Dell Kiosk Pictures

A few questions Power Hour listeners should be asking DELL are the following:

Why are such Orwellian - like security measures being taken both on the Dell kiosk employees and the customers who shop there?

WHY and WHO is watching the customers browse / buy and interaction with customers on these installed WEBCAMS?

Since there is no money being exchanged at the kiosk and all they only accept credit / debit cards and the display computers and TV's are LOCKED down, why the sudden need for such tight security? In the two months it has been opened, there has not been anything close to an attempt of robbery.

Why do the employees have to punch in and out on a BIOMETRIC time clock which is sending their fingerprint out over the world wide web to an unknown destination? Why wouldn't a punch card do? Would this not accomplish the same purpose?

WHY does DELL NEED to have BIOMETRIC information of the employees who work at the kiosk? Do they require this of their other employees who don't work at kiosks? If not, why are the kiosk employees being singled out?

WHY were the kiosk employees not told about this ahead of time?

WHO OWNS the fingerprint of the employee after it has been scanned? Who OWNS the RIGHTS of this electronic fingerprint?

What are DELL'S security measures to keep this fingerprint safe from things like ID Theft?

What has DELL done to see that the very wide security holes in the KRONOS biometric time clocks have been resolved?

Why are employees with excellent sales rankings who refuse to submit to these draconian measures simply NOT being put onto the work schedule? NOT told their fired, laid off, etc?

Why are potential DELL customers being put into such an environment where whoever or whatever is watching their sales transactions could take their credit card info, etc without their knowledge or consent?

WHO owns the customer's video image that is being fed over the world wide web?

What steps has DELL taken to insure that these web based webcams are hack proof? What can DELL guarantee the safety to their potential customers who choose to shop there?

What about the legalities of DELL kiosk employees who have a security clearance? Would these biometric time clocks compromise this because of the fingerprint aspect?

Thanks to a Power Hour Team Member for the questions presented above!