Mandatory Military Draft of Women on the Horizon

This is a call to action. Your wife or daughter or granddaughter may be drafted! Yes, that's right!
There are several bills going before the house which would allow the drafting of women. 

Here are links to two of them:

So let me ask you. If your wife receives a draft notice six months from today, what are you going to do? Will you let the government force your wife to fight? Will you stand idle and watch them draft your daughter? Where is the chivalrous spirit of honor that was once so prevalent in America?  What virtue is there in sending ladies off to fight, kill, and be killed?  Have all American men become cowards?

Folks, this must be stopped. Either now, through legislative measures, or later, with gunpowder and lead. But it must be stopped. How bad do things have to get? Enough is enough, draw your line here, and stand your ground.

See  for more information.

Thanks to Billy-Joe for the information!