“LBJ &The Heretical 501c3 Churches”

By Dave Birse

How sad it is today that 99% of America’s churches (including the Monadnock vicinity) are convinced they must come to Caesar on bent knee with hat in hand, lips quivering, and bones rattling to seek tax- exempt status. Due to apathy, indolence and ignorance, churches simply do not understand they’re already GUARANTEED this by the First Amendment.They have the “right to assemble.” “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereof. ”

Case closed, right? Well, it was until Mr. Lyndon Baines Johnson opened up a new can of unconstitutional worms.

Civil government’s legal  “sphere of influence” does not include churches, and never has...Ever. Yet like lambs being led to the slaughter, nary a church new or old will contest this. It was the foxy LBJ’s brainchild, who proposed the whole fraud as a way to keep his political opposition from attacking him (while engaged in a dogfight for re-election to the senate). LBJ had a lot to hide, and this was a most effective --if not highly unethical--way to muzzle America’s ministers.

Prior to 1954, churches didn’t have to be bashful about speaking out on the critical issues of the day. And they weren’t. They were fearless and often delivered potent and controversial sermons. Fire and brimstone types feared only God, not man.  Folks got much-needed spiritual dope slaps that set them back on the right course, and were respected for being stand- up guys who cared more about being right than being popular. Americans looked to the Bible and to the pulpit for moral direction.

Ever since Plymouth & Jamestown (and long before that elsewhere) preachers who were the “real deal” spoke boldly and without fear of retribution about government ills, social issues, corruption and all manner of injustice. They often paid with their lives!

Not today.

 The US Gov’t has so emasculated  “churches” that they have decided it is better not to ruffle any feathers and risk losing their sacred 501c3 status. It is apparently more important to please man than honor God.

They would rather sell their souls, enjoy sin for a season, and worry about Judgment Day later. After all, it is only the Lord God Almighty.

Meanwhile, screams from millions of unborn babies (since Roe V. Wade in 1973 legalized the modern-day version of  “The Slaughter Of The Innocents”) cry out for righteous voices to defend them before they themselves become sorry, mutilated victims of the heinous sin of abortion. Homosexuals gain inroads into our schools, government, the workplace and society in general while preachers remain zipper-mouthed.  The USA attacks sovereign nations like Iraq to further The New World Order agenda of the Globalists. Yet no word of protest from the padre, rabbi or minister. Lottery tickets and gambling casinos crop up, but—my goodness!-- the silence is deafening.

You see, anything that the US Government deems “legal” can’t be spoken of unfavorably by “churches” desiring to keep the sacred exemption of Mister 501c3. It is more important to hold onto that earthly “pearl-of-great price” than to seek the heavenly one. Oughtn’t they  “bear the reproach of Christ” by raising Godly voices against SIN of the day specifically, even if it means their congregations have the 501 c3 rugs pulled out from underneath them?  Careful: Rug burns hurt and leave nasty scars.

Oh, Ye of little faith! Tsk-Tsk.

 Thinkest thou The Lord wouldst withhold His reward from you for doing the right thing instead of doing what is convenient, cushy, and comfy?

LBJ is likely spinning with laughter in his grave.

Or rotting in Hell.

Ironically, churches are ALREADY tax-exempt according to the nefarious IRS’s own rulebook! See Code 508(c)(1)(A). The church is NOT supposed to be part of the Government or answerable to it.

It never was until 1954.Now they all run to it for approval and the mythical tax- exemption which is already theirs anyway. Is this nuts or what? “Churches” then invite God’s ire by choosing favor with Caesar over obedience to God and The Bible.

No true Christian church will allow itself to be “an arm of Rome.” The real-deal church has historically been mercilessly persecuted by government. NEVER have they walked harmoniously in celestial bliss. ”What fellowship hath light with darkness?” saith the Good Book. Amen and Amen.

Today’s churches are concubines: more interested in selling their bodies for pleasure; more concerned with cookie walks, cake tosses, bake sales, Christmas bazaars, AA meetings, feel- good- seminars and ham ‘n bean suppers; more lustful for the bottom line; than growing a backbone, standing up for TRUTH and taking the slings of mud and arrows of venom that go with the pilgrim plight.

For shame.

 I assuredly do NOT want to be part of that severe Day Of Reckoning coming upon today’s “(Whore) Houses Of Worship.” It is both swift and imminent. The end IS near indeed. Get right with God.Seek Him with your whole heart. Don’t play games. If you’re in one of those idolatrous places, “come out from among them.”

To the 501 c3 corporations masquerading as churches out there: Dump your tax- free privilege, trust God, preach against transgressions unashamedly and do not hold back (proclaim the evils of baby-slaughtering, sodomy, Bush, politics, Socialism, corruption in gov’t, etc.)

Jesus said in The Sermon On The Mount that it was not a broad path to Heaven that everyone was going to make. (MT 7:14): STRAIGHT, NARROW and FEW are three words that should chill each hearer, drive us to our knees and back to the cross and true repentance.

Seek it.

David Birse

Hancock New Hampshire