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UNO UPDATE: Comet Tempel1 Debris Threatens Shuttle


A couple of weeks ago I heard a caller on "Alex Jones Show" Describe that NASA planned for the Comet Collision to trigger a series of Events.  One was to  have it's path redirected towards the sun with a Future Date that will Collide with the sun. He mentioned that the Debis from the NASA mission on July 4th would arrive in a couple of weeks and cause a strange accident with Meteorites that Rained down from the Debis that exploded on the comet and damage the Shuttle.
Already Stories are being published about the Shuttles Debris as their alternate Plausible Excuse for when the Shuttle is Destroyed.
 Part of a planned project to show the World that more money will need to be poured into the Failing Space Program.  Just as the "War on Terror" was engineered to place society in a perpetual State of Fear so TPTB can grand stand for their Global Police State. This Same scenario is now a favorable way to show the Threat from Outer Space will be the tune the Pied Pipers plays to get everyone to support their next Phase of the New World Order now that they have this Unknown Space Debris. The Movie "War of the Worlds" was another attempt by Hollywierd to Condition the Masses of Fear from beyond.
 Many of NASA'S Scientists are aware of this situation and are now waiting for consequences of a Comet Sun Collision. The project will trigger severe Sun instability causing Super Solar Flares that will threaten Earth's Survival later this Year. The Unknown Debris Mentioned in the Article below would be those type of news stories that provide "Plausible Deniability" for NASA Planners when a Disaster Occurs, is from Comet Tempel1!!
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Strange Light May Have Been Exploding Meteorite

If you think you spotted something unusual in the sky Monday night, you're not alone. People all across Middle Tennessee called in reports of a streak in the sky followed by a loud boom, and experts now think it may have been a meteorite.

Sightings were reported throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, and Rocky Alvey at Vanderbilt's Dyer Observatory said he believes it was a meteorite called a bolide. Alvey said a bolide is a fireball that explodes in the air.

Astronomers who track reports of fireballs in the sky have received reports about what happened Monday night.

Emergency dispatchers in Perry County said they took 60 calls from people who saw the event.

One man even said the sound was so loud it shook his house, and a woman reported seeing what looked like a shooting star 20 feet above her house in Wilson County.