Introduced in the House of Representatives/Senate

A Bill

To declare the State of _____________ sovereign of the United Nations

                                                                              Be it enacted


Section 1 – Short title

The State of __________ Sovereignty Protection Act

 Section 2 – Purpose

To maintain and preserve the State of ___________ as a Free and Independent State, as provided in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of this State, and as preserved in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States;

To reject any claim that the United Nations Charter has any lawful or constitutional authority in or over this State, under either the Charter of the United Nations or the Constitution of the United States.

            To recognize the power of symbols and flags, and their proper legal function when flown over official State property – which is to proclaim dominion over territory, and to demonstrate allegiance to a given authority.

 Section 3 – Findings

Every elected official of this State, and all its political subdivisions, has taken an exclusive oath of allegiance to support the Constitution of the United States.  No elected official has taken an oath to the United Nations, and cannot do so by law. 

The United Nations Charter is not, by definition or in practice, a treaty “made under the Authority of the United States,” as set forth in Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, but is rather a constitution for a world government.

            While the Preamble of the United Nations Charter states that it was made in the name of “the Peoples of the United Nations,” in fact, the Charter was never initiated by the People of the United States, nor ratified by the People of the Several States of the United States.

            Having never been constituted by the People of the United States, nor ratified by the People of the Several States, any claim of governing authority of the United Nations Charter over any State of this Union is wholly illegitimate and unconstitutional.

Under Article I, Section 10 of, and the Tenth Amendment to, the United States Constitution this State has retained the power to repel unlawful and unconstitutional invasions by foreign powers, including the United Nations, by whatever means necessary.

The display of any government flag over any government property indicates dominion and authority over said territory, and allegiance on behalf of the people of that territory to said authority.

Section 4 – Prohibitions

No United Nations Flags or Symbols

No flag or other symbol representing the United Nations shall be flown or otherwise displayed from any official mast, building, or other property of the State of ____________, including but not limited to a county, municipal corporation, township, or school property financed with state funds.  PROVIDED HOWEVER, this prohibition does not apply to the display of such flags or symbols for historical and educational purposes, nor to the display of flags on private property.

No United Nations Financial Support

No legislative body of this State, or of any of its political subdivisions, may authorize from the public treasury, payment of any funds to support any program or other activity carried on under the authority of, in cooperation with, or in relation to the United Nations.

 No Enforcement of International Court Actions 

No judicial decree, judgment, order, or other action entered by any international court or other judicial body acting under the authority of, in cooperation with, or in relation to the United Nations shall be enforceable in any court of law in the State; nor shall any citizen of this State, or person lawfully on or within the geographic boundaries of this State, shall be subject to any subpoena, warrant, extradition or other process issued by any such court or other judicial body.

 Section 5 – Penalties

Violations of any Prohibition set forth in Section 4 shall be duly punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor. Each violation shall be deemed a separate offense.  Upon conviction of four or more violations, the convicted person shall be guilt of a Class C Felony, and shall be punished accordingly. 

 Section 6 – Severability
If any section, subsection, paragraph or word of this act shall be found to be unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, the unconstitutionality or invalidity of that section, subsection or paragraph shall not affect any other section, subsection, paragraph, sentence or word of this statute.

Section 7 – Effective Date 

This act shall become effective ________________________.