Picture of 81mm mortar round

A photo of a roadside bomb released by the US military.
The US claims the device was made in Iran for insurgents in Iraq


Ask yourself....why are the markings in English?

Iran gets its weapons, including mortars, from Russia. Russian mortars do NOT use 81MM rounds! They use 82mm.

AND, Modern Iran uses a solar Hijri calendar that is 621 years less than the Western solar calendar, so if this munition were really made in Iran. the date should read 1384 or 1385 (Their new year starts in March). The letters in the center appear to be "HE". "High Explosive" is a common category of mortar shell. But "High Explosive" is English, not Farsi.

This should make the issue clear that WE are supplying the Iraqis!

Feb. 14, 2007