FDR-Bush -War

Hello Dave and Joyce,

There seem to be some interesting similarities between FDR and George W.  FDR ran on a "I'll keep you out or war" pledge before we got into WWII. After the election, there was the famous 10 point memo..."don't do these things and we'll stay at peace with Japan". So FDR proceeded to do all 10 and PUSHED JAPAN to attack us.

George W. is similarly doing a number of suspect things. The use of DU against the wishes of many nations and the UN, obviously staging terror attacks (911), using this plus faulty intel to justify wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, running up HUGE debt financed by the entire World but especially China, saber rattling about a war strike against Iran including openly warning Islamic Turkey by some of our highest level leaders, open borders, and, most recently, sending lots more troops into the Middle East.

It appears that the overall plan is three fold:

1. To make the US appear to be a rogue nation in the eyes of the entire World. Obviously, in this situation, any nation, or group of nations, that would attack us would be applauded by the rest. And, none would see any benefit in coming to the aid of a nation with such a bad reputation.

2. By making our fighting forces sick (DU poisoning, Gulf War Illness, etc.), state side resistance to an invading force would be minimal by the most patriotic young. Sending our forces throughout the World, weakens the Homeland still further both in men and material.

3. Financial ruin is accelerated by the HUGE debt he's running up. Beyond this, our economy and the dollar itself becomes extremely vulnerable as most of the $2 Billion daily borrowing is coming from one of our greatest threats. When, (not if) our borrowing cannot continue because our lenders stop lending, our whole economy ends!

Just like FDR was attacked from without and his hands were seemingly clean, so it appears George W. and his handlers are carefully orchestrating the demise of our country. And, when it comes, they will have a number of outside scapegoats to blame it on just as FDR did.

It should be noted however, that the program we are seeing executed at this time did not start with George W. It has come through many decades of planning. At its inception, however, it was not so visible. Now the cake has nearly finished baking and we can look in and see what it is going to look like when it comes out of the oven. Not a pretty sight.

See the similarities?

From: John in Arkansas