Boar war: Pig slaughter raises questions

Please click on the above link to show people do care about this story. Email, fax, print out and get the word out about how our small family farmers are being treated. Together we can make a difference.!!

These special trained agents could not get these animals with guns after day in and day out shooting. Even after starving them and baiting them. Remember these were not the Game People who treated Danny and Cindi with respect but the brought in kill squad some from Ohio and other special trained kill squad people. On the other hand heritage hunters with bows like Danny who have respect for the land and animals and harvest them as God intended for food/population control and some do mount the head as well as keep the meat for food so as not to waste the life of the animal do just fine.

Heritage hunting respects the land and animals and as the trained special kill squad agents proved…it is not shooting ducks in a barrel. They sure mucked it up and caused undue suffering for the animals, land and people involved. I have had nightmares over the horror I saw first hand after it was all over. I have no idea how the Henshaws and Davis Families have survived seeing their land, animals and hard worked raped by their own government.

There is an old man that lived in Germany when just a child. His family would sit in the dark behind their door and hear the Gestapo come down the hall
sometimes stopping on the ground level other times going up the stairs. They would pray the Gestapo was coming for someone else and not stop at their door. Over and over it was for someone else, then one day, it was their door kicked in and they were drug out of their home and the last words that child heard his father say was…we should have stopped them when they came for the first neighbor….

Together we can stop this attack on our neighbors and thus ourselves. Tell ten people every day even if you told them before. Print the real life story and flyers and get the word out. VOTE. Call, fax and write media, reps, those running for office. Never stop. If going to hairdresser or cafe or store take material and hand out. NEVER STOP.

Together we can turn things around or throw on hell of a monkey wrench in the works and get our licks in. I personally believe with all my heart we can turn things around. The present situation is not what I want to leave the next generation…I don’t want them to ever say we should have fought harder was my mom’s last words.

Sue Karber
Kingfisher, Oklahoma
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