CAFTA is a sneak-up from behind maneuverto achieve total subjection of the United States to a hemishperic regulatory body (the FTAA) that will supersede the United States Constitution and all the rights it is supposed to guarantee to you.

CAFTA will also rob you of your choice in nutritional supplements, banning some inthe US, requiring a doctor's prescription for some, and over-pricing the rest while diluting their effectiveness.

Please go to the DownsizeDC link below NOW and make your voice heard.
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After the Patriot and Real ID Acts, campaign finance "reform," and the Kelo decision we cannot afford another Liberty-destroying legislative or judicial usurpation of power by Congress or other parts of the US government. This MUST be stopped!

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Alex Wallenwein
Editor, Publisher
The Euro vs. Dollar Monitor

The latest word has it that the vote on the bill implementing the Central American Free Trade Agreement - CAFTA - could be as close as one vote.

If the CAFTA bill loses by one vote then your nutritional supplements are safer.

But if CAFTA passes by one vote then your nutritional supplements will almost certainly be subjected to international regulations. This could mean . . .

* Some supplements would no longer be available to you.

* Many others would require a Doctor's prescription.

* Nearly all of the rest would have lower potencies
AND higher costs.

This nightmare scenario is already happening in parts of Europe. And our government's involvement in the World Trade Organization already exposes us to this threat (re: CODEX). CAFTA would make matters worse - potentially infinitely worse.

Send a message to Congress right now urging a NO vote on the CAFTA bill. If one vote could make the difference, then so could your one message to Congress. The vote will happen soon (perhaps today or tomorrow), so act now.

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Jim Babka
President, Inc.