I just wanted you to see the feedback I get on this clay. Notice the mention of clay baths. People are recognizing the value fo the for stimulation the lymphatic system and circulation and detoxing thru the skin. The second testimonial describes his theory on the baths and in hind sight I have had that experience but didn’t equate it to the clay detoxing.
Perry A~ Smith

Testimonials from Using Clay Products:

First thing I would like to say is "THANK YOU" and David for making your Living Clay available to the world...!!! As you know, over a year ago Linda got fed up with mainstream medicine continuously feeding her drugs, drugs, and more drugs in what was an attempt to control (not CURE) her Fibromyalgia. After hearing David speak on the Power Hour January 2005 she decided to take charge of her own life by giving up ALL her meds over night (cold turkey) and turn to the living clay. Knowing how things work (or don't work) when it comes to the FDA, you could only say it might help. What an under statement...!!! Today, Linda has lost almost 60 pounds (without exercising) and for the past month or so has been mowing our lawn (as well as my mothers) and is basically a new person. I am not saying she is cured but the truth is, I haven't seen her this physical in 15 plus years...she even went out and bought a bicycle to ride...thank you both again for giving me my wife back!!!

Now for my testimonial...I started using the Living Clay about 6 months after Linda. Of course seeing what it was doing for Linda was proof enough for me (I guess one would say I am a bit skeptical and half to see results). I lost my father to cancer and then my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and beat it after having surgery. Her doctor said her children should be checked out no matter what our ages so 3 years ago I went in for the dreaded colonoscopy and I had a polyup they said could turn to cancer so they said to come back in three years (this year). I recently had my second colonoscopy and I was clean...!!! I completely attribute this to the living clay but some might think otherwise...!

I am in the Air Force and in my current job as a staff member in DC, I travel normally 3 weeks out of 4 every month. One day I was extremely late for the airport (not wanting to get stuck in the security checks), and as I past a pizzeria heading for my gate, I darted in for a hot slice of pizza (very unusual as I strive to eat organic and healthy). Not thinking (because my stomach was rumbling) I pulled it out of the box and bit into this VERY HOT slice of cheese pizza. Needless to say, the hot cheese welded itself to the roof of my mouth and burned it terribly. For the next 3 hours on the plane, I couldn't even drink water without it hurting and the pain seemed to be intensifying. When I arrived at my location and checked into my room, I decided to get my bottle of clay out and drink some. The results were unbelievable...the pain, soreness, throbbing was instantly gone...and never returned...!!! There is no other explanation for what happened except the living clay stopped the blistering and pain related to a burn and healed my mouth.

About 18 months ago, a co-worker had to have his prostrate removed (this was about 2 months before Linda started using the Living Clay). At his one year check up things looked clean but he still had to have blood work accomplished every 3 months. In January of this year, he approached me and said even though he didn't have a prostrate anymore, his PSA was climbing. I asked how could this be and he said the doctors told him the cancer seems to collect in the area where the prostrate used to be which is seen by the elevated PSA count. I immediately gave him my supply of hydrated clay and told him to start drinking 4 oz in the morning and at night (boy did I miss my clay, but it was worth it). Two2 weeks later he went back for more blood work and his PSA was down and in the green.

