Curing Voting Fraud - Does Anyone Out There Care ?

What has happened to America ? Doesn't anyone care about their vote, or how it is handled or abused ? In many countries, the right to vote does not exist at all. In dictatorships the people are told who will be the president. Or, fresh bullet holes in the palace walls in a hot, steamy country south of the equator also signify a new president is in power for a while.

America's founding fathers WARNED us about the tyranny, because they knew what tyranny is. They were under British rule when they declared independence from the crown. These men knew just how easy it would be, for tyranny to take root in America like herbicide-resistant weed. They knew, and they WARNED US. These men were far smarter than most people give them credit for. They had a wisdom that most of today's leaders can only dream about.

Few seem to realize just how critical voting machines are. It is the results of these machines that determine just how many of your liberties will be protected or stolen for the next four years. The incumbent president always has an edge like a home turf advantage in sports, and more often than not wins. And this is because of the ignorance of the masses. The masses, consumers of a nasty concoction that results from channel flipping between CNN and FOX, believe all these so-called "polls." Just what do we know about the polls, that are used in a subtle way to sway people to one side ? Almost nothing. Scientists take fellow scientists to task on scientific results as part of the process to confirm a discovery. Whoa be unto the scientist that falsifies any data for publicity.

Yet, do we scrutinize voting machine results the saw way ? Of course not.

It is up to YOU as citizens, to be CERTAIN that the voting machines in the state you live in measure up to high standards. It doesn't matter who makes the voting machines. Already on we've read numerous stories about Diebold fraud. As a veteran engineer of writing embedded software (from scratch) since 1979 for the DoD for far more complex systems than a voting machine terminal, I can testify this to you: THERE IS NO EXCUSE for any company to produce voting machines that shuffle votes, allowing more than one vote per person, or voting systems that allow unknown person(s) to move votes between databases remotely.

A lesson should have been learned in the last election. After many decades of mechanical voting, suddenly so-called "hanging chads" were used as a way to change and even discard precious votes. Now, with digital voting machines there will be no "hanging chads" - just shuffled data bytes that leave no trace.

What I propose you demand for EVERY machine, are

1. A PRINTER ON EACH MACHINE - A printer will be mandatory, but this isn't enough. This is VERY easy to add to any voting machine contrary to what people are told. The printer must be capable of showing a SERIAL NUMBER and YOUR VOTE through a small window after you make your vote. After polls close, they can use the voting machine results ONLY as a temporary number. The OFFICIAL VOTE TALLY will come from MANUALLY reading the paper tapes. Sounds primitive ? Perhaps, but this would be far more fool-proof than data stored in a flash memory card, that can be moved around internally without detection. This would prevent that.

2. SOFTWARE TESTING - Absolute rigorous testing and examination is made
a. To verify the voting firmware source code
c. To insure that other software connected with voting process follows the same rigorous scrutiny
d. To verify certain NO BACK DOORS EXIST
e. To insure that any citizen can only vote ONCE
f. To insure that what nominee a voter touches on the screen, IS RECORDED CORRECTLY.

3. CHECKSUM PROTECTION - A checksum word calculated at power up is displayed on the screen and verified BY HAND by the poll manager. In basic terms, a checksum is a summed total of all the program memory contents in the machine (or a computer program) and is used in high security or other systems to insure no bits have dropped out or popped up. Anyone in programming is familiar with this term, and will know it is one of many well-established methods to create confidence in a stored program - such as the program inside a voting machine.
The county clerk software and the voting machine software must perform a checksum test automatically at power up. All programmers know that changing software in any way yet keeping the checksum the same, is virtually impossible. A copy of the checksum signature would also be kept in multiple locations as well, and is verified on EVERY VOTING MACHINE at all polls on election day morning.

Also, the clerk and regional software is installed from a protected copy (a verified copy stored in a vault) just before the election and the computer is never left unattended until all data have been verified and transmitted. This software also uses a checksum system.

All the above changes must be implemented in a fairly short time. And they are the ONLY way to create a good system of checks and balances with current technology to PROTECT YOUR VOTE. Without any one of these, votes can readily be manipulated.

It's your vote.

Protect it or lose it America.

Do you want 4 more years of tyranny ?