A view of the US election from Japan

by Yumi Kikuchi

I watched the US election closely and I would like to share how I feel. Democracy is dying in the US (and maybe in Japan, too) Who won this election is won by swindling voting machine and by not counting all the vote accurately. We all know that. We hear so many stories of fraud, yet how come no US media is covering it?

What happened to the country of the freedom and democracy?
Why are you fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and sending soldiers all over the world? Isn't that all for protecting freedom and democracy?
But the election, the base of democracy and freedom, is full of fraud, isn't it? No country will trust the US after such an election.

We run organic farm and guest house in Japan and we take 3 months vacation every winter. Our favorite destination was always USA, but not from this winter on. I do not feel like visiting USA anymore. It is not fun to be treated like criminals at US airports (i.e Fingerprint has to be taken due to Homeland Security). It is not fun to spend money in the country that doesn't care the pain and suffering of so many people who lost their loved ones by bombs and missiles paid by the US tax. If I visit the US and spend money, it would support that. SO, we shall stop visiting the US at least for 4 years.

I feel like organizing "Boycott US campaign". To begin with, Japan should stop buying US government bonds, which has been funding the US war. Yes, that is where I should start. So, what will you start?

Dear Americans for peace and justice,

Please take back your country. Where is your democracy? Where is your freedom? Are you just watching your country to be taken over by neo-cons, super-rich and Christian fundamentalists? Wake up. Wake up before your country destroy whole planet. The US has 5 % of the world population, yet consumes over 40 % of
world resources, emiting more CO2 than anyone else. Ice is melting at the north and south poles. We can lose everything by global warming. This is the fight we have to really fight together. Not against the terrorists, but against the global warming. (By the way, who is the real terrorist on earth? Majority of the world would say G.W. Bush, I bet.)

Children and babies are crying and dying in Fallujah. Stop killing innocents. Investigate your election. Investigate 911. Go to www.911inplanesite.com Find the truth and let it prevail. Be courageous and compassionate. Please remember how your country was found by those great founding fathers. We all make mistakes, but when we notice them, we can change. It is time to change the direction of your country, or we won't survive.

Japan has been following the USA as we used to believe the US is the greatest country of freedom and democracy. Few Japanese believe that any more after this election and I bet I am not the only Japanese who stop visiting the USA.

love and peace,