Recently, I had another chance to see what the Living Clay has accomplished in another persons life. I have an individual in the office who was having problems sleeping and went to the medical community for help. After giving her a complete physical and finding nothing "out of sorts", they decided MRI (from the top of her head to mid-chest) to see if it would show anything. Well it did...but it was not associated with what they were looking for...! They found an enlarged lymph node next to her heart by the aorta. She was told they wanted to check it out in another two weeks...well needless to say she was terrified...!!! She came and talked to me and I immediately told her to order some of the Living Clay powder which she did! Linda mailed her some over night to hold her over until her order arrived. I instructed her how to use it...she bathed in it and drank it for about 4 or 5 days before she was scheduled for her CT (from the bottom of the head to lower abdomen). The doctor wanted the same radiologist who read the MRI to read the CT and had to wait a few days before calling her with the results. The Doctor started out saying they now thought it was just an inflamed lymph node because it was smaller from when they first had seen it in the MRI. Then the doctor asked if she had been taking Pepto Bismal...curious at to what initiated the question...my friend said no...why do you ask? The doctor said the CT showed the entire intestinal track was lined with something like Pepto Bismal...!!! My friend then said she had been drinking calcium bentonite clay! The doctor said she had heard about it, that it was and to keep taking it because it is good for you...!!! Now you can come to your own conclusion but personally, knowing what I know...seeing what I have seen...I personally feel the clay immediately started to reverse the problem with the lymph node...and I think the doctor did as well but since she is a mainstream doctor, and a military one too...I feel she couldn't give the real reason as to what had occurred with my friends health...!!!!

I hope this helps you out as much as your product has helped us and others we share the news with...! Thank you and God bless you and David...you both are in our thoughts and prayers.

Very respectfully,
Dan Roberson


What to expect during a clay bath…

In one of the earlier posts some time ago, one member wrote that he
felt nothing - no pulling effects whatsoever when he did a series of
clay baths using different kinds of clay products to help his exposure
to computer monitor radiation. He felt significant pulling when he
soaked in the Dea Sea. Personally, I think the pulling effect is
coincidental and is not a physical sign of something happening during
a clay bath. This is what I observed when I do my clay baths and I
would like members to confirm this. Or is it because the clay baths I
am using is very strong???

I always wash my body very well before a clay bath. Aside from using
soap, I also use a very coarse loofah to remove all the dead cells and
dirt on my body by brushing very hard to make sure most of the dead
cells are not present during the bath. This opens my pores very well.

Next, I step in the clay bath and lie there peacefully. Within 1-2
minutes, I noticed a layer of slimy scum on my body. This scum is
very slippery and I always use my hands to rub off this scum whenever
they build up. It is easy to remove and brushes away quickly with a
little rubbing. After the rubbing, my skin feels "rough" again without
the slippery feel. After another 1-2 minutes, the slime builds up
again and I repeat the cycle of rubbing it off and letting the scum
build up again.

This scum is mostly found in the chest, the back, upper and forearms,
stomach and the thighs mostly. the palms of my hands do not feel
slippery so I guess there is no scum coming from there even though I
purposely put my palms facing upwards on my stomach just to test a
theory that the scum is due to the clay particles settling on my
body. No matter how long I let my palm stay there, there are no scum
built up and the scum only appears in the areas I mentioned.

Two things I noticed. the scum build up lessens over time and takes
longer to build up as time goes on but is always there if you let it
build up. There are more scum built up during the first 20 minutes
than in the last 15 minutes (I usually do 30-45 minute soak).

If some people say that the scum is due to the clay particles settling
on my skin, then these particles should also settle on the surface of
the bathtub, especially towards the end of the bath. But never do I
detect any kind of slippery scum whatsoever anytime during the bath.
I use my palms to "feel" each and every cranny and surface of my
bathtub during the bath, at the middle and until the end and never do
I detect anything. Clay should settle on all surfaces not just my
body but no, nothing detected on any part of the bathtub. Just my

So is this scum the toxins coming out from my body? I say yes because
it cannot be anything else if you rule out the clay particles. And
what is amazing is that it lessens over time. the scum feel thinner
as time goes by and it takes longer to build up. In fact, even though
I mentioned 1-2 minutes, I think it took even less than half a minute
each time the scum built up in the beginning of the bath and longer at
the latter part.

Anyone out there who experienced the same thing or is it the bath I am
using? By the way, I use a mixed clay blend because I wrote earlier
if mixing different clays will result in a much powerful synergistic
bath and Jason was kind enough to say that this is not yet proven. I
think it is going to be very hard to prove because these things cannot
be measured by instruments but I personally feel this is so.