Kevin from Idaho - I emailed this to and, but please read this. I have been inspecting this photo since last Monday.

Image of London Bomber Edited into Frame

The image of the individuals charged with the bombings that was released is troubling. The 3rd individual, - 1st on the left in back with the white hat - needs closer scrutiny. Look at the metal railing that is directly behind him, then follow the form, and shape of his left arm, and you will see that the shape of his arm is behind the railing!!! The railing is intersecting the middle of his forearm. Take a close look!!! By the shape of his upper torso you can see he is holding his left arm straight down. It is not bent at the elbow, nor does it suggest that his hand is in his pocket as in the two individuals in front. If the rest of his body is in front of the railing, should not also the rest of his left lower forearm be in front? Also, he is standing or placed to far in front of the rail to be close enough to have his arm looped behind the rail. In order for his left arm to be looped behind the rail, he would have to be kneeling right in front of it, with his back to it.

The middle rail does not intersect with the rest of the rail on the personís right side. Also the top rail bleeds over into the personís face on his left side. Open the image posted on in a photo editor, enlarge to where you can see the pixels and follow their pattern. This 3rd individual seems to be edited in. Why the seemingly glaring editing goofs? Either this is poor editing, or the editor is sending us a picture worth a thousand words!!

The buzz just after the bombings was where were the images from the cameras Ė oh they are waiting to be manipulated !!!

Take a close look - judge for yourself.

I offer to you a synopsis of my experience to make this suggestion. I have been a photographer for 40 plus years. I began shooting cameras at the age of 9, and I have been working in darkrooms since 5. I am now 50. My education consists of 2 degrees in Photography in 1983, from at the time, the leading Vo-Tech Photography program in the country at Spokane Falls Community College . This schooling included Optical Physics. I have been adept at film, and print manipulation long before the advent of the digital imaging capabilities that we have now. My travels have carried me across the Western US, Alaska and Canada as a commercial photographer. During the Alaska Valdez Oil Spill, I was contracted by the National Park Service to provide law Enforcement Videography in its law suit against Exxon. Mysteriously all my work disappeared, which was legal evidence.

Kevin Paulus,

See the following images.