Gulf War Veteran Announces Candidacy for San José
City Council

San Jose, CA – February 13, 2006 -- Disabled combat veteran Dennis Kyne is taking on a new enemy - but this time it’s not on foreign soil and it’s not for the benefit of a few oil companies. This time around it’s to end political indifference, fiscal mismanagement and mayoral scandals that have plagued the city he loves.

Dennis hopes to bring his own style of leadership to San José as he has done in service to the country. He’s always been a passionate spokesperson for the truth – even when it’s not popular to speak out.  While witnessing thousands of troops die over the past five years, Dennis felt is was his duty to educate young people about the dangers of war and exposure to Depleted Uranium munitions, which remain radioactive for 4.7 billion years. The health effects on U.S. military and Iraqi civilians are devastating. And he should know…

In addition to serving fifteen years in the U.S. Army (which included the front lines as a battlefield medic), Dennis also worked on behalf of homeless veterans, trying to help them find a place to live and the medical treatment they deserve. While many who served in 1991 are sick and dying from exposure to DU, the U.S. military currently uses twice the amount on Iraq as they did 12 years ago. That means our sons and daughters (as well as the global environment) are in immanent danger right now. When people say Support the Troops, Dennis says it’s more important to Support the Truth.

 Dennis also proved his leadership skills when the devastation of Hurricane Katrina swept into New Orleans. As part of a four person team that raised $500,000 and hundreds of tons of food for victims, he also helped open up a functional supply line to southern Louisiana. "We're not counting on the government to take care of us anymore,” Dennis told reporters. “They've already proven they won't."

If elected city councilman for District 3 in
San José, Dennis wants to achieve the following;

 - Fiscal Restraint with Social Responsibility: According to Dennis, spending habits are way off mark in San José.  “We can’t burn through millions of dollars to fund a better podium to pontificate from when we live in an area with such ethnic diversity,” Kyne told reporters this week. “It is estimated that immigrants from some 16 countries live in this county. There needs to be a lot more attention on the many issues of concern for our newest Americans.”

 - A Downtown for All: Dennis believes that community centers in San José deserve to be funded well before the salaries of elected officials are negotiated.  “Don’t our children deserve a place to play in peace, free from toxins, violence and fear of hunger?” Dennis asks.  “As the tenth largest city in America, we have an obligation to do the best we can for others.”

 - Other Issues: Dennis promises a plan to address the city’s unemployment rate and improving job training as well as water run-off and storm drain management. He also looks forward to teaching peaceful civic responsibility to San José’s youth and improving police relations within the entertainment district.

For more info or to donate to his campaign visit
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Kyne for Council 305 E Empire Street San Jose, CA 95112

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