War in Iraq is losing battle at odds with limited government tradition


Monday, August 15, 2005

I think that your newsletter should make a better attempt to reconcile with the reality of this war's failure, rather than perpetually banging the drums in the way that a gorilla might challenge a foe.

In particular, take a serious look at Joyce Riley's website:
(gulfwarvets.com) and the horrendous genocidal crime that is being perpetuated against our soldiers. It is one that our government refuses to acknowledge.

Consider that the majority of U.S. troops from Gulf War One were forced out of the service due to illness, which is only getting far worse in this conflict.

The War on Iraq was originally launched (allegedly) because Saddam Hussein had those mighty WMD (weapons of mass destruction). But as Riley points out (she's a military nurse), it was the Reagan and Bush administrations (especially Rumsfeld) that helped deliver many of those deadly weapons. Those included West Nile Disease and anthrax.

So now our soldiers are expected to clean up the mess that they created, all while taking more toxic injections and aggression-causing drugs? No wonder recruitment has plummeted.

This war was a mistake from the start, and the sooner we bring all our troops home, the closer they will be to healing. And think of what we are doing to our planet. It will be 4.5 billion years before the thousands of tons of depleted uranium munitions we dropped, will disappear from this earth.

There are at least a million Iraqis now with cancer, and our fine fighting forces will not be immune from those toxins.

Regardless of American opinions on the war (which a polled majority is clearly turning against as casualties mount), our first responsibility should be to protect America.

Our borders need to be secured, and we need to immediately stop making more enemies overseas. It is obvious that our leadership has been taken over by Israeli-linked neocons, with deadly consequences.

Let's get back to the limited-government foundations this nation was built upon. Otherwise, this overextended "empire" will fall as surely as Rome did.

Brent J. Bielema