2005

UN Blue Reebok Shoes!  Check them out at:  http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=152002

Thanks to Ryan for sending!

March 20, 2005

*Apparently the NHL is going to experiment with the colors on the ice. The white ice will now be light blue. The blue lines will now be orange and the red face off circles will also be changed to orange. The experiment will be in the Buffalo, NY arena. (clickable link to read the article concerning this)

Thanks to Harry In Pennsylvania

Orange and Blue Soviet logo t-shirt -- Unisex 100% cotton orange t-shirt with light blue print on front chest.

Don't believe this?....check out the link: http://www.merch-bot.com/product_info.php?products_id=256

The Orange Order: an enemy of ALL workers -- The reality of the Orange Order is that it is a counter-revolutionary institution set up and maintained to target not just Catholics but also 'disloyal' Protestants. It's formation and spread was encouraged by the British state in the years leading up to the 1798 rebellion precisely in order to drive a wedge between ordinary Catholics and Protestants. The 12th of July was picked as the key date to provide an alternative attraction to the marking of Bastille day and in itself to mark the sectarian massacre that led to the formation of the Orange Order.

The Blue/orange line is already in place -- Check them out.

More orange & blue!
McKesson Canada

March 6-7, 2005:

Photo of blue-orange FEMA flag -- Check this photo out of the FEMA flag!!

Check out the Official UN Flag and The Honour Flag -- this website gives the Descriptions of the U.N. flag and Flag's colour.

March 2, 2005

Iraq unveils new 'inclusive' flag (more UN Blue)--then two days later changes the color! Check out the Prior Iraqi flag compared to the two new designs.

Feb. 23, 2005

Please note the dark blue color at the bottom of the flag -- On the podium Bush was speaking from
it was light blue on CNN today.  http://www.slovakopedia.com/s/slovak-flag.htm

February 7, 2005


MSN's week in pictures. If you go to the Jan. 20-27 week, on picture # 8 you can see three concentration camp survivors at Auschwitz for the 60th anniversary. They are wearing white and UN blue striped shaw type banner...

Then on the Jan. 13-20 week, #3 is a video of soldiers shooting a car that wouldn't stop... The car had a family of 7 in the car. The only survivors were two little kids, probably 3 and 8 or so... It's a video with sound from the photographer. I also noticed one of the soldiers in the last clip of this video is wearing what looks like running shoes, not combat boots, but running shoes!

Credit goes to Jay in Indiana

January 31, 2005

1. General Mills:

2. AT&T

January 28, 2005

1. U.S. Department of Transportation (Submitted by: Mike from York, PA)

2. Amtrak

Submitted January 27, 2005

1. http://www.johnkerry.com  -- submitted anonymously.

Submitted January 27, 2005 (Thanks goes to Ted)

1. Center Shield of Michigan State Flag:

2. Michigan State police cars had it for a while.
3. Ford assembly line machinery has this blue but it must be special ordered.

Submitted January 26, 2005

1. Panasonic Computers

Submitted January 25, 2005

1. Dell Computers

Submitted January 23, 2005

Marv from Montana has these sightings:

 1.  NewMax.com, which I did have (NOT now) some faith in their integrity,

 2.  NOAA, through out.

*3. The new channel, "The Military Channel", changed from "Discovery
Channel on Jan. 10, '05.

*4. The History Channel, etc.

 5.  A&E Channel, of course. *Probably! I don't watch it any longer.

Note:  (*) On these programs, there are 'commercials', with the NATO
orange/amber colored background accompanied by weird, repetitive 'ooooh-ooooh-ooooh' sound
track. It's very annoying to me, and my limited musical ear for 'in
tune.' By the way, the UN blue is presented on all of the above, also.