For Those Who Want Aspartame Banned From Stephen Fox and Betty Martini


(Additional Note from Betty:  We are down to the last 24 hours prior to the EIB Meeting in New Mexico for them to decide if they have the power to ban AspartameWe need all the help we can get on calls Monday.  The decision is being made Tuesday A.M.  Please pass this note on to other lists of interested people who want aspartame banned as well.  Stephen Fox has been working day and night , as well as others he has enlisted, and so many of Mission Possible activists.
I know many of you on the lists have been working years along side us all to get this chemical poison off the planet.  The door is open now for an all out effort tomorrow with calls.  If we can get aspartame banned in New Mexico  as it does violate state and federal laws on adulteration, we can get it out of other states and countries.   You've all heard me quote "Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to accomplish uncommon results".  Remember the only thing the manufacturers of this poison can't fight is consumer power in action.  I ask each and every one of you to make a call tomorrow for  the  millions who have suffered from this neurotoxin and those who have perished which are too many to number.
Below is the note from Stephen Fox.  All my best, Betty

We are getting down to Decision Day in New Mexico for the Environmental Improvement Board's hearing on Tuesday, October 4, as whether they have the legal statutory power to continue with the effort to ban aspartame, or whether the EIB will capitulate to the demands of Ajinomoto's lawyers that this product has FDA approval, and therefore the EIB is prevented thereby from protecting the health of all New Mexicans from more of this neurotoxin henceforth.
That is the decision to be made by 11 AM Tuesday, so we have Monday to reach out from all over the United States to the real decision makers and leaders of New Mexico, the Governor, Bill Richardson; the Attorney General, Patricia Madrid, and the Deputy Attorney General, Stuart Bluestone; and the Secretary of Environment, Ron Curry.
All 4 have several choices:
1) to really lead the nation in this effort to ban aspartame
2) to be fence sitters and waffle with comments like "we represent the interests of the state," or "we can't or won't get involved until the EIB makes its decision."
3) to be down right adverserial and hostile to our efforts, and side with the corporate interests' wishes, and reject future hearings as just too much bureaucratic trouble, to hear from victims and their physicians about the neurodegenerative effects of this poison, aspartame, and the results of thousands of people ingesting the formaldehyde cocktail for many years.
We ask you to personally reach out to these elected and appointed leaders by short, polite, informed, and impassioned telephone calls:

1) Governor Bill Richardson       Chief of Staff, David Contarino
505) 827-3000
2) Attorney General Patricia Madrid   Personal Secretary, Lisa Wood
505) 827-6000
3) Deputy Attorney General, Stuart Bluestone Personal Asst. Richard Russell
505)827-6004 Assistant Attorney General, Mary Smith, Assigned to EIB as Counsel
4) Environment Secretary, Ron Curry  1-800-219-6157 Personal Asst. Jo Worthington
5) Environment Department General Counsel,
Tracy Hughes          505) 827-2990
The dynamics of this situation are basically that the EIB is going to pay close attention to the counsel of the two lawyers above, Mary Smith and Tracy Hughes, not just our lawyer, nor the lawyer representing Ajinomoto and their industry front group, "Calorie Control Council," and polite and emphatic phone calls should be going to Mr. Bluestone and to Secretary Curry, as well. These are principled people who we want as allies not as antagonist, particularly the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, who has national amibitions of his own, and as former US Secretary of Energy and former US Ambassador to the United Nations, is accustomed to public feedback on issues from all American in general!
Many of the New Mexico legislators have been very very helpful in this effort, thus far; to get a clear picture of the statutory questions, please read the following letter from NM House Consumer Chair, the Honorable Gail Beam:
following email:
Thanks for your letters and phone calls thus far; they have made this move this far, and we are getting close to clearing the major legal hurdle, that of the statutory powers to move forward. With the testimony of physicians and victims, the rest should be challenging. If we lose Tuesday with the EIB, that hearing is denied to all New Mexicans, and to all those who have suffered the effects of aspartame poisoning.
It would help if sometime Tuesday you were to call your local newspaper, medical desk, and the bureau chief of the nearest Associated Press, and ask them for more information on whatever the New Mexico EIB has decided.


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
Stephen Fox