December 5, 2005

News Release

DoD and US Government credibility falls to new lows, Prompting a call for a new and independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

·        Lt. Com. Kenneth Landis (Ret.) published “The Pearl Harbor Deception”, documenting the fact that intelligence was available and suppressed about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor costing the lives of 2,000 US servicemen and women.
·     The “Northwoods Document”, drawn up in 1961 by the Joint Chiefs documented their plans to attack our own ships, planes and people to blame Cuba and justify military escalation during the missile crisis.
·        The 1964 Tonkin attack that led to widespread escalation of the Vietnam War is now known to have been a fabrication, and thereby cost 50,000 US Military personnel their lives.
·        The “Incubator Babies” story that was publicized before the first Gulf War is now known to have been the creation of the Hill & Knowlton advertising firm for $10.5M dollars, resulting in the loss of life of not only US personnel, but tens of thousands of civilians. Also, the Gulf War Illness continues to take its toll on veterans and their family members while the VA continues to deny them treatment.
·        The claim of Saddam Hussain’s “WMD’s”, that was relentlessly promoted by US government officials and mainstream networks is now known to have been false. This story, whether it is the result of “bad intelligence” or US propaganda continues to cost thousands of US military and innocent civilians their lives.
·        The use of Depleted Uranium by US and British forces in Iraq and around the world is now being called a weapon of mass destruction that has contaminated the entire region for 4.5 Billion years.
·        A growing number of military experts, physicists, pilots, educators, police and fire officials are abandoning the “official story” of 9/11 and demanding a new and independent investigation.
Demanding answers to these and other questions has already cost philanthropist Jimmy Walter millions of his own money, but on Pearl Harbor
Day 2005 he’s pushing the envelope even further to expose the largest cover-up in our nation’s history.

WHAT: The New Pearl Harbor 911 Truth Tour: Confronting the Evidence
A Two Day Investigation into What Really Happened on 911

WHEN: Pearl Harbor Day, Wednesday December 7th & Thursday December 8 at 7 PM at the
Tampa Theater 711 Franklin Street Tampa, FL 33602 – For tickets call 813 274-8982 or
813-287-8844. Also available online at

WHO: Millionaire Philanthropist Jimmy Walter, 911 Survivor and Hero William Rodriguez, Former Bush Economist Morgan Reynolds, 911 Filmmakers Dave vonKleist and Eric Hufschmid, via video David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 911
and Gulf War Veterans Spokesperson Joyce Riley, whose new film Beyond Treason, uncovers additional lies the government has kept from Americans.
Please Note: Jimmy Walter, Morgan Reynolds, William Rodriguez,
Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley are currently available for interviews.
 Photo opportunities are available in Tampa on Tuesday, December 6th

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