A Winston Shrout Seminar

St. Joseph, Missouri
May 4, 5 & 6, 2007


NAME: __________________________ SPOUSE:  __________________(if attending) 

ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________________     

CITY, STATE: ___________________________________ ZIP CODE: ____________ 

PHONE:   HOME (      ) ________________      BUSINESS (      ) ________________          

E-MAIL:   ____________________________________________  ( very important! )

Will you be staying at the Holiday Inn (also the seminar site) and did you register as a seminar attendee to obtain the group rate?  Yes ___ No ___

How did you learn of this seminar? Name of person(s) who specifically referred you to  this seminar if any? 


***Handouts for the seminar will be on hard copy, but will also be made available to you at no cost in Microsoft Word (CD).

Which of the Solutions in Commerce educational materials have you purchased in the past?

Flint Seminar (Vol.) I) ____   Seattle Seminar (Vol. II) ____   Portland Seminar (Vol. III) ___
Las Vegas Seminar (Vol. IV) ____ Ft. Collins Seminar (Vol. V) ____            
King James Audio CD’s ____   Seminar Down Under (Australian)  ____

Did you purchase these materials directly from Solutions in Commerce? Yes ___ No ___
If not, from whom did you purchase the materials? And when was the purchase made?

Name of company or individual: ______________________________ Date of purchase: ___________


It would be most helpful for the seminar planning if Registration Information AND Tuition is received by April 13, 2007.  We appreciate your help in this matter as “last minute” planning is difficult for such an event.

 ~ Please KEEP A COPY of the cashier’s check/money orders, registration forms  and mailing information. Please bring all these copies with you to the seminar registration table as proof of payment in the event of some mix up.


Please bear in mind that anyone interested in this type of education is welcomed, no matter where you are on your journey…. Your questions and interaction is what makes the seminars interesting and exciting! So PLEASE, purchase the materials you need NOW to help prepare you for an exciting event; listen and review; form a study group; make your reservations and attend as an individual or as a group; contribute to a collective consciousness; or heck, just come and have some fun with Winston!

So, begin with Volume I and ORDER SOON!!!

For Educational Material information contact:

Patt Bekken
Volunteer Coordinator for Winston Shrout
“Solutions in Commerce”

(503) 615-0556 

Name: __________________   Spouse: __________________


Attending:  May 4th, 5th & 6th _____ 
Only:  Friday May 4th ____ (gratis)   Saturday May 5th  ____    Sunday May 6th  ____


Tuition for Sat. May 5th and Sun. May 6th                                      $295.00 = $ ______

Tuition for Sat. May 5th or Sun. May 6th                                         $175.00 = $ _______

Spouse attending one OR two days                                                 $150.00 = $ _______ 

                                                        Total Amount = $ _______


ONE Audio Recording of the seminar is INCLUDED in the FULL tuition price of $295.00

This recording will be mailed with-in one week of the seminar

*Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Orders Only*

Payment per credit card by contacting Patt Bekken directly by phone

*No Personal Checks *

Please make Cashier’s Checks /Money Orders payable to:  Winston Shrout

Send payment to:                                  Ship recording to:

Patt Bekken/Winston Shrout                 Name: _____________________

P.O. Box 4043                                          Street: _____________________

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123                        City/State: __________________

                                                                  Zip code:   _________

Phone: (503) 615-0556                         Phone: (____) _______________

Email:  hrhpatt@verizon.net                  Email: ______________________



Holiday Inn
102 South 3rd Street
St. Joseph, MO  64501

For Reservations Call:  816-279-8000

Special group rates for seminar attendees:  $80.26 *per night including tax
Ask for “Solutions in Commerce Group Rate”:
Group rate guaranteed until deadline date of April 13.

After deadline date, Holiday Inn will only continue group rate depending on availability.

Restaurant and Lounge, Indoor Pool, Spa, Sauna, Fitness room etc...
Room upgrades are available, ask for price.
Complimentary shuttle to down-town, St. Joseph, with a 10 passenger van available.

Please tip the Driver!

Nearest airport:

 Kansas City International Airport (MCI), 35 Miles South of St. Joseph

Shuttle Service from Airport

Shuttle service available via “St. Joe-KCI Shuttle Service”.

Round trip fare is $100.00 for 1 person. Special rates apply to 2 people or more. Reservations and information call 816-390-8288 or 816-244-5466.

Directions to Holiday Inn by car: 

   Distance, 35 miles north from airport to Holiday Inn (approximately 35 minutes).
   From Kansas City Airport take I-29 North to exit 43 (I-229 North).
   Take I-229 North to
Edmond Street (exit 6A).
   Holiday Inn on left.