Irwin Schiff Update
July 19, 2006

Irwin has been dealing with medical problems. He said they made him wear Army boots (I'm not sure if this was during his diesel therapy or if it occurred after he arrived at Fort Dix or both) and since he has a condition (he can't feel anything in his feet) when he took off these boots after wearing them for so many hours, his socks were all bloody and his skin wore off his toes. He said they have him taking all kinds of pills and he doesn't know what they are. He doesn't sound good, in fact he sounded terrible. He said he has to try and work on the injunction and he's running out of time. I told him to request more time.

Before I could say much more, he said he had to go.

Friends of Irwin Schiff living in New Jersey, please make an attempt to visit him at Fort Dix.

Visiting procedures in pdf:

Fort Dix web site: