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Author of

"Farmers Field Guide to NAIS"

Saturday Oct. 28, 4:30 pm

CAI Building Gymnasium, 5640 Williams Lk. Rd., Waterford 


Join us to learn what NAIS is and why you should care



(National Animal Identification System)


       Violates people's right to privacy.


       It will affect everyone who raises farm animals and it is soon to be become mandatory. 

       It will destroy our independent family farms, small farm producers and supporting suppliers.

       It will make people abandon raising animals for their own food, as pets and for 4-H.

       Violates people's constitutional rights.


The Animal Implanted Micro Chips & Radio Tags Used for NAIS

       Are easily reprogrammable

       Can be read by anyone with the proper technology

       Large databases are easy targets for terrorists.


Bruno Schmidt

       Separates fact from fiction, governmental propaganda from what the law and the regulations actually say and explains the every-day consequences attached to the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

       He raises Lamas and goats on 120 acres near Hunter, Washington.  He has a computer technology background, has done extensive research on NAIS and has talked in 37 states. 

       He asked the USDA 12 legitimate questions about the program, they only addressed his concerns with the reply "We have broad authority for this program"

For More information contact  Diane at 810-395-8877 or Lisa at 248-618-9266

A small donation of $2 at the door to help defray cost of building rental is requested but not mandatory.