There has been a controversy over the issue of whether or not a 757 knocked over lamp posts at the Pentagon on September 11th.

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There were indeed lamp posts that were toppled on the highway that passed by the area that was damaged as can be seen in the photos.

Some say this is the "proof" that flight 77 hit the Pentagon. How then do we explain the aerial photograph of the access road that was CLOSER to the impact site?

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Look closely at the light posts along this road. If they are still standing, then how could a 757 have hit the posts on the highway, gained altitude, skipped OVER these lamp posts and then slammed into the 1st floor of the Pentagon? Only a SMALLER aircraft could have avoided striking the closer lamp posts, as the wingspan of a 757 is 124' and 10". Obviously, a 757 could not have passed by the access road without hitting at least one of these posts.

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An increasing number of airline pilots, military personnel and high ranking officers both retired and active duty, are now coming forward to challenge the official story of the events of 9/11. We hope more will join their ranks and have every confidence that they will.

The truth will not remain hidden for much longer and those suppressing or ignoring it are now showing themselves as to who and what they are.

It's time to realize that the battle lines are now clear and that no one is a mere spectator. We are all participants in the coming battle for the truth and will be held accountable for the actions and inactions we choose to take. Your legacy will be determined by the choices you make. world is waiting, but not for long